2012 - Unisonic

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Release date: 
March 30th, 2012
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Mandy Meyer
Dennis Ward
Kosta Zafiriou
Track list
Disc 1: 
1 - Unisonic
2 - Souls Alive
3 - Never Too Late
4 - I've Tried
5 - Star Rider
6 - Never Change Me
7 - Over The Rainbow Bonus Limited edition
8 - Renegade
9 - My Sanctuary
10 - King For A Day
11 - We Rise
12 - No One Ever Sees Me
13 - The Morning After Japanese Bonus track


The album will be released in USA on May 22nd via Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records, you can already make pre-orders in Amazon.com! the North American edition will contain 'I Want Out' live Loud Park Festival '11 as Bonus track!

Unisonic album was recorded at ICP Studios, Brussels, Belgium, HOFA Studios Karlsdorf, Germany and Hammer Studios, Hamburg, Germany. Produced by Dennis Ward, co-produced by Kai Hansen. Engineered and mixed by Dennis Ward. Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York. 

Keyboards on 'Souls Alive', 'I've Tried' and 'No One Ever Sees Me' played by Gunter Werno. All Choirs and Backing Vocals by Dennis and Kai.

Unisonic Worldwide label: earMUSIC / Edel
Asia: Marquee / Avalon label

Charts position

Finland 8
Japan 19
Germany 24
Sweden 29
Czech Republic 32
Switzerland 44
Norway 46
Austria 59
Italy 90
France 140

Different editions

There are 10 different editions with exclusive stuff, bonus tracks, digipack, huge booklet and promo stuff.

Unisonic Limited mediabook editionUnisonic CD LP editionUnisonic Japanese editionUnisonic EMP edition

Edition 1: Standard CD edition; contains 11 tracks in a normal case.
Edition 2: Limited Mediabook CD edition; contains 11 tracks plus the bonus track 'Over The Rainbow', exclusive booklet of 40 pages with rare pictures and contained in a high relief digipack.
Edition 3: CD + LP edition; contains the LP with 11-tracks plus the CD edition with 11-track of Standard edition and is contained in a yellow-cartoon format.
Edition 4: Japanese CD edition; contains the 11 tracks plus the exclusive bonus track 'The Morning After'. It's the same edition than the rare 1CD published by Scarecrow (Mexico).
Edition 5: EMP edition; contains the Limited Mediabook CD edition and also an exclusive Unisonic T-shirt. This edition is only on sale through the EMP online shop.
Edition 6: Korean edition; contains the 11 tracks and the Japanese bonus 'The Morning After' with a blue sticker.

Unisonic Korean editionUnisonic 2CD editionUnisonic Press promo edition

Edition 7: USA edition; contains the 11 tracks plus the bonus track 'I Want Out live' of Loud Park Festival '11.
Edition 8: 2CD edition; exclusive edition released in Mexico and USA which contains the 11 tracks in the first CD plus a bonus CD with 'Over The Rainbow' and 'Souls Alive' demo, it also has the booklet of 40 pages. In Mexico, it was released via Scarecrow Records and distributed by Oz Productions.
Edition 9: Taiwanese CD edition; contains the 11 tracks plus the Japanese bonus track 'The Morning After' and one different Obi than Japanese, this one is in blue color and in Chinese language.
Edition 10: Press CD promo edition; this is one of the most exclusive edition. It was made for press; magazines, webzines... with a different mix of the final album. It contains 10 tracks, 'No One Ever Sees Me' was not included because it was not ready. All copies are personalized for the different media. You can hear the differences just listening the song 'We Rise' which was broadcasted by Mariskalrock radio during the promotional tour in Spain, for the album edition they added guitar solo in the beginning and background vocals with "Ahhhh ahhhh Forever" during the chorus.
Edition 11: Digital promo; finally this is the most rare item, it contains 11 songs, all songs are close to the final album tracks, same mixing, the files are watermarked and personalized. Some tracks has a strange ending, at the last seconds of some tracks the song starts again.

(I didn't include Brazilian edition, Argentinian edition, Russian... because as far I know they have not different/exclusive stuff or format than those 10 editions.)


