Unisonic and Helloween tour

Hellish rock tour 3 Helloween Unisonic 2015Recently, everybody's talking about the reunion of Helloween with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen. So I think that may be an interesting topic for my first blog.

The information available on the subject comes from two different sources: the first one, is the information that musicians say during the interviews, and other source is what journalists can get off the record. The first source is Helloween. They want to keep working with the current line-up, but they would like to have some collaborations of former members sporadically. The music business is not at its best moment, and all bands need to do more and more to keep people goin' to their concerts and buying their records. Helloween already did this in previous tours playing with important bands like Stratovarius and Gamma Ray lately. So no one will be surprised if they keep trying to get Unisonic as tour-partners in the future.

The information that we could get off the record is about an idea that Helloween's managers are interested for a long-term tour. The act would be a three-hour concert with no opening band where they can play a set with the most known tracks of the band performed by the three original singers, each one would sing the stuff of their era. One of the first sources who leaked those intentions of managers, was the Spanish journalist and promoter Rafabasa, and later Metaltalk.net. Many people talk about 2015 because it will be the 30th anniversary of Helloween but it could happen later. In noone's mind is to make a reunion as did Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith with Iron Maiden or Judas Priest with Rob Halford. Nobody wants a full reunion, neither the current Helloween or ex members or even managers. I mention this because there are some people who talk about a new album and things like that but it's not going to happen.

Anyway, whatever collaboration they would want to do, it depends if both Michaels can solve their problems. Kiske already surprised everybody a few months ago when he commented that he would not have any problem to sit down to talk with Weikath to fix what happened in the past, but it doesn't mean they will work together. But if everybody gets along well and relaxed, and since each year is more and more difficult to go out on tour, I think it would be strange if Helloween and Unisonic would not end up going out on tour together. It would be a collaboration to keep both bands doing profitable tours.