2014 - For The Kingdom EP

2014-04-16 19:18
Release date: 
May 23rd, 2014
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Mandy Meyer
Dennis Ward
Kosta Zafiriou
Gunther Werno
Track list
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Information Unisonic For The Kingdom EP

- Recorded and mixed by Dennis Ward. Recorded at HOFA Studios and The TrakShak, Karlsdorf, Germany. Mastered by Jürgen Lusky.
- Live tracks were mixed by Dennis Ward.

- Unisonic released an EP before the album. For The Kingdom EP was released by EarMusic on May 23rd. In Japan was released on 21st by Avalon.

This EP contains 2 new songs 'For The Kingdom' (will be included also in the album) and 'You Come Undone' (exclusive of this EP), they added 4 live tracks recorded at Masters Of Rock Festival 2012; 'Intro & Unisonic', 'Never Too Late', 'Star Rider' and 'Souls Alive'.

Press statement

Unisonic will again offer a foretaste in form of an EP called 'For The Kingdom' which will see the light of day on May 23rd. The six song collection consists of the brand new album track 'For The Kingdom', which hymn-like chorus and it’s double-bass footwork extraordinaire will rush the blood to the head of all metal fans. Followed by the EP exclusive smasher 'You Come Undone' which could have been included on the first band offering as well but also gives a hint of what to expect from the near-by future plus four live recordings from their show at the Masters Of Rock Festival 2012 in the Czech Republic where Unisonic performed a celebrated show (also exclusive to this EP).

Unisonic For The Kingdom EP different editions

01. Standard CD edition: CD with 6 songs by EarMusic/Edel.
02. Japanese CD edition: CD with 6 songs by Avalon.
03. Limited Vinyl 12" Vinyl: with 3 songs each side, so 6 tracks by EarMusic in strictly limited edition.
04. Digital download.

'For The Kingdom' promotional stuff

'For The Kingdom' Cover artwork

Created by graphic artist Martin Hausler (Official website) (who has previously worked with Unisonic on the band´s debut album cover design). According the press statement:"It constitutes only a very small excerpt of the futuristic album artwork."

Actually, the artwork has nothing to do with a "futuristic" design. Its based on the Steampunk culture. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, especially in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century. Probably you remember it for the Wild Wild West movie starring Will Smith.

The picture of Unisonic in the booklet belongs to Taliana Chastaya photo session in 2012.

Unisonic 'For The Kingdom' lyric-video

Unisonic photo session 2014

Unisonic For The Kingdom 2014 photo session

On May 11th (Sunday), the band traveled to Berlin where they did the first photo session for the 'Light Of Dawn' promotion. Pictures by Erik Weiss (Official site).


The History Behind Unisonic For The Kingdom

Dennis Ward started writing songs for the new album in Spring 2013 meanwhile he was working in the third album of Place Vendôme and making some promotional things with Pink Cream 69. In October he announced on his facebook account they finished writing a ballad for the new Unisonic album.

Meanwhile Michael was working together with Sandro Giampietro in writing some tracks. It seems the composition work with Sandro in Kiske's 6th solo album is being productive so they keep working together also for Unisonic. Michael explained (at the end of October): "Two weeks ago I wrote three songs together with Sandro, actually for Unisonic. I said to Kosta whose managing us. I'm just so creative with him so let's use it. I can write songs together with him very well. He has a nice house and in his house is a beautiful studio and he is better in producing and mixing than me anyway. So I can just have a basic idea on my iPhone; just a melody; I go to his house and then we sit down and within minutes there's a nice song there, part of it." At the end of December they organize the rehearsals or pre-production sessions for the new album which will take place in January.

Rehearsals for the new stuff

Unisonic 2nd rehearsalIn the 2nd week (7th, 8th & 9th) of January, Dennis Ward, Mandy Meyer, Michael Kiske and Kosta Zafiriou did the first pre-production session or rehearsal for the new album at HofaStudios in Karlsdorf, Germany. In this first first session Kai Hansen could not be there because he was working with Gamma Ray in a pre-listening session for his new album. The rest of Unimembers worked on 7 new songs.

A few weeks later (on January 30th & 31st), they reunited again for a 2nd pre-production session but this time, the whole band, with Kai Hansen. They worked on another 7-10 songs according Mandy Meyer comments. According Dennis Ward: "Full force now into the next Unisonic Production!!! I've never had such an efficient pre-production/songwriting session in my career."

On February 8th Dennis Ward announced that Vanden Plas keyboardist Günter Werno, who did the keys for all Place Vendôme albums, will play the keyboards in the next album of Unisonic. Dennis commented: "Unisonic is also proud to announce that onboard for this production we will be having Vanden Plas’s own Günter Werno working on the keyboards. I’ve done many many productions with Günter and I’m happy to have him with us. It’s always a pleasure."

On April 4th they published the official statement about the release of this EP, which will be followed by the second album on July 25th. But later they delayed to Agoust 1st, not a big deal, right? just a few days.

Unisonic For The Kingdom EP press ratings

Webzine - Radio - Magazine Rating 0/10
Musikreviews.de 9,3
Powermetal.cl 9
VandoHalen 9
Metal-archives.com 9
Hardrock & Aor Magazine 9
Metalegun.com 8,5
Eternal Terror 8,3
Jukebox Metal 8
SeigneursDuMetal.fr 8
Planetmosh.com 8
Skullfracturing Blog 8
Dangerdog.com 8
TrueMetal.it 8
Imperiumi.net 8
La Mesa Del Rincon 8
Metaltalk.net 8
Metaluniverse.net 7,8
Metalchroniques.fr 7,5
Vs-Webzine.com 7,5
Pavillion666.fr 7,5
Auxportesdumetal.com 7,5
Metallus.it 7
Themidlandsrocks 7
LaGrosseRadio.com 7
XXL Rock 7
Rock Overdose 6,5
Spiritofmetal.com 6
Metalnews.de 5,7 (4/7)
RockMagazyn.pl 4

Curiosities about Unisonic For The Kingdom EP

- There is a lost Unisonic song which finished on Gamma Ray's album

The song 'Built A World', included on Gamma Ray's Empire of Undead (as European bonus track) was composed by Mandy Meyer with a friend: Andy Portmann. The song is credited in the booklet as written by Andy Portmann and Kai Hansen, Mandy is not mentioned there. But Kai Hansen commented during Unisonic debut album promotion: "... there's one song which we did not finish because it was a bit too different and we had no place in this album. The song was not finished; it was an idea or demo of Mandy Meyer who did it with a friend. I really liked that song because it had a different touch, so I added a few vocals, but for time reasons we left it. I think it would fit better in Gamma Ray than in Unisonic."


Catalog numbers
Japanese CD editionMICP-40014Avalon