Unisonic members kai hansen michael kiske dennis ward mandy meyer kosta zafiriou

Kiske: "Kosta is honest and the perfect manager. He also plays some fine drums, as you know. Dennis is very gifted, capable of many things where I am not too good. Mandy is easy going, a great person and smart too. But I don't know him for a long time yet, like I know Kai. What I love about Kai is his excitement for his work and his originality. I also love to have him around because he's very funny. It's easy to have a good time with him. When he left Helloween, the fun left too."

Kai Hansen: "The world doesn't need another project!. I would define our style as a harder hard rock with very flexible and varied sounds but with a clear structure. During the first rehearsals the typical Unisonic style developed, especially Dennis and I quickly realized that we are on target and our musical direction is on absolutely the same wavelength."


Unisonic recorded the most part of their debut album at Brussels ICP Studios, but they also used Kai's studio in Hamburg (Hansen Studio).

unisonic brussels icp studios kiske ward meyer kai hansen mandy meyer

Composition progress

Dennis Ward: "Kosta helps me out with the song arrangements rather than with song writing. Mandy writes AOR-inspired hard rock songs, like the songs he made during his time at Katmandü. The songs which he sends us are always mostly finished, and the songs are finally complete when Kosta and I contribute to the songs. Michael is the melody-maker. He constantly sends me his ideas. It could be some humming songs recorded on his mobile phone or sung on an acoustic guitar, on which I add on my ideas. Kai is well experienced so he should be done with his songs any moment. He has written songs since his time at Helloween, so all we have to do is to put in some Unisonic like tunes to it."


Promotional stuff


unisonic artworkThe cover artwork was created by the German artist, designer, photographer and director Martin Haeusler (Meat Loaf, Motörhead). The same who did the artwork of Ignition Mini album.

Kai Hansen: "When I joined the group began to wonder what kind of images could be associated with the name Unisonic, so I started messing around with photoshop and I thought the idea of this giant speaker to form part of the earth. I showed the kids the idea and the artist, he came later with several models and this was the best. I always like to get involved in this kind of thing and offer my own ideas."

Kiske commented: "I actually wanted the "U" to be on fire. They (other members) didn't like it, I liked it, I would not have done the logo in blue. I would have made it red. Everything is too blue, but they liked it that way. It's not meant to be ice, it's just a color."



unisonic photoshoot 2011 martin hausler loud park 11

The promotional photoshoot was made by the German photographer Martin Hausler, who also was the director of 'Unisonic' videoclip. The shoot was made in a ballroom in Heidelberg, Germany. The band also used some pics taken in Loud Park Festival 11 as promotion, but the copyright belongs to the festival.

Unisonic videoclip

On January 12th, at 6 pm, Unisonic will release their first videoclip for the self titled song 'Unisonic' via Earmusic official Youtube Channel. The label published: "The reunion everybody was waiting for: One of the most unique voices in metal and rock music, ex-Helloween singer Michael Kiske, and Helloween co-founder Kai Hansen are joining forces again for the first time in 23 years! Together with Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou of Pink Cream 69 and Mandy Meyer (known for his work with Asia, Gotthard and Krokus) they are forming the new super group Unisonic."

The videoclip shows a powerful band performance at a magnificent ballroom in Heidelberg, Germany. The clip was directed by photographer / director Martin Hausler who previously worked with artists like Meat Loaf, Gotthard, Helloween and Motörhead. He was assisted by Renatus Töpke (Mediaprint.tv) for the lightning and grip equipment and Make Up by Denise Graf.

You can watch in this clip, a lot of attempts to make a promotional video for Ignition and Unisonic album. The label released with that statement: "What happens when you ask a serious and dedicated band like Unisonic to film some promotional clips to promote their new album".

Promotional visit to France (Paris)

Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen started the promotional visits on February 16th in France. The promotional visit was for 2 days (16th and 17th). They will do interviews for magazines, webzines, radios, etc...

In France, they did a lot interviews there, some recorded to be released as video interviews anothers for magazines (check La Grosse Radio interview), webzines (Metal Sickness, check the video teaser, metal-impact, Radiometal, Seigneursdumetal.fr, Heavylaw.com and Bringmethesound)... and one was for the French webzine Gentlemen Chronicles where Kiske and Kai said a lot of very interesting things for the present and future.

