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Breaking news: Kiske solo album already on work!

2013/11/04: Michael Kiske commented to BURRN! magazine:

"The album with Sandro will be done by the end of this year. But I don't know the release date yet, as I don't want to release it around the same time as Unisonic. One option that I am considering is to release it on iTune one song a month, completely independent and free from any interference by a label."

2013/10/26: Michael Kiske commented to Rockmetal4you:

"I'm very tired of producing records on my own. It's a lot of work and you're just in your own world. I just got tired, it took so much energy doing everything on your own. I learned a lot by it, but I'm actually working on another record with my best friend Sandro Giampietro I told you about – he plays guitar with Helge Schneider (German Comedian). He is actually my best friend for a number of years now, we're just on the same level emotionally but also musically, which is the same thing in the end. We just understand each other when we sit together in a room and I have an idea for a song or whatever and most of the time he just agrees and maybe has a better idea and then I have a good idea, you know. We just have this all playing backend force and it just works and it's quiet rare. I mean I tried to do this with Dennis, but Dennis' musical taste is very different from mine. Dennis is a classical American Rock musician. He likes the classic American Rock music. There is nothing wrong with it, but I'm slightly different. I like British music, I even like German music. I have different kind of tastes when it comes to melodies and things like that. It makes it kind of difficult when you share one room together and don't have the same musical taste. It's just not working as good as it does with me and Sandro. When I write something with Dennis it works best when he has an unfinished idea and he sends that to me and then I try if I have an idea – that works, but I've never had the songwriting experience like I have with Sandro and that's why I decided that I write all songs together with him and he produces it. He has a big house with good equipment there and everything you need to work professionally. Then, we compose together; I do vocals and guitars and Sandro records and produces the whole material, and he is also doing the mixing and mastering. He is better in producing and mixing than me anyway. That's why I leave all that stuff to him, so it will have lots of his fingerprints on it and we will write all the stuff together and he will produce and play all guitars. He is an Rock and Metal guitar player, so it will be a lot more guitar oriented, it will be very different again, but that will kind of replace my solo works I would say."

2013/10/01: Michael Kiske commented to Fanclub:

"The next album I am doing with my best friend Sandro Giampietro is very open in that matter. It will rock but also actually has a touch of U2 here and there from the guitars. I am very open minded and like lots of different types or music. So anything is possible."

2013/08/01: Michael Kiske commented to BURRN! magazine:

"Not like my previous albums, it has more guitars, and it is more rock. I may use a name other than "Kiske" but as "Kiske" became sort of a brand, so I may use it as it is. But it is a collaboration with Sandro rather than a solo album.  As for sound, It's a big sound... a lot of guitars, and there is a part like U2...  I don't know how to put it into words, maybe holy or glorious. It is like something you would hear in the cathedral... big sound such as Wagner. Sandro overdubbed guitar as much as possible. Songs sound like my song, but as Sando produces them, he creates a different feeling. We have spent the last couple of months on this. Now, I am waiting for further song ideas from him, but it should be released next year.

Solo album will be probably released from a different label other than Frontiers Records, possibly EarMusic. Frontier Records will release Place Vendome album instead of solo album... If we can release the Unisonic album early next summer, we can play the new songs at summer festivals, and then probably solo comes after."

Information Kiske 6th solo album

- Album scheduled for being release in 2014.
- Producer Sandro Giampietro.

Kiske for BURRN! magazine on 2013-04 commented about the album:

"Songs for the album were written in four days! That's how much creative we were, and I had never experienced it before. The creative process was so easy that I was convinced that we must complete the album. So, I am now working on this."

Kiske is already working with Sandro Giampietro on the new album. At December 11th he said:

I will start Vocals for it this week; so the album will be finished soon. It’s not so much a solo-record, it’s a new think with Sandro and me, we do all together. I was surprised how good it works to have Sandro producing it …

I'm not sure this new album would be released with the band name Kiske. At Masters of Rock festival, with Unisonic, Kiske said:

Kiske: "It might not be doing... I don't think I will be doing another solo record, it will be something else. I'm actually planning to make something different with Sandro Giampietro together. It's quite different, as usual, everything I had released was always very different but now Sandro function as the producer. I want him being the producer because he is very capable. So it will be another record coming out but it will be different, it will not be like the past Kiske records it will be something else. About the sound, it's more rock but it's like a big kind of sound.. I can't find a description for it.. not really symphonic but is the kind of sound very up-lifting and big somehow... with electric guitars, Sandro is guitarist but it's hard to describe but I'm really happy about it."


Not information now, only...

- Elvis Presley Nº 1 cover
- Elvis Presley Nº 2 cover (acoustic)


We only have confirmed Sandro Giampietro as guitarist yet.

I guess Kiske's friend Karsten Nagel will keep being the drummer and probably Fontaine Burnett will be the bassist. But in this point, are just speculations.

Fontaine told me in 2008 about the new album: "Michael has spoken to me about what he would like to do for the next album... and I think he'll let me play on the next one too :-) I can't say any more than that."


History behind

Michael started to work on this album many years ago, in 2006 and few months after the promotional campaign of Kiske (2006) solo album had been finished. That were the first steps in this album which were interrumpted to release Past In Different Ways solo album. Kiske knew he would need a few years to write enough songs for another solo album. Michael, on 17th October, 2006, said: "Since I always need a bit of time to get another (good) record written. I talk with Frontiers Records right now about a full acoustic CD with all my old Helloween songs re-arranged..."

