Viva Avantasia The Metal Opera!

I was reading today the information about the shows planned by one of my favourite bands; Def Leppard who will play the whole 'Hysteria' album (released in 1987) at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino under the name "Viva Hysteria!". So, another band who joined in this trend of playing old albums like Guns And Roses or Motley Crue who did lately in Las Vegas and other bands did this during their tours like Metallica with the 'Black Album', Judas Priest playing 'British Steel' and Iron Maiden playing a fake setlist based on 'Maiden England' (fake because they play a different setlist, you know it it is Steve Harris...), Megadeth's 'Countdown to Extinction', etc...

Too soon for playing the whole 'Metal Operas' of Avantasia? today is the 12th anniversary release date of the first album and it would be a great chance. Can you imagine a whole set playing those songs? It will be very interesting also because they didn't do a tour when the albums were released. They could play great tracks that were not played live like; 'The Glory Of Rome', 'Breaking Away', 'The Final Sacrifice', 'Chalice Of Agony', 'Memory' and 'The Looking Glass' for example.

But it's great Tobias Sammet 'keep the flame alive' and he continues writting new stuff to release more and more albums. Maybe for the 15th?