The French Hard Force web/Tv did another video interview with Kai and Kiske. The interview will be available a few days before release the album. Also Rock N' Live did a video interview in Hard Rock Cafe of Paris, Here is the video and the teaser:

Also at Hard Rock Cafe of Paris they did another interview, this one is for Metal Sickness webzine. And they wished a happy 20th Birthday to Ultrarock radio.

Promotional visit to UK (London)

After the visit to France they went to United Kingdom, specifically London. According my information they were on February 19th and 20th. They did interviews for magazines (check Planetmosh.com), webzines, radios (Malcolm Dome's TotalRock.com), they also visited the Gibson office, etc...

unisonic promotional visit to uk london michael kiske and kai hansenunisonic promotional visit to uk london michael kiske and kai hansenunisonic promotional visit to uk london michael kiske and kai hansenunisonic promotional visit to uk london michael kiske and kai hansen

Promotional visit to Spain (Madrid)

unisonic radio 3 rtve michael kiske and kai hansen acoustic show and interviewMichael Kiske and Kai Hansen of Unisonic will make a promotional tour in Madrid organized by Top Artist Promotion, during February 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2012. In their visit, they will share with the Spanish national press everything about Ignition mini album and the full-length album Unisonic will release in March of 2012.

"El vuelo del Fénix" (Fenix's flight) radio program of RTVE (Spanish radio/television) managed by Juanma Sánchez published:

"We flew free together with Unisonic in an amazing afternoon. It was an honor and pleasure to receive 2 legends of power metal like Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, they proved they are great musicians, nice and funny. On Saturday we will broadcast. Thanks to them and all the public. It was completely full. Thanks to everybody."

Besides to make an interview, Michael and Kai played two new songs in format acoustic, from the upcoming Unisonic album 'Star Rider' and 'We Rise' and Kiske also played with his ukulele a version of 'Yesterday' (The Beatles) and a piece of 'Future World'.

unisonic michael kiske kai hansen interview rtveunisonic michael kiske kai hansen interview rtveunisonic michael kiske kai hansen interview rtveunisonic michael kiske kai hansen interview rtve

< Read the complete information about this event, RTVE interview - mini acoustic show >

unisonic michael kiske kai hansen mariskalrockMichael and Kai did that interview for the radio Mariskalrock.com which was broadcasted live via their official website at 17:00. The interview was made by Mariskal Romero.

Besides to make an interview, Michael and Kai played two new songs in format acoustic, from the upcoming Unisonic album 'Star Rider' and 'We Rise' and Kiske also sang song tunes of Elvis Presley and finished the connection playing 'Smoke On The Water' with Kiske's ukulele. After playing 'We Rise' they played the album version.

Kiske and Kai joking about the future the Unisonic... Journalist: "Unisonic is a project or a band, will be second album"... Kiske: "No, we will split after this one" Kai: "Yes, but we will do a Farewell tour before... and later a Reunion tour"

< Read the complete information about this event, Mariskalrock.com interview - mini acoustic show >

Michael and Kai did an interview - mini acoustic show (2 songs) for LH magazine/radio/Tv which will be filmed and show in their Youtube Channel. They published this statement:

We filmed a video interview with Unisonic in the cinema room of Revirock Studios where Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen performed two acoustic tracks, it will be available very soon. It was amazing, very good and nice people, and Unisonic album is really good. After the interview they were in the Sala Tron, you can see a few pictures.

unisonic lh magazine sala tron revirock studios michael kiske kai hansenunisonic lh magazine sala tron revirock studios michael kiske kai hansenunisonic lh magazine sala tron revirock studios michael kiske kai hansenunisonic lh magazine sala tron revirock studios michael kiske kai hansen

< Read the complete information about this event, LH Magazin interview - mini acoustic show >

Michael and Kai did a lot of interviews in Spain, for example for webzine Rafabasa.com, Sanctuario del Heavy Metal, La crítica musical, rockinspain.es, Metal4all.net, Metalzone.biz, Arise magazine and another for the radio program LHDA, La Hora de Alvarzeus of Radio Antorva Cantabria, you can watch videos here. Kai did two by telephone with Tenerifeweek.com (podcast here), and to Queens of Steel. Also another interview done 22nd to laestadea.com, and video interview to Hardrock & AOR Tv. Here are a few pictures in Barajas, Madrid airport  Spain, Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen waiting to get a flight, no comment XD

unisonic michael kiske kai hansen barajas airport madrid spainunisonic michael kiske kai hansen barajas airport madrid spainunisonic michael kiske kai hansen barajas airport madrid spainunisonic michael kiske kai hansen barajas airport madrid spain

