2015 - City Of Heroes

2015-02-04 19:35
Release date: 
April 17th, 2015
Line up
Michael Kiske
Amanda Somerville
Magnus Karlsson
Mat Sinner
Magnus Karlsson
Backing vocals: 
Mat Sinner
Track list

Breaking news: Kiske/Somerville City Of Heroes out on April 17th!

2013/11/11: Amanda Somerville commented in an interview to Metallus.it:

"We have already written something. I have already sent three songs to Serafino the same day that I started on this new tour. Sander and I have written and recorded a demo with 3 song and we already have two more ready to be written with Michael! It will be a bit 'different issue for this record, because the first time we met was on the location of the two videos that we recorded. It was a kind of a "distance" that had been created for the first record, but this time we had the opportunity to get closer during the tour with Avantasia, I got to know him better. He is a very good person, actually we talked on the phone yesterday and he also told me that he will come to see me in Hamburg, it will be fun!"


Information Kiske/Somerville City Of Heroes

- Process: Ready to be released in Europe on 17th April 2015 in US on 21st April.
- Mixed by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear, Pretty Maids, Doro etc.)
- Label: Frontiers Records.

Kiske/Somerville City Of Heroes Charts position

Germany 41
Switzerland 63
Finland 80

Kiske/Somerville - City Of Heroes Different editions

01. Standard CD edition.
02. Deluxe edition CD + DVD: City of Heroes (video); Walk on Water (video); “Making of” documentary.
03. 2Lp vinyl gatefold sleeve edition.
04. Japanese CD edition: 12 tracks and bonus: 'Salvation - Special Orchestral Mix' by King Records.
05. Press promo CD: 12 tracks.


The similar team than in first album, until now the confirmed musicians are Mat Sinner, the mastermind of this project, also bassist and producer with Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Starbreaker, Allen/Lande...) on the guitars and keyboards and Veronika Lukesova on drums. Serafino Perugino (Frontiers Records owner) the executive producer.

Promo stuff Kiske/Somerville City Of Heroes

Videoclips Kiske/Somerville promoting City Of Heroes

The Webzine Bravewords.com published on 2015/02/03: "Michael Kiske, Amanda Somerville, Mat Sinner and Primal Fear guitarist Magnus Karlsson will be shooting two videos for the new album this week at an undisclosed location. BraveWords will be on hand documenting the proceedings for a future news piece."

The videoclips are 'City of Heroes' and 'Walk on Water' were filmed on February 4th, 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. 'Walk On Water' was filmed at the Opera House. Director was Martin Mueller of RCN TV. The promotional pictures by the photographer Eddi Bachmann (Web).

Amanda Somerville wrote a blog on her official website about the videoclips. "....It was, of course, always a pleasure to see Michael and Mat again. There was another familiar face: Veronika! We’ve worked together in Rock Meets Classic the past few years (she’s a percussionist in the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague) and she’s quite the rock chick. How cool is it to have a great girl drummer?..."

Kiske/Somerville City Of Heroes and Walk On Water videoclips

Kiske/Somerville Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

History behind Kiske/Somerville City Of Heroes

Kiske Somerville second albumThe history about Kiske/Somerville second album started in 2010 just after the release of the first album. During the promotional tour and also a little later during the Avantasia tour 2010 Michael and Amanda got a good friendship, so in the interviews they always left the door open for a second album.

In 2012, Mat Sinner published an enigmatic message on his facebook: "The 'Silence' videoclip has more than 1 million clips in Youtube, but it seems there will not be a second album... " he didn't explain the reasons but probably schedule problems of all musicians. But everything changed a few months later during the Avantasia's Mystery World tour, specifically at Full  Metal Cruise in Amsterdam, Netherlands where Sander Gommans travelled there and had a meeting with Amanda and Michael where they talked about making a new Kiske/Somerville album. Sander published on his facebook: ""After the turbulent HDK sessions, now it's time for some relaxing backstage with Avantasia in Amsterdam. Good to see there are still a lot of Dutch powermetallers! Also met up with Michael Kiske to talk about the next Kiske Somerville...more news soon." A few days later Amanda published something similar on her facebook/twitter: "...Michi & I were goofing off, as usual... AND we have some exciting news! Stay tuned."

Finally on March 27th Mat Sinner confirmed it will be a second album, he published: "Good news at midnight .... it will happen - Kiske/Somerville 2 later this year!". In October Michael and Amanda will start the recording the voices.

Composition and recording process

During the Spring and early Summer Magnus and Mat Sinner were composing the songs for the second album. Magnus did a lot of work during the recording process because Mat were touring with Primal Fear and Rock Meets Classic. On June 26th Magnus Karlsson finished the guitars on the album. And Amanda finished her vocals on July 3rd.


The musicians about City Of Heroes

Mat Sinner: "Finally .... the new Kiske/Somerville album "City Of Heroes" is done. What an amazing piece of music! Thanks to everybody involved in this album - proud of you all! I could listen again to the Kiske/Somerville 2 pre-production and I'm really excited about the songs and attitude. This album will be massive! 'City Of Heroes' and 'Ocean Of Tears' are two of the best songs I've ever written with my my partner in crime Magnus Karlsson.

