2014 - Starchild

2014-04-08 13:51
Release date: 
April 11th, 2014
Line up
Sandro Giampietro
Michael Kiske
Sandro Giampietro
Jens Becker
Michael Ehré
Helge Schneider
Track list

Information about Starchild album

- Album recorded in Sandro Giampietro Studio with API Console.
- Release date: April 11th, 2014.

Here is the new band of guitarist/vocalist Sandro Giampietro (SupaRed, Kiske solo albums, Zillion...) with bassist Jens Becker (Running Wild, Grave Digger), drummer Michael Ehre (Gamma Ray) and violinist Emeralda.

Michael Kiske will make a collaboration singing a duet with Sandro on track: 'Black And White Forever'. The German comedian Helge Schneider will also play the organ in that track. The benefits of this song will be donated to a cancer aid and research foundation.

Helge Schneider also play on 'Visions' track. Other guest is Sandy Brechin (accordionist) on 'Forever'.

The album will be released on April 11th.

Starchild official site.


Promotional stuff Starchild

Videoclip 'Starchild'

Starchild Behind the Scenes 'Black And White Forever' with Michael Kiske and Helge Scheider

Audio preview 'Visions'

History behind Starchild band

In 2004, Sandro Giampietro released an album after SupaRed with the band project Zillion which was formed by Jens Becker and Mike Terrana on drums. After this release he kept working in other projects and helped Kiske on his solo records Kiske (2006) and Past In Different Ways (2008). Sandro told me in 2006, during the promotion of Kiske album: "In the future, Bass-player Jens Becker and me will go on making another Project without Mike Terrana." In 2008 during the promotion of Kiske album Past In Different Ways he commented: "I've recorded so much songs, that I could release 3 Albums. But I'm still recording some new songs in my new Studio. I have some dates with some Record labels in the next month."

Sandro also wrote three songs in 2013 together with Michael Kiske for the second album of Unisonic. Kiske commented: "Two weeks ago I wrote three songs together with Sandro, actually for Unisonic. I said to Kosta whose managing us. I'm just so creative with him so let's use it. I can write songs together with him very well. He has a nice house and in his house is a beautiful studio and he is better in producing and mixing than me anyway. So I can just have a basic idea on my iPhone; just a melody; I go to his house and then we sit down and within minutes there's a nice song there, part of it.".

In 2014 Sandro did some shows with comedian Helge Schneider but he still had time to record the album and film the videoclip. Michael Kiske will sing a duet with Sandro on 'Black And White Forever', Helge Schneider will also play the organ in that track (and on 'Visions' too) and according their facebook account Sandy Brechin will also make a collaboration.


Press ratings Starchild album

Webzine - Radio - Magazine Rating 0/10
Rock Garage 9,5
Musikreviews.de 8
RockIt Magazine 8
Skullfracturingmetal 7,6
Metallian Magazine 6,6 (4/6)
MetalHammer.de 6
RockOverdose 4


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