Promotional visit to Japan (Tokyo)

Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen of Unisonic in Japan promotional tourMichael Kiske and Kai Hansen flew to Japan on 21st March and they will stay there until 25th to make a promotional visit with the typical events, interviews with radios, Tvs, magazines. One interview was made by Captain Wada, a Japanese journalist (who did in 2008 a radio special about Kiske's PIDW solo album), you can hear the audio interview on his program here (the orange buttom).

Michael and Kai are in the cover of Burrn! Magazine issue 4 of 2012, April number!

Finally the label Avalon/Marquee published about the visit of Michael and Kai to Japan and they published the following statement: "Thank you for waiting. Japan promotion of Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske of Unisonic was officially decided and also announced, with two store events."

Unisonic in Japan Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen- March 24th (Saturday) at Museum of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal store Ochanomizu Union. 15:00 hr (hour could change, they will decide on March 18th)

It will consist in a sign and handshake event. The conditions of participation: you will receive a ticket when you will buy your copy of Unisonic album  (MICP-11040) on March 21st (release date). Museum of hard rock / heavy metal disk Ochanomizu Union Contact: TEL: 03-3219-5781

Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen Tower Records Japan- March 24th (Saturday) Tower Records Shinjuku 7f event space. 22:00 hrs.

It will consist in a sign and handshake event. The same conditions of participation...you will receive a ticket to participate in that even when you purchases the Unisonic album (MICP-11040). Shinjuku Tower Records Contact: TEL: 03-5360-7811 (up to 23 hours 11).

unisonic power metal night release shibuya japan tokyoIt was organized an event in Japan for the Friday night to Saturday to celebrate the Unisonic release album. This event will be at Rock Bar Malmsteen and it will have the DJs Yuichi (X-factor), TaKE aka blacksheep and Kobas. More information here. They published the following statement:

"Power Metal Night at Rock Bar Malmsteen (Party Space) in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan! commemorating the release of Unisonic album. March 23, 2012 22:00 to March 24, 2012 04:30! With one drink costs ¥ 1,800. It will be a melodic Power metal night with melodic hard rock and heavy metal."

Release Parties/Secret fan meeting

Unisonic release partiesThe label earMusic/Edel decided to organize a few release parties, specifically 12 parties, but only two would have the presence of Unisonic band. One party on March 29th, Hamburg at Knust and the other on March 30th, Bochum at Matrix. In those parties for 15€ you would get:

- Unisonic CD, standard edition.
- A mini show of Unisonic.
- A signing session with all band members.
- Listen to the new album.
- A special event T-shirt.
- You could purchase all CD/Vinyl formats available.

A great event but unfortunately those parties were cancelled on March 22nd. According the statement: "Due to the growing demand of promotional appearances for the debut album Unisonic, is sadly forced to cancel the planned release parties in Germany."

All tickets for the cancelled release parties were refunded but the band wanted to organize something special for the people who already booked the flight/hotel for that day. So they organized a "secret" fan meeting with Michael and Kai to be in conctact with fans who already bought the ticket for those events.

Unisonic secret fan meeting HamburgThe "secret" fan meeting was organized 2012/03/29 in Hamburg at Rock Hard Cafe. Brigitte of Souls Alive Unisonic Fanclub was there and she did a report about the event, and I would make a little summary based in her report.

At 9pm the event started. Michael and Kai were sitting at a small sitting place with a table and all fans one by one could sit between them, talk a little, make pictures and of course to sign whatever they want to. The whole meet & greet was only planned for an hour but the signing one by one took hours. Kai Hansen left the Hard Rock Cafe around 0:30 am and Michael was still surrounded by lots of fans. He left at around 1:45 am in the morning and all fans who were still there, left the Hard Rock Cafe very happy. There were people of Australia and Mexico for example.


Unisonic did two videoblogs during the recordings, the first videoblog was to say hello opening the official Youtube channel and with the first work of Kosta recording the drums, and the second videoblog it was Dennis Ward in from of the camera to confirm it was the real official youtube channel because some people didn't believe it.


