2012 - Ignition Mini Album

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Release date: 
January 27th, 2012
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Mandy Meyer
Dennis Ward
Kosta Zafiriou
Track list

Information Unisonic Ignition Mini LP

This Mini Album was released on January 27th, 2012 (on 25th the Japanese edition).

Label: earMUSIC/Edel and in Asia: Marquee / Avalon label

The new songs 'Unisonic' and 'My Sanctuary' were engineered and mixed by Dennis Ward. Mastered by Jürgen Luski at HOFA Studios, Karlsdorf, Germany and recorded at ICP Studios, Brussels, Belgium and HOFA Studios, Karlsdorf, Germany.

Here are the composers of the new songs: 'Unisonic' (Music: Meyer/Hansen Lyrics: Ward/Hansen), 'My Sanctuary' (Music: Ward/Hansen Lyrics: Ward ) and 'Souls Alive - Demo' (Music: Meyer Lyrics: Ward).

Ignition different editions

Die hard fans and collectors will be pleased on the 7" release of "Ignition", to hit stores the same day: an individually numbered, strictly limited and coloured picture vinyl single will be released then as well.  In spite you can see in some online shops the Japanese edition has the same tracklisting than normal edition, 'I Want Out Live' is the bonus track for them.

unisonic ignition normal editionunisonic ignition japanese edition kiske hansen ward meyer zafiriouunisonic ignition 7 vinyl edition collectors

Musicians in Unisonic Ignition

Unisonic members kai hansen michael kiske dennis ward mandy meyer kosta zafiriou

Kiske: "Kosta is honest and the perfect manager. He also plays some fine drums, as you know. Dennis is very gifted, capable of many things where I am not too good. Mandy is easy going, a great person and smart too. But I don't know him for a long time yet, like I know Kai. What I love about Kai is his excitement for his work and his originality. I also love to have him around because he's very funny. It's easy to have a good time with him. When he left Helloween, the fun left too."

Kai Hansen: "The world doesn't need another project!. I would define our style as a harder hard rock with very flexible and varied sounds but with a clear structure. During the first rehearsals the typical Unisonic style developed, especially Dennis and I quickly realized that we are on target and our musical direction is on absolutely the same wavelength."


Unisonic recorded the most part of their debut album at Brussels ICP Studios, but they also used Kai's studio in Hamburg (Hansen Studio).

unisonic brussels icp studios kiske ward meyer kai hansen mandy meyer


Promotional stuff Unisonic

Ignition artwork

unisonic ignition artwork

This is the cover artwork. It was created by the German artist Martin Haeusler. The same who did the artwork of Unisonic debut album. The first image it was the first version, in the last one he inserted stars at background and did the fire with more orange instead red.

He also did the promotional photoshoot and was also the director of videoclip 'Unisonic'.

Photo session Unisonic 2012

unisonic photoshoot 2011 martin hausler loud park 11

The promotional photoshoot was made by the German photographer Martin Hausler, who also was the director of 'Unisonic' videoclip. The shoot was made in a ballroom in Heidelberg, Germany. The band also used some pics taken in Loud Park Festival 11 as promotion, but the copyright belongs to the festival.

Unisonic videoclip

On January 12th, at 6 pm, Unisonic released their first videoclip for the self titled song 'Unisonic' via Earmusic official Youtube Channel. The label published: "The reunion everybody was waiting for: One of the most unique voices in metal and rock music, ex-Helloween singer Michael Kiske, and Helloween co-founder Kai Hansen are joining forces again for the first time in 23 years! Together with Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou of Pink Cream 69 and Mandy Meyer (known for his work with Asia, Gotthard and Krokus) they are forming the new super group Unisonic."

The videoclip shows a powerful band performance at a magnificent ballroom in Heidelberg, Germany. The clip was directed by photographer / director Martin Hausler who previously worked with artists like Meat Loaf, Gotthard, Helloween and Motörhead. He was assisted by Renatus Töpke (Mediaprint.tv) for the lightning and grip equipment.

You can watch in this clip, a lot of attempts to make a promotional video for Ignition and Unisonic album. The label released with that statement: "What happens when you ask a serious and dedicated band like Unisonic to film some promotional clips to promote their new album".

