2008 - New Era

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Release date: 
August 08th, 2008
Line up
Michael Kiske
Tobias Sammet
Pasi Rantanen
Timo Tolkki
Pasi Heikkilä
Mirka Rantanen
Joonas Puolakka
Track list

Information Revolution Renaissance New Era

- Engineered, mixed and produced by Timo Tolkki.
- Recorded and mixed at Sonic Pump Studios and Santa's Workshop.
- Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäch.
- Cover illustration by Gaetano Di Falco.
- Layout by Jesse Tiusanen - Millenium Graphics.
- Photography - Nina Tolkki.

Michael Kiske sings on 'I Did It My Way', 'Angel', 'Keep The Flame Alive', 'Last Night On Earth' and 'Revolution Renaissance'.

Revolution Renaissance Different editions

Revolution Renaissance New Era Argentinian EditionRevolution Renaissance New Era Japanese EditionRevolution Renaissance New Era press promo

01. Standard edition: 10 tracks by Frontiers Records. Same than Argentinian and Korean edition.
02. Japanese edition: 10 tracks + bonus track 'Glorious And Divine' Stratovarius demo.
03. Press promo edition: 10 tracks.


The main band is formed by Timo Tolkki on guitars, Pasi Heikkilä on bass, Mirka Rantanen on drums and Joonas Puolakka on keyboards. About the vocalists are: Michael Kiske on tracks 2, 4, 8, 9 and 10, Tobias Sammet on track 1 and 6, Pasi Rantanen on tracks 3, 5 and 7 and Netta Eklund on backing choir on track 10.

Timo Tolkki: "Tobi was another choice because he owed me a favour from the early Edguy days. I helped him a lot in the beginning of Edguy. I was producing Vain Glory Opera and he was asking a lot of questions about me at that time because he was just starting his career. At that time he was also playing bass and I told him, “Stop playing bass, you should be a frontman. Your band needs a frontman.” And he stopped playing bass and concentrated on the singing and it made hell of a lot of difference to the live shows. Now he’s one of the best frontmen out there. He’s a really good entertainer. I called him up and told him that I would need a little favour for the album. He was very busy so it was very difficult but then he did it. And I asked the ex-Thunderstone singer Pasi to sing the other songs, the little bit harder ones, which his voice fits better. He’s more like a Dio type of voice."


Michael Kiske comments

"I picked the 5 songs I liked the most. The spirit is very nice, the lyrics are fitting me too. There are a great variety in the tempo and atmosphere of the tunes.. there were slow, fast, folk songs... I really liked the stuff and in the beginning I wanted to sing only the slow tracks, but I saw that I didn’t have any problem in singing those rock songs. It was a lot of fun to do. Especially because my own songwriting is different."



- Why call it Revolution Renaissance and not Tolkki solo album?

Tolkki commented to zolireds.com: "The process was like this: we (Stratovarius) played our final gig in Madrid in August 2007 and I knew already at that time that this will be the last show. They guys didn’t know. Then in October 2007 I told the guys that I’m breaking up the band. I told them all the reasons. I was very polite and I explained that I just have to do this because I have to follow my heart. At that point I was doing my rock opera and I have so much fun with that and that gave me another perspective of how art can be when there’s no restrictions, when there’s no tensions, when there’s no underlying hatred. They of course didn’t accept my decision, in fact they were so against it but I told them that this is what I have to do. After I finished my rock opera early this year I started thinking again about what should I do. Do I wanna have a band? Do I ever wanna play metal again? What do I want? I’m 42. What do I want to do in the next ten years? You are thinking about these things when you are pushing 40. (Laughs) I came to the conclusion that I want to have a band. I knew I had these great songs and mentally I was in that kind of a situation where I didn’t want to go through that process of finding new members that I’m doing now. So I tried to figure out that with whom I wanted to do that album. The first guy that came into my mind was of course Michael Kiske. I contacted him and I was very happy that he liked my lyrics and my music and he agreed to sing five songs. When you listen to him singing the title track the emotion he puts in there is unbelievable. This album was so easy to make because the energy was so good. There were no bad vibes because everybody was fresh. The drummer recorded everything in one day. I recorded my guitars in two days including the solos. I mixed it in six days. The whole album was done in two weeks. The Stratovarius albums always took four months. I usually don’t listen to my own records but when I listen to this album I just love hearing Michael Kiske singing my songs. Then I started thinking that I need to find a line-up for this band and I put some advertisements on MySpace and the emails started to come. Now I’m going through like a thousand emails from different musicians."

- Why Kiske didn't sing the whole album?

Tolkki commented: "I wanted him to sing the whole album but you know how he is. He is very picky about what to sing. He told me that some of the songs he cannot sing because they are too metal and too heavy. This is one thing that I think has been made a little bit too big in the press because nevertheless Michael Kiske is telling to metal people I still think that we should try to see through that somehow and we should not take it too personally. I think we should give him a credit for what he has given to us with albums like the Keepers. He has given us so much. He’s on this trip or whatever that is and he needs to project this ideology that his to metal fans, I don’t know why. But I just don’t feel good about people talking bad about him nevertheless he has said many hard thing. He has given us so much that I’m thankful for that and I just love the guy and I love his voice. I think he’s a great singer."

- Why Tolkki didn't sing?

Tolkki: "I don’t really know. It’s been so long since I’ve been singing. I don’t really see myself in a band situation being a guitar player and the vocalist because it takes a lot away from guitar playing. I have been singing on my second solo album but in a metal band I don’t see it because I think a metal band needs a frontman who is not restricted to an instrument."


Catalog numbers
CD editionFR CD 375Frontiers Records
Swedish editionBR003Blistering Records
Southamerican editionICARUS 456Icarus Records