Unisonic RockHard magazine France compilationUnisonic Rocks Magazine Germany issue 27Here are the two compilations availabe - until that moment - with stuff taken of the Unisonic debut album.

The first was the German magazine Rocks,  issue number 27 (February, 2012), the chosen song was 'Unisonic', and it takes the 3rd track position in the album.

And the second compilation it was RockHard magazine French edition, on his number 118 (February, 2012). The same song 'Unisonic', but here is the first track in the album.

The History behind

At first I want to do a quick summary of how Unisonic became in a band. Everything started when Kosta Zafiriou contacted with Michael Kiske to talk about his management. They organized a meeting in Hamburg between Michael, Kosta and three persons of Bottom Row company and there Kosta said to Kiske a straight phrase: "Michael, I think that in the last couple years you have not been properly managed." and Kiske answered "I agree with you, because I have not been managed at all. Since I stop workin' with Rod Smallwood in 98-99."  So Kosta got Michael's management. After that meeting about the management, Kosta, Dennis Ward and Michael had another reunion where they offered to Kiske to create a new band. The exact phrase they told to Kiske was: "How about a real band around you?". And Kiske thought it was the right moment to do, it was now or never.

Dennis suggested Mandy Meyer as guitarist and they started composing songs. With nine songs composed they decided to give another step and book a few shows as warming up for two big festivals; Masters of Rock and Sweden Rock. Since everything worked fine, they started recording the first demo of five songs and started to spreading to labels.

In that moment, Michael realized they need another helpful hand with the composition because the songwritting was going a bit slow, so he thought they need another guitarist/composer, Kiske thought in his solo album guitarist Sandro Giampietro but it didn't happen. Kiske said: "I was the one, in 2010, I started to tell, we need another guitar player another songwritter I have a friend of mine, Sandro Giampietro... but for some reason, the band was not too interested in have him there, so it didn't happen...he was too much of an individualist for the others I guess."

unisonic 2012In December they took a break because Michael joined in Avantasia tour where he shared stage with Kai Hansen for first time in more than 20 years. During that tour Kai and Michael feelin a good chemistry between them and they started to think in working together. As Kai said they had three options: "First option: Michael joins Gamma Ray, second option: I join Unisonic and third option: we start a brand new band. The third option is already out, because we both are in bands already. Michael said Gamma Ray is too 'hard' for him, so we had only one option at the end. I should join Unisonic." At Christmas time in 2010, Michael wrote an email to Kosta to ask if it would be a good idea if Kai would join in the band, Kiske wrote: "What will you think if Kai Hansen would join in Unisonic?" and Kosta said: "That will be awesome, great". With Kai in the band everything was faster, they composed more songs and some tracks which were not finished were fixed very soon.

The band did a break for playing in Loud Park Festival '11 in Japan (first show with Kai in the band). In that moment the band had 14 tracks ready for being recorded but one was discarted because they didn't have enough time. They joined in the ICP studios of Brussels to record the drums, later they used the Kai Hansen studio and also Mandy recorded some things in Switzerland. Kiske recorded the vocals in his own studio. Meanwhile they were recording the full-lenght album they released a mini album titled Ignition and they filmed the videoclip 'Unisonic'.

During February they started the promotional activities, making interviews with all kind of press, shooting promotional videos and also a European promotional tour which started in France, England, Spain and it will continue in Japan.


Song by song

'Unisonic' (Music: Meyer/Hansen Lyrics: Ward/Hansen)

Kai Hansen: "The song 'Unisonic' combines all strengths and stylistic features. It does have the Gamma Ray touch, and it’s funny because the basic riff, it comes from Mandy, he was in the rehearsal room recording it with some people and when I heard it, I was like “Shit, it’s definitely like a song I have once wrote”, it’s pretty similar to 'Into The Storm'. I immediately liked the riff and said “Yeah we should make “Unisonic” as a real storm powerful song” and it’s simple but it’s catchy as hell and I had the idea for this chorus 'Unisonic', that I wanted to put in another song, but finally it fits together very very well.

Maybe the song 'Unisonic' has a vague resemblance to 'Kids of the Century' in this fun side of rock speed. You know, it was a great song at the time...I could easily imagine playing live although I have nothing to do with its creation."

