Why Kai Hansen left Helloween

Bravo magazine Helloween David HasselhoffAfter 23 years of Kai Hansen's departure of Helloween, there were hundreds of explanations about why he left the band when they were in the best moment, more or less everybody knows the real reasons; Kai was tired of doin' extensive touring, also the mess that Helloween had with different managements...

Well, and other reason was, he never felt comfortable with that big promotion they had to make in Pop magazines like Bravo where Helloween shared space for example with David Hasselhoff, Rob Lowe (Europe and Bon Jovi too) as you can see in the picture.

During Unisonic promotional tour in France they did an interview with the webzine Gentlemen Chronicles (you can check the video interview at 6:00) and this is the quote:

Kai Hansen: "...When I left the band we were getting too much into the girlie pop magazines, because metal was getting into this point. I felt kind of strange doing this. Now I wouldn’t mind these days, but at that time I really couldn’t get it. For me metal was always underground, it was against the stream, it was rebellion and all that. So and suddenly you get into something like Tokyo Hotel or Duran Duran."

Musik Express Helloween Kiske Bono U2And talking about old magazines, this is a 1990 number of Musik Express Sounds, a German magazine which I think Kiske would love to share with the guy in the front cover, U2's vocalist Bono who Kiske always liked a lot.

Kiske: "U2 are a big rock band, maybe are not a AOR band but their music in an album like "All That You Can't Leave Behind" has all musical elements that I like, they are an amazing band; I think Bono is one of the best vocalist in this moment and maybye not for his quality, more for his charisma and he is able to share good vibes to the audience, he also have a big range and just with listening five second you know who is."

And why am I publishing that? Don't you find something familiar in Bono pic on this magazine cover? I think it's pretty similar to the exclusive oilpainting done by Carl-André Beckston (Kiske solo project and Place Vendôme designer) for Where Wishes Fly fanclub a few years ago.