2012 - Skeletons & Majesties Live

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Gamma Ray
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November 30th, 2012
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Kai Hansen
Henjo Richter
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Live audio recording & mix by Stephan Ernst at Separate Sound Studio. Mastered by Dirk Schlächter at Hammer Recording Studios.

Gamma Ray will release a live album from the last tour Skeletons And Majesties. They filmed two whole shows, one at Zeche, Bochum, Germany on April, 28th and at Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland on April, 29th. The 2CD release contains the Pratteln show and the DVD and Blu-Ray also contains the bonus tracks: "The Spirit", "Wings Of Destiny", "Farewell", "Gamma Ray", "Time To Break Free" and "Insurrection" which were recorded the previous day at the Zeche in Bochum and also a video track with rare footage and another with interviews.

Michael Kiske was guest on this two shows and he sang 'Time To Break Free', 'Future World' and 'A While In Dreamland' (duet with Kai Hansen).

Different editions

Gamma Ray Skeletons and Majesties DVDGamma Ray Skeletons and Majesties usa editionGamma Ray Skeletons and Majesties Japanese editionGamma Ray Skeletons and Majesties Blu-Ray

1. Standard 2CD edition.
2. Standard DVD edition.
3. Standard Blu-ray edition.
4. Digipack 3CD edition USA: It seems this edition is not available yet but it will be soon.
5. Japanese 2CD edition: Includes two bonus tracks 'Gamma Ray' and 'Insurrection'.

Promotional stuff

There is not information about who did the cover and artwork but the pictures used were taken for Daniel Strub (www.great-moments.ch) in Pratteln, in Bochum by Axel Jusseit, and aditional picture at page 5 by Arne Kowalewski. The interviews were conducted by Nikolas Krofta.

Promotional videoclips

Here is 'Time To Break Free' footage with Kiske:

Here is the first promotional video for this official release, the song 'Gamma Ray':

Here is Dirk talking about the booklet and artwork:

You can also watch a promo video of Kai Hansen talking about the Dvd, click here.

The History behind

In 2003 Gamma Ray released a live album titled: Skeletons In The Closed which contains tracks the band didn't play live, at least not so often. The setlist was chosen by fans on their official site.

A few years later, in 2011 they come back with that idea and they released a mini album titled Skeletons & Majesties. This album contains six songs; two old songs were re-recorded ('Hold Your Ground' and 'Brothers'), another two in acoustic version ('Send Me A Sign' and 'Rebellion In Dreamland'), two bonus tracks ('Wannabees' and 'Brothers - extended'), and the last track a Karaoke version of 'Rebellion In Dreamland'.

To promote this release they booked a few dates and some festivals. Kai Hansen explained the collaboration of Kiske in this release. "It was just such a spontaneous idea. We went on tour, and Michael told me that he is currently hanging around at home and is just bored. I figured if we would do a DVD, it would be cool if he is in it and simply asked if he feels like it. He agreed. That was a nice touch, and the good thing is that it is also incompatible with our Unisonic-story because we have a very different background and very different songs."

Michael Kiske touring with Gamma Ray Masters of Rock Festival Skeletons tourSo Michael Kiske was guest in the shows filmed for this live recording: Bochum (Germany) and Pratteln (Switzerland). Michael sang three tracks; 'Future World' of Keeper 1 album (Helloween), 'Time To Break Free' of Land Of The Free album (Gamma Ray) and a duet with Kai Hansen singing 'A While In Dreamland'. Both shows were filmed. Michael was also guest in two festivals, one in Hamburg, Germany in May and a few months later at Winter Masters of Rock festival '11 in Czech Republic.

The album release was delayed a few months because Kai were not available to check the footage, he explained: "Between the recording and the release is a difference of a half year because I did not have time, I was too busy with Unisonic. The video company had been working in the meantime also with other projects and the error correction has been pulled back from our side a little. I did not know when I should do this at all. Henjo had been waiting for me returning and the film company waited that we are ready, and so on.  Anyway, now everything is good, everything is ready and the result is fine."

Musicians comments

Kai Hansen: "We’re going to leave it raw as far as we can. Of course we will erase the major screw ups here and there that will be there I’m pretty sure! (laughs). I remember Bochum was a bit chaotic for the whole show, but Pratteln went very well. In both cases, the audience was great and people enjoyed it very much and well as we did. We will have a good mix of both shows in the DVD but I have to wait for the footage to look at. We have to see and listen and then work it out."


Gamma Ray Skeletons & Majesties Live Press ratings

Webzine - Radio - Magazine Rating 0/10
Themetalcircus.com 9,2
Metaltotal.com 9
Metalblast.com 9
Burrn! magazine 8,5
Metalsymphony.com 8,5
Metalnews.de 8,5
Metallegun.com 8,5
Revolver magazine 8
Elladooscurodelaluna 8
Seaoftranquility.org 8
Reflectiondarkness 7,5
Blistering.com 7,5
Metallus.it 7,5
Metalcovenant 7


Catalog numbers
2CD edition208199EREearMusic/Edel
2DVD edition208200EREearMusic/Edel
BluRay edition0208201EREearMusic/Edel
Japanese 2CD editionVICP-70184/5Victor Entertainment
USA 2CD editionSR07833-2Scarecrow Records
USA 2DVD editionSR07833-3Scarecrow Records
Argentinian 2CD edition1040IRIcarus Records
Argentinian 2DVD edition1039IRIcarus Records