'Souls Alive' (Music: Meyer Lyrics: Ward)

Michael Kiske: "I remember when we played that song first live in 2010 I was doin' an injustice with Dennis because I said it was written by Mandy, partially it is, he did riff, the grove but as far I know Dennis did the melody... is a fucker to sign live, it sucks (laughs) you can't breathe, 'Unisonic' is more fun to sign. But is a really nice song, good melody stuff. And it was one of the songs pre released on demo."
Kai Hansen: "That song was almost ready when I joined in the band... In fact, is a very strong track. The final sound in Unisonic album has a real rocking guitars, it sounds even better in the album than in the previous demo version. This is one of the songs it convinced me, alright! there are some really rock n' roll on this band."

'Never Too Late' (Music: Hansen Lyrics: Hansen)

Kai Hansen: "The end of the chorus of 'Never Too Late' reminds me chorus of 'Time To Break Free'... I tried to live out my old punk soul a little but of course there is also Hansen inside, as well as a little bit Helloween. And a certain recognizable style will always carry on. The riff for this song I've been in my head for years, but the idea was not completed so far. The beginning of the song has been around since 1990. I was a little bit punkin' around at time during the recording. What came out was a little Sex Pistols-like. with the old punk grown up, Dead Kennedys, Clash, the Ramones. And since the concept UNISONIC is very open, "no limits, no boundaries", and 'Never too Late' was the result.

I've read somebody on the internet speculate about the song 'Never Too Late' could be about but we are always joking 'bout because I'm not a person that is always on time so I like being late so they were joking about me writting the song 'Never Too Late' haha! on the internet there was people speculating about, you know? the thing would be there in 'Never Too Late' something like this but actually the song is not about that.. is more about the situation where you get stucked in life for some reason, you're sit in home and get bored and you don't know what to do with yourself and you think everything sucks... the message is there are so many stuff to be done, you just have to do it! that's the point, you should have to fuckin do it and not to say ahh I should go to Paris...just fuckin do it, because it's never too late. You're not too old, you're not too fucked up, and do it."

'I've Tried' (Music: Ward Lyrics: Ward)

Kai Hansen: "Before I've joined that was one song it was already existing and it was a song it really impressed me on the demo I've heard. It was so different from classic metal but still had a hard edge and it was really cool, we liked that one.

The lyrics were written by Dennis. I think it evokes those situations where you say: "I tried to do things well," be it about relationships that have been in his life or things you are doing. It does not always receive praise when we try. Sometimes you try and fail anyway, things did not go as we want. But at least we tried.

'Star Rider' (Music: Ward Lyrics: Ward/Hansen)

Michael Kiske: "Dennis wrote the main part of the song, he got the grove, the riff, the verses, the bridge and he had a chorus but it wasn’t that good, it was ok but the chorus was not really the top of the song… I love that song now but at the beginning I even thought it would not join in the album listening the first version. When Kai heard it, he suggested to change a few things here and there and then, in a matter of 20 seconds, the chorus sounded excellent! That’s what makes a real band. We work and discuss everything together. Dennis was able to bring the song to that point but the chorus wasn't killer, Kai added a chorus and now is one of my favourites."

Kai Hansen: "The song was about... It's basically the Neil Armstrong story also Buzz Aldrin story, Neil Armstrong and the moon lading, in a futuristic way. The star rider, the saviour of us all is soming to bring us all to another level."

'Never Change Me' (Music: Hansen Lyrics: Hansen)

Dennis Ward: "Kai actually wrote it nearly a year ago, when I met him, he let me listen the song in demo format and the album version is closer than the demo. That song is perfect. It's a mid-tempo pop-rock track."
Kai Hansen: "Everybody knows, in some situations, especially in relationships when one of the other starts to try to change the other and is not satisfied anymore with the person who got to know he go together with, is just a description of the classical situation, talking: 'You should be different, you should do that.' And the music is on the poppy side of metal or rock. I liked the idea of making something different. It was one of the first songs I wrote for this. About Michael signing he likes to do stuff.. kind more easier... not so much pressing, screaming high so there are a lot of low vocals in that song exept for the chorus."