Kiske signed a new deal for Past In Different Ways CD because his deal with Frontiers was for releasing two solo albums with new songs, Kiske (2006) was the first one so after Past In Different Ways he still have another album signed.

Mystical direction

Michael realized people love songs like 'King Of It All', 'Longing', 'Do I Remember A Life?', 'Always', so he wanted to try in that direction. And it was even more clear after release PIDW (2008) with his old songs. When this album was released Michael published this statement about the new album direction: "While collecting new ideas for his upcoming solo-album, Michi developed the feeling for his new songs that are supposed to go in a more mythical (at least partly) direction like 'Do I Remember A Life?' or 'Longing'". And a few days later he explained to the Fanclub via Q&A section: "The new stuff will probably be rather different, but I think there will also be some more mystical, more classical-sound elements on the next one... I hope to finish it 2009."

We would have the first idea about how would be sound that solo album in a "mythical" direction when we will have the chance to hear the song 'No One Ever Sees Me' of Unisonic album because that song was written for this solo album. He also commented: "It will be another solo album soon, but it will not sound like the previous solo record, I would include electric guitars and the songs will have a more positive feeling, also with less melancholy than the previous solo albums."

Working again after PIDW album

Kiske new albumIn 2010 after Kiske/Somerville project album, Kiske thought in Amanda for helping to him at least for writting some lyrics. He said: "Amanda is a damn good songwriter. I might even consider her doing some lyrics for me when I do another solo album. I’m German, I’m ok with the street talk, but in German I can express myself very well. I can express anything in German now, but my English is not as rich as my German is, so to have someone like her who can express things better in English would be great, because I think she writes very good lyrics."

In 2012 with Unisonic just close to release their debut album, Kiske said: "There will be at least one more record. I don’t know if I do another one after that, probably not for a long time, but I still have one contract to fulfill. I will do this with a friend of mine, my guitarist Sandro Giampietro, writing some nice tunes and then I would try to record live which is quicker, then it has a live feeling to it. The whole thing is likely to be very spontaneous and probably much acoustic. I am very excited."

In the Unisonic meet & greet in Hamburg 2012/03/29 organized for the people who already bought the tickets for the cancelled release parties, Kiske talked with Brigitte (Souls Alive Unisonic Fanclub)  and she explained: "... I spoke with Michael and asked him a few things about the new solo album. He said he will meet soon with Sandro Giampietro and they will start working on next Kiske solo album." Also in an interview with Metalforces magazine he said: "I have decided to do that with Sandro Giampietro. We want it to be a very live record and a fun recording. I have a whole lot of songs which Unisonic didn’t care much about which I will be doing with him. We will try to give it a nice, live acoustic feel. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a very cool record, not so much for metal audiences but some of them are quite open too. I’m sure we’ll record it in the summer; when the summer’s over, I’m sure that’ll be done. I’m not sure when it will be released."

Working again after Unisonic album

At 2012 Summer, in the middle of Unisonic festivals tour, Michael had a meeting with Sandro Giampetro for re-re-start working on the solo album. And since then they've been workin' on it.



michael kiske solo band tour

Gossip: Michael Kiske will do a solo tour with his own stuff to promote the next solo album.

Perhaps, is possible but very difficult. Kiske had some offers to go out on tour during previous solo albums but it didn't happen. The first time was with SupaRed album (2003) but Michael had serious problems in that moment with his stomach which a few months later had to be operated on.

The second time was with Kiske (2006) but Frontiers Records didn't want to spend money in that kind of promotion. Michael said: "I would love to play live again if I could maybe support a bigger act that makes music that could fit my new style too. I would maybe just play with my acoustic guitar together with Sandro Giampietro and his Fender. But it has got to be the right band or artist to support."

The third time was during the composition of Past In Different Ways album (2008), Michael said about it: "In fact, I had a very good offer of a promotor to do it, he even offer me since the first moment he realized I was making that kind of album. I would be free to make some kind of European acoustic tour but the problem is I don't want to return to the stage after 16 years having to sing only my old material, because it would give a wrong message... So when I return to the stage again, it would be better to do it supporting a new album and offering new songs, then if I would have the chance of including 'I Believe' or 'Your Turn' for example in the setlist, why not?, but now it's not the right moment".

So when Michael would release the next solo album after Unisonic album/tour probably he would have another chance to go out on tour. It would be more easy because he already retourned to the stage. But I really have doubts it would happen. Kiske is really focused in Unisonic and he would be also busy with Avantasia. I hope at least it would be nice promotion events. It would be great to see him with Sandro making some acoustic promotional dates for example.

- This could be the last Kiske solo album.

Could be, maybe. It's hard to say it would not be more solo albums again but you can be sure it will take at least 5-6 years. Michael is concentrate in his work with Unisonic. Kiske said: "There will be at least one more record. I don’t know if I do another one after that, probably not for a long time, but I still have one contract to fulfill. Also Michael commented to the French webzine Gentlemen Chronicles during Unisonic promotional tour : "I will do another solo album, not as much since Unisonic is the main thing now, but I do still have a contract running. I have to do it even if I have no head for it right now, have to do a new record the next year."

- In this album Amanda Somerville would make a collaboration.

I don't think so. Kiske said "in the heat of the moment", during Kiske/Somerville promotional interviews that he would like to have get Amanda writting some lyrics for his songs but not as vocalist. Kiske said: "Amanda is a damn good songwriter. I might even consider her doing some lyrics for me when I do another solo album... to have someone like her who can express things better in English would be great, because I think she writes very good lyrics."