2010 - Avantasia - The Metal Opera Comes To Town Tour

Avantasia The Metal Opera Comes To Town Tour

Tobias Sammet: "I remember back in 1999 I did everything to get Michael Kiske involved in what was just an album project at the time, Avantasia's "Metal Opera". I was a happy boy in a toy store when I heard the tunes I had tailored for him, anthems like "Reach Out For The Light", "The Tower", "No Return" and he was an important corner stone for making Avantasia a classic amongst melodic Metal fans all over the world. I tried hard to convince Michael to enter the stage when Avantasia played their festival shows in 2008, but the time was not right. Now the stars have lined up and I am looking forward - as a representative of Avantasia and even more so as a fan to having Michael enter the stage to perform those kinds of classic Metal tracks for the first time in more than 17 years."