'Over The Rainbow' (Music: Hansen Lyrics: Hansen)

Michael Kiske (La Grosse Radio): "It's a ballad, a kind of Scorpions type ballad with a Hendrix-touch, it was written by Kai."
Dennis Ward: "The final result of this track was written by all the band. The band worked it in the rehearsal room. But it comes of an idea of Kai. It's a pretty nice song."

Kai Hansen: "This song is practically a ballad type of song in the vein of 80ties style ballad with a heavy edge, it wook a while to nail this song down to this point. I was carrying this idea for 2 or 3 years now. And this time I was able to do the lyrics and the outcome is cool and great."

'The Morning After' (Music: Meyer Lyrics: Kiske/Ward)

Michael Kiske: "'The Morning After', is a song fairly typical mainstream AOR-like Asia. Straight forward melodic rock 'n' roll, a song which could also be on a Place Vendome album. It's written by Dennis Ward (he confused, it was really wrote by Mandy), and it has his handwriting."

Kai Hansen: "It's from Mandy. The song sounds like the harder side of Bon Jovi."

'Renegade' (Music: Ward Lyrics: Ward)

Michael Kiske (La Grosse Radio): "'The song Renegade' is about how a friend can became in your enemy and an enemy in your friend in some cases. It's a fun track to sing."

Kai Hansen: "That song was an idea of Dennis Ward, and it was one of the first songs we worked in the first jammings, we worked on it in our rehearsal room, playing some stuff when I joined in the band. It worked very well. I remember we tried in different ways, changing a lot of parts, adding together different ideas until we find the final result. Is a different track for me, I think I never did a song like this one. And it rocks, I think is cool rock song."

'My Sanctuary' (Music: Ward/Hansen Lyrics: Ward)

Kai Hansen: "Well, it's about what could be the inside of each person. Each person has his own sanctuary but you have to find it for yourself. Sometimes what is around us, it doesn't depend of ourselves, and is hard but what we're talking is your own place, where you can close the door and you can make whatever you want  without asking for permission. It was developed in the rehearsal room, we changed it, the chorus, a different chorus, and actually I thought it was better but I always had in my mind the old chorus so we got back to that changed a little bit and it was it."

Michael Kiske: "Each person can make in his own sanctuary whatever you want. Some person would escape playing the guitar, others drinkin' coffe... each person has his own moment for himself. That song was one of the earlier songs."

'King For A Day' (Music: Hansen Lyrics: Hansen)

Michael Kiske: "There is a song Kai brought it at the last minute. The song is titled 'King For A Day', is not listed in the CD promotional copies, we didn't finish this song yet. But is a great song. There's my favourite, I really love it. I just recorded two days before finish the album. It was the last effort. I think Kai seems to work good when he has pressure, not like me, I always need more time. I think it sounds like Queen."

Kai Hansen: "Actually is a song which is based on an idea I had since... Keeper 2 production. Where just for fun, because I was bored... I wrote something for a female voice and it was more pop oriented. The song had a totally different direction. So the bases of that song already existed... I was not happy with it, how ended and I tried to change it was really soft, we need to get the initial force to make the song how is now actually."

'We Rise' (Music: Ward/Hansen Lyrics: Ward)

Michael Kiske: "It was one of the songs which really surprise me because I was not expecting so much when I've heard the raw version of that song but when I did the vocals, it turned up very nice and it's awesome because is one of my favourites songs now. We also played the track live, acoustically on some radio shows I played the Ukulele."

Kai Hansen: "It was again a lot of work in the rehearsal room work in Karlsruhe, and at the beginning I was not really convinced, I was not so sure, we did... it was a kind of a lot of trying out and go throught and at the end we found the right chorus "..we rise we fall, the writting..." that was a lot of development in the rehearsal room.. I really love the long solo part, that's something very cool. "

'No One Ever Sees Me' (Music: Kiske Lyrics: Kiske)

Michael Kiske: "It has to be an emotional track. The demo verion was even more epic, more dark, in the album version we did more clear because we wanted to sound a bit more like a soundtrack of Hollywood. My demo version was more close to Metallica for example, with a sweet electric guitar instead the acoustic. I had the idea when I saw an interview with an Indian father. In some countries they have some very inhuman traditions, especially women are not treated as individuals, like their father decides who they marry. I saw that on TV, he said: I have decided who she marries; she was around 10 or 11 years old; and if she doesn't stop talking about love, I'm going to kill her with my own hands. I thought it's unbelievable that a father talks like that about his daughter, that's not love. You have this in Islamic countries, even in Germany, that certain Muslims kill their daughters or brothers kill their sisters, because they don't respect the tradition. They decide whom they marry and when they marry someone they love which they really should, they kill her. I respect cultures, but I don't respect inhumanity. I don't care about tradition killing women or discriminating women in any way. This really hurt me that a father can talk like that. The lyrics of the song are from the females perspective. That's what it is about."


