2009 - Streets Of Fire

2013-09-28 16:21
Place Vendôme
Release date: 
February 20th, 2009
Line up
Michael Kiske
Uwe Reitenauer
Magnus Karlsson
Dennis Ward
Kosta Zafiriou
Gunther Werno
Track list

Information Streets Of Fire

- Recorded at Piranha Studio and The TrackShack
- Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward.
- Mix and Mastered at The TrackShack.
- Executive producer: Serafino Perugino.

Different editions Place Vendôme Streets Of Fire

Place Vendome Streets of Fire standard editionPlace Vendome Street of Fire japanese editionPlace Vendome Street of Fire Taiwanese edition

1. Standard edition: 12 tracks and a multimedia track with the videoclip.
2. Japanese edition: 12 tracks multimedia track and the acoustic version than 'My Guardian Angel'. Same content than Taiwanese and Chinese edition.


Michael Kiske (vocals), Kosta Zafiriou (drums), Dennis Ward (bass, additional guitars & choirs), Uwe Reitenauer (guitars) and Gunter Werno (keyboards).

Magnus Karlsson guest on track 13 playing the acoustic guitar.


Torsti Spoof (LEVERAGE) offered up 'Dancer', 'Changes', 'Believer' and 'Streets Of Fire' ; Ronny Milianowicz (SAINT DEAMON and songwriter for PRIMAL FEAR) wrote 'Surrender Your Soul', 'Completely Breathless' and 'A Scene In Replay'; while Robert Sall (WORK OF ART) contributed 'Follow Me' and 'Valerie' and Magnus Karlsson (PRIMAL FEAR) wrote 'My Guardian Angel'.

There are also two covers, 'Set Me Free' is a cover of an USA band Casting Crows and 'I'd Die For You' is also a cover of the band Soleil Moon.


Promotional stuff

Videoclip 'My Guardian Angel'

Michael Kiske and Ralf Scheepers Primal FearThere are a lot of things to talk about 'My Guardian Angel' videoclip. The first idea was to film the videoclip with the whole band but the other guys were busy so it didn't happen. Kiske commented: "It wasn't possible to get us all together for the video, so it ended up being only with me. The 'Guardian Angel' video was also a very cheap production, just one lady with a little camera. Turned out very nice even though it didn't cost anything."

The videoclip was recorded at House of Music Studios, Winterbach, Germany where the German band Primal Fear were recording their album 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) also with Dennis Ward as engineer. You can see the picture that Ralf Scheepers, vocalist of Primal Fear, uploaded on their Myspace account a few days later.

The official statement: A promotional video for the song 'My Guardian Angel' — written by Magnus Karlsson (BOB CATLEY, PRIMAL FEAR) — is included as a special interactive bonus on the album and marks Michael Kiske's visual return on the scene.

Comments of musicians

Michael Kiske stated about the new CD: "It's more AOR this time. I like it very much so far. Very different to the stuff I normally do. To record the vocals for the projects I usually need two, maybe three evenings (two hours) for a song to get learned and to find the right performance. Often also just one evening. I always do MY thing. I don't believe in vocals were singers are just puppets of other people. That makes very static and unconvincing vocals for my ears. The singer always has to be himself. If someone wants me to sing a song and I say yes to it, it gets 'kiskelized.'"


Comments of compositors

Torsti Spoof told me about the new album, "I wrote 'Dancer', 'Changes', 'Believer' and 'Streets of Fire'. Tuomas Heikkinen and Pekka Heino wrote the lyrics. The songs are very melodic hard rock. 'Changes' is a bit more AOR than the rest. The songs are not so far from the style of the first album at all. 'Streets of Fire' and 'Dancer' are a bit on the heavier side. It is up to the producer how the songs end up sounding: how heavy, how AOR etc... I can't wait to hear the finished album."

Ronny Milianowicz stated: "My songs are 'Surrender Your Soul', 'Completely Breathless' and 'A Scene In Replay'. I think it's very AOR and especially 'Surrender Your Soul' and 'A Scene In Reply'. 'Compleatly Breathless' could be a modern pop/metal song. Kiske sang on the greatest album of all time, 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2', [so] to be able to write something for him is a dream come true. Since I started write music back in '88 I always thinking a voice like Kiske in my head when I compose so finally I get the original voice to my compositions."

Robert Sall: "I wrote 'Follow Me' and 'Valerie'. These songs sounds more like the songs on the WORK OF ART album which I think it's a bit softer than the first PLACE VENDOME record. I didn't write these songs specifically for PLACE VENDOME and I'm a bit surprised that the record company wanted these songs for the new VENDOME record but I hope the VENDOME fans, as well as Mr. Kiske, will enjoy them anyway!!"

Magnus Karlsson told me, "I heard the mix from Dennis Ward and I must say that Michael sounds fantastic! He did this song perfect! I'm a big fan!! I actually think that Michael and this album deserve more attention in the media than it gets. This kind of music should be on rotation on MTV and the radio!"

Larry King: "I wrote 'I'd Die For You' with my good friend Sandy Forman. Sandy and I went to college together at the University of Miami. He was going through a nasty break up with his girlfriend who had cheated on him. This is a genuine interpretation of what he was feeling at the time."


Catalog numbers
CDFR CD 398Frontiers Records
Japanese editionKICP-1364King Records
Taiwanese editionMMMF 2286Metal Flame