2012 - Classical Variations 2: Credo

2012-04-11 23:03
Timo Tolkki
Release date: 
October 30th, 2012
Line up
Timo Tolkki
Michael Kiske
Michele Luppi
Mike Vescera
Nina Tolkki
Timo Tolkki
Tuomo Lassila
Jens Johannson
Derek Sherinian


Project cancelled!

This project was cancelled, and Timo Tolkki published this statement:

While I have been working on the new Credo album, I have started to speak with several friends in the music business to exchange creative ideas. A lot of musicians and people I talked to were really impressed with how the material is coming along. This brought me in contact with some people that offered me a really interesting and better situation on both artistic and personal level. However this new incredible opportunity that I have is not compatible with the Pledgemusic project which I have started with you.

Considering that I am looking at a way more interesting and exciting project which will ultimately make you happier, dear friends and fans, I have decided to cancel the work done so far on the Credo album. Everybody will be contacted and reimbursed from the pledges I have received. In the case of questions, please turn to PledgeMusic.

Again, there is no reason to be disappointed, you will hear and see very soon (probably in the first quarter of 2013) the outcome of what is happening behind the curtain.

Needless to say this is an exciting and creative period in my life and it has been very uplifting to see that you are out there supporting my music and work. Please know that this is important for me and has given me strength to create and look to the the future in a brighter and more exciting way. Stay tuned for more great news soon!

Anyway I will keep the file with this information here for a while...

This is the 4th solo album of Timo Tolkki. The new solo album Classical Variations 2: Credo will be a double CD, the first one will be titled: Lyra and the second will be titled: Vega. The disc 1: Lyra contains only songs with vocals and the disc 2 contains instrumental music.

There is no release date available yet. But the album will not be available in shops, is a project via Pledge Music, an independent way to make music totally different of the typical concepts of music. No record company is envolved on this project. Since April 4th, Tolkki had 60 days to know if he could get the enough incomes to make that project. In the first 3 days, 42% of the target financial cost is done, and in 28 days 100% was reached, so he got it.

According the count backwards there is in the project website, the album will be available on October 30th, 2012!


The first CD Lyra will have collaborations of some vocalist, one is of Michael Kiske who will sing in one track. Others will be Mike Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen), Michele Luppi (Vision Divine, Trick or Treat), Jens Johansson (Stratovarius, Avantasia, Hammerfall) and Derek Sherinian (Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Kiss). As main members in the band like Tumo Lassila (the founder of Stratovarius). Also Tolkki's daughter Nina will make some parts, according Timo: "She is going to sing what I call "the Angel parts" on Credo album. I think you will hear from her in the future too. We went through a lot together in the last 12 years. She has a voice of an angel."

Here is Timo Tolkki statement about Michael Kiske collaboration:

The legendary vocalist Michael Kiske will sing one song on the “Lyra” Disc of the “Credo” project. This is amazing news for me and should be for you as well. If there ever was someone with a voice of an angel, it is Michael Kiske. I am very happy about this :) Michael Kiske will sing the hymnic title track "Credo" that also has a choir. When we do something together, it seems to become rather unique."

And he added later in a comment on his Facebook profile:

"The double album has sort of a theme that binds the music and themes together. It has a message too and in the vocalists I have been looking for a certain qualities. The Kiske song is the biggest and longest."

Pledge Music, how does it work?

There are a lot of people who don't understand or know what Pledge Music is and how it works, so I'll try to explain more or less. Pledge Music is a new concept for artists based in crown founding. It's a different way of work in music. Is not a virtual shop where you can find the stuff of musician is a way for musicians to get financial assistance to make his own music in direct contact with his fans and without the mediation of any record company.

So the main thing is, the fans buy a kind of "participation" in the project. We give the money in advance to finance the music activities of the artists. What kind of "participation"? and how does it cost?, well in this case, it depends of you. We have different options: For 10$ you will be available to download the 2CDs and to stay updated via your acount in Pledge Music, for 35$ you will get a copy of 2CDs signed by Timo Tolkki, for 65$ you will get a signed copy and you will be on the credits album, etc... it depends of you how many money you can invest or what stuff do you want.

(Important note: If the artist would not get enough incomes to make the project, the money will be refound, you will NOT lose your money.)

Timo Tolkki Classical Variations 2 Credo

The different options to support this project are on the right side of your screen when you will join at Pledge Music: Tolkki project. Now the project is real because Tolkki got the 100%, you still have the chance of get some stuff, others were sold-out.

And here is Timo Tolkki explanation:



Promotional flyer

Timo Tolkki promotional poster