Unisonic demo promo/sample

'Unisonic' demo was available for a few minutes in Youtube for a mistake of the label company. It was changed to private and later deleted. This is the statement with the explanation:

There was a mistake of the record company and Kosta set the Unisonic debut single to private. This one is a demo recording and was never meant to be public. If any or you downloaded it, please don't share or spread it. This could damage the band and their promotion. Thank you very much for your understanding!!!

A week later, the first song, Unisonic audio teaser, was available!


Michael Kiske about Ignition

Kiske about 'I Want Out live' track in Ignition: "It was pretty cool. An editor from the Japanese Burrn magazine after the gig pointed out that Kai and I have played for the first time ever this song together in Japan, because Kai left Helloween before the Japan tour with "Keeper 2". I didn't have this on my screen anymore. The audience was very emotional, which is of course transferred to the band. Personally for me it was unexpectedly great fun, to sing these songs after such a long time again. The stage sound was, however, terrible, amazing that I still could sing so well,  I have not corrected anything afterwards, everything is live! "


Ignition collectors edition copies

unisonic ignition limited edition vinyl 7The label earMUSIC/Edel released a 7" vinyl exclusive limited edition of Ignition Mini album. Each copy of this edition is individually numbered, strickly limited and coloured picture vinyl single. The copies were randomly sent out to folks who ordered the album. If you don't have one yet, you can purchase for your copy at EMP online shop ( probably for not much time).

Well, so here I'm listing copies received by fans - if you got one copy, please email me (check Credit section) with that information (preferably with a picture to prove it, too - in case more than one person claims ownership of the same number). The numbering is on the back cover. I really would prefer real names (no nicknames) and where they live, the country is enough. Would like to get as many names up here as I can.

Ignition owners list

076: Walter Salinardi, Argentina
094: Marco Moretti, Italy
329: Thomas Ackermann, Germany
657: Brigitte, Germany
685: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
689: Gabrielle Cisneros, Argentina
691: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
692: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
731: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
732: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
734: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
735: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
884: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
885: Jonny Gustavsson, Sweden
888: Dani, Spain
890: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
892: Stephanie, USA
893: Andreas Fröhlich, Germany
897: Elisa Girotto, Italy
898: Dionysis Papageorgiou, Greece
900: Dionysis Papageorgiou, Greece
901: Eva Tegou, Greece
902: Dionysis Papageorgiou, Greece
911: Brigitte, Germany
912: Gabi, Switzerland
913: Gabi, Switzerland
1107: Karim, Chile
1110: Marc Batllori, Spain
1137: Stefano Muscariello, Italy


Ignition Press ratings

Webzine - Radio - Magazine Rating 0/10
Festivalphoto.net 10
Heavy-metal.it 10
Metal-Archives.com 9,5
Metalfreakweb.com 9
Themetalobserver 9
Ice-vajal.com 9
Rockmeeting.com 9
Whiplash.net 9
Powermetal.cl 8,8
MusikReviews.de 8,6
Metal Hammer Germany 8,5
Reviewingmusic 8,5
RockHard Germany 8,5
Queensofsteel.com 8,5
Allaradio.org 8
Solo-Rock.com 8
Themetalcircus.com 8
Heavy Magazine Germany 8
La Grosse Radio 8
Planetmosh.com 8
Twaddlefishmusic 8
MetalSickness.fr 7,5
Chesyrockreviews 7,5
Metalsymphony.com 7,5
Auxportesdumetal 7
Burnyourears.com 7
Sputnikmusic.com 7
Metaltrooper Blog 6,8
Metalcovenant.com 6,4
Pecado Mortal Radio Album of the month
Uberrock.co.uk Tip
The-Pit.de Tip
MetalInside.de Tip
RockinSpain.es Tip
Metal.de Tip
Cofre de Bechamel Tip


Catalog numbers
Standard CD1922578earMusic/Edel
Collector's 7 Inch0207605EREearMusic/Edel
Japanese CDMICP-40012Marquee / Avalon label
South Korea CDL100004445Evolution Music