Unisonic Press ratings

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Heavy-metal.it 10
Metalsatto 10
Sprengies-world.de 10
AllaRadio.org 10
Planetmosh.com 10
Sarkophag-rock.com 10
La Heavy Magazine 10
Dangerdog.com 10
Blogofenia.com 10
Maisresenhas.com 10
Whiplash.net 10
HardrockHaven.net 10
Zephyrs-odem.de 10
Valhalla.sk 9,7
Hardheavynews Blog 9,6
Gr8media.gr 9,5
Rock&Aor Magazine 9,5
Musicreviews.de 9,3
Spark Magazine 9,2
Whiskey-soda.de 9,2
elmundodelcid 9
Metal4all.net 9
Metalist.co.il 9
Seigneursdumetal.fr 9
Giornalemetal.com 9
Twaddlefishmusic 9
Burrn Magazine 9
Hardline Magazine 9
Metal-temple.com 9
Metal.de 9
Rocknmetal.de 9
LaGrosseRadio.com 9
Heavymetal.net.au 9
Rock It! Magazine 9
Ilovetantan.jp 8,8
Bizarre-radio.de 8,7
Avalonyxia.com 8,6
Hardharderheavy.de 8,6
Metalnews.de 8,6
MetalHammer Germany 8,6
Maxmetal.net 8,5
Truenometalico.com 8,5
Metal Maniac Magazine 8,5
DarkScene.at 8,5
Rockangels.com 8,5
Rockthebestmusic.com 8,5
Grande-rock.com 8,5
Schweres.metall.de 8,5
Heavyworlds.com 8,5
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Metal-archives.com 8,4
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Lead Hangar Fanzine 8
Jukebox:Metal 8
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- There are songs which didn't end in the album?

Yes, we know there are at least two. One song without title, is the track known as the "14th song". I knew about that song because in Burrn magazine it was published there was 14 songs available and later in a few interviews, Kai Hansen talked about that missing track, he said:

"...there's one song which we did not finish because it was a bit too different and we had not place in this album. The song was not finished, it was a idea or demo of Mandy Meyer who did with a friend. I really liked that song because it had a different "touch", so I added a few vocals, but for time reasons we left it. I think it could fit better in Gamma Ray than in Unisonic."

And the second unknown song is 'That Was A Lie', I knew about that song because Kai talked about that song in another interview and he said:

"..when I joined in Unisonic there were already songs and pieces of songs written like 'That Was A Lie' or 'I've Tried' or 'Souls Alive'. So there was already some stuff and there were of course plenty of demos and ideas from Dennis."


- Why not using Place Vendôme band name?

Kiske: "With Place Vendome there is the problem that it is so much under control from Serafino (Frontiers Records owner) that we wouldn’t have any freedom. We thought just let us create a complete new band, because otherwise we would have to deal a lot with negotiations about name rights and other contract details. I like Serafino a lot and I will be always grateful to the things he did for me during all these years, but we wanted to have a free band to start with."

- Why did they choose the name Unisonic?

Kiske: "It took a while to find a good name! And Unisonic was the only name we all really liked right away, because it doesn't sound like so many stupid… We had some shitty names. I was really frustrated. We were coming up with some stuff that I really didn't like and the others liked it and I was like "No Way!". For a while I thought we would never find a good name. We had something like blah, blah sonic and unison something. Something where those two parts were in it and Kosta put them both together and I said “That´s cool!”. It's a new word in a way and it has a good meaning, you can read it as being sonic in unison or you can read it as universal sonic. I think it's a very good name for a rock band, because it's not so clear what kind of music a band would do that has such a name. I think I was the only one who was totally sure about it. The rest needed a little longer to get into it."


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Standard CDERE-207546earMusic/Edel
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