Amanda Somerville: "It is definitely more rock than metal. Got a lot of melodic elements and it is a bit heavier than the first album. It doesn’t have so much of the symphonic vibe as the first one. It is more mature and grown up to me."

Amanda about ‘Breaking Neptune’: "My husband and I wrote that song actually for a punk band. It didn’t make it on their album and it was one of the songs where we said, we really like this song. But we ended up completely reworking it, redoing it from its original demo version. I rewrote the bridge and sander redid the riff and the overall sound, so the structure for sure changed. I made it fit as a duet…"


Press ratings Kiske/Somerville - City Of Heroes

Webzine - Radio - Magazine Rating 0/10
HeavyparadiseBlog 10
Metalunderground.at 10
Metaltemple 10
Kickassmetal 10
Planetmosh.com 10
Hardrock&Aor Magazine 9,5
Headbanberslatinoamerica 9,5
TimeForMetal.eu 9,2
Recension.org 9
MetalHarem Blog 9
Welovemetal.com 9
Dangerdog.com 9
Metalkaoz.com 9
MyGlobalMind.com 9
MelodicRock.com 8,7
RockThatMetal.com 8,6
Queensofsteel.com 8,5
Hardrockhaven.net 8,5
SonicCathedralWebzine 8,5
Getreadytorock.me.uk 8,5
Scream Magazine 8,3
RockOverkose.com 8,1
Metalimperium.com 8
Pavillion666 8
Soundthecharge.com 8
MetalTalk.com 8
Truemetallives.com 8
Metallus.it 7,5
LordsofMetal 7,5
Grande-Rock.com 7
AuxPortesDuMetal 7
Seaoftranquility.org 7
MetalExpress Radio 7
Hallowed.se 7
Giventorock.com 6,3
MusikReviews.de 4


Rumours about City Of Heroes album

kiske somerville tourGossip: Kiske/Somerville tour?.

They had the option to have done a few shows but Michael didn't come back touring yet in that moment (early 2010), so he prefered to wait for Unisonic dates. Michael also had an offer from Mat Sinner to make it but it didn't happen. Kiske explained why here: "Unfortunately I had some sort of misunderstanding with Mat, we kinda talked about a different thing. He was doing this classic meets rock thing, I don't know how often they've done it, but it's a band and a big orchestra at the back and they have some pretty big people there. Next time in January Ian Gillan will be there and on the last tour they had Lou Gramm and Mat asked me when we did the video shoot if I would be interested in being part of it. By that time I had not been on any stage in nearly seventeen years, so I said that I'd really like to do the Unisonic festival shows first to get a feel again, you know? But after I'd done them and loved them I thought we would still have time because after the video shoot we met for promotion and we had that exact questions from interviewers about playing live and we said you have to sell a few copies to have anyone interested in making a tour so we'll wait and see what the record does, if it does well we will be touring. I thought he was talking about this classic meets rock thing but it was already decided, he'd needed my confirmation a lot earlier and I didn't know that, I thought we would still have time. So I would be ready for it but unfortunately everything is set now. It was kind of sad because he wanted me to be a part of it and I would have loved to have presented this kind of thing. I mean can you imagine with the big orchestra presenting this? Maybe next time."

In another interview Michael said: "In this moment there are not plans to play live but is true Amanda's manager so as mine already received some offers, there was interest of some promoters of Italy, Germany and France. If we would do something like that it's needed to have a good band with us and also a nice organization. Both are busy now so to have a good organization is fundamental."

Before start the production of K/S 2 Amanda Somerville said: "We have talked about a second Kiske / Somerville album, and perhaps do it a little bit differently.  Maybe record our vocals together in the studio at the same time and sit down together and write the songs together.  It's the same as touring though, it's all down to how this album performs as to how we go ahead from here."

After the release of City Of Heroes, Kiske explained why it will not be a Kiske/Somerville tour in the near future: "Amanda wants to do things and her heart is bleeding that I have to turn all of these offers down. I explained to her in an email that it’s not possible for me - I’m not a solo artist anymore. I have to sort it out with my management and if they say it’s not a good idea, then I probably won’t do it. Unless this record goes over the top and sells zillions, it would be insane not to play live, but I see that."

And he also commented to The Age Of Metal: "At the moment there are some kind of disagreements between Frontiers Records and some of the members of Kiske&Somerville, because they would like to bring it further and I can’t without pissing of my own Unisonic band mates. That’s the thin, I’m not a solo artist anymore. I have to arrange everything. If my band mates don’t like what I’m doing there, you know, I can’t ignore that. I don’t want to overdue things. I don’t see that happening at the moment. Maybe when Unisonic takes a longer break…


Catalog numbers
CD Standard editionFRCD685Frontiers Records
CD DVD editionFRCDDVD685Frontiers Records
CD Japanese editionKICP1714King Records