Once a king, always a king! Unisonic @Monsters Of Rock - Brazil

Before the line up from the Brazillian edition from "Monsters Of Rock" would be released, I'm not anxious to go to the concert. Everything changed when Unisonic confirmed its presence in this festival.

Ok, you can call me crazy because there are many bigger artists like Judas Priest, Manowar, Kiss and I'm not excited about their presence. Since the last year, my life changed and I learned to choose more the concerts I will go. And so was. Everybody knows my passion with Michi and everything he do/did. And I never hesitate to see him in every place here in Brazil.

I arrived at Arena Anhembi at 1pm, (my focus was Unisonic!) and I stayed in the back at the place. For me was the best because at the other concerts I watched sitted. And when "Venite 2.0" started, I jumped, shouted, and I felt I'm Kiskelized by the master. And there was with "For The Kingdom" and "Exceptional" (my fav music from the new album) . When I listened "Star Rider" I remembered the last time I saw Unisonic and it made me cry. And this was at the whole concert. It's unbelievable how Kiske could deal with my feelings. I could not take picture with my tablet neither record anything. I just could feel my spirit free, rejuvenated and ready for more concerts with Michi and this band (whoever it be). And of course. It's always better to listen Helloween' songs with these "original" singer. 

I just want to thank Michael Kiske to make this poor creature who writes these with tears in her eyes happier and peacefull.



And September... come soon because the King is coming (again)!


Set-list Unisonic @Monsters Of Rock:

  • Venite 2.0
  • For the Kingdom
  • Exceptional
  • Star Rider
  • Your Time Has Come
  • When the Deed is Done
  • King For a Day
  • Throne Of the Dawn
  • March Of Time (Helloween cover)
  • I Want Out (Helloween cover)
  • Unisonic