2010 - To The Metal

2011-05-07 00:30
Gamma Ray
Release date: 
January 29th, 2010
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Kai Hansen
Henjo Richter
Track list
Disc 1: 
1 - Empathy
2 - All You Need To Know
3 - Time To Live
4 - To The Metal
5 - Rise
6 - Mother Angel
7 - Shine Forever
8 - Deadlands
9 - Chasing Shadows
10 - No Need To Cry
11 - Wannabees 7" Vinyl/Japan Bonus
12 - To The Metal - Demo 7" Vinyl
13 - One Life Japan Bonus
14 - Wannabees 7" Vinyl/Japan Bonus


Michael Kiske sings on "All You Need To Know".

Different editions

To The Metal will be made available in four versions: As a regular jewel case CD, as a limited edition featuring an additional DVD (including an exciting making-of), as a red vinyl in gatefold packaging and as a collectors' edition featuring CD and 7" vinyl with two unreleased tracks, hand-signed.

DVD (included in limited-edition version):
* 60-minute documentary shot in HD, featuring interviews, "making-of-the-album" material, performance footage of classic GAMMA RAY songs.
Bonus material:
* Three video clips (including "To The Metal")
* Full unedited interview with Kai Hansen


Musicians comments

Kai Hansen: "It wasn't difficult to get Michael's collaboration for this album. I really had my own doubts, but when I had the song, the chorus, I knew it would sound great with Michael's voice. I already had the idea to work on a song with him for 'Land Of The Free 2', but I thought it was too obvious get him for that album. For this album I called him, I sent him an email with a raw demo version recorded with my voice and I told him: 'If that song is too metal for you, you only need to let me know and I can change anything'. But fortunately he said that it was really very metal, but he was surprised about how I could get a new sound each time, even if it would be more of the same, it sounded fresh. We never had any problem, so he said he would be happy to do it."

Michael Kiske: "I like Kai Hansen's personality. As we say here in Germany: He will always have a 'Stone in my heart'. I connect the best HELLOWEEN years with him. When Kai Hansen asked me to sing a Song-Chorus and I heard the song, I liked some other songs on his album a bit more, but he wanted me to do that one. It's all typical Kai Hansen. Energetic, played with fun, and not negative at all."



Lately, Michael Kiske said in one of his interviews, that he liked 2 songs (he didn’t name it though) a little bit more, than the song he is participating. Do you know what songs he liked? Were you discussing about the song with him or when you wrote “All You Need To Know”, you had in mind already, that this song would perfectly go with Michi voice?

Yes, I know, because first songs we sent to him were “Mother Angel” and “Empathy”, he liked it because it’s a kind more relaxed in a way. The thing is I wanted him to sing on that song, because I heard his voice on THAT song. On the other songs I felt pretty comfortable with what I’m doing (laughs). So it was not an option, really.


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