2008 - Lost In Space Part I & II

2011-05-23 20:50
Release date: 
October 26th, 2008
Line up
Michael Kiske
Tobias Sammet
Amanda Somerville
Jorn Lande
Bob Catley
Sascha Paeth
Henjo Richter
Tobias Sammet
Eric Singer
Track list

Information Avantasia Lost In Space 1 & 2

Michael Kiske sings on 'Promised Land' and 'Lost In Space (Extended Version)'.

Track 1 originally from Lost in Space Part I and Lost in Space Part II.
Tracks 2 through 6 originally from Lost in Space Part I.
Tracks 7 through 11 originally from Lost in Space Part II.
Track 12 originally exclusive for iTunes.

Tobias Sammet commented about 'Lost In Space - extended edition': "Michael really liked the song very much and wanted to sing ‘Lost in Space. So we decided to do another edition and our record label also wanted to check out the acceptance of legal downloads. In that moment I didn’t think about kids without a credit card, who were not able to purchase it…"

Musicians Avantasia Lost In Space 1&2

Guest vocalists:

Jorn Lande (Tracks 3, 7)
Bob Catley (Track 4)
Amanda Somerville (Tracks 1, 4, 10)
Michael Kiske (Track 7, 12)

Guest musicians:

Henjo Richter - Additional lead guitars (Tracks 3, 7, 8, 9)

Musicians comments about 'Lost In Space'

Kiske about the 'Lost In Space - Extended Version': "I love many tracks, but 'Lost In Space' is the one I really like. I did vocals for that one and it ended up on iTunes. It never ended up on the album. And I sang it twice by the way. I had imported it wrong into my software regarding vocals.It ran faster and it was higher. So I have a version with a higher pitch. I think I sung it even better than the lower pitch version in the end. I still have it on my computer... You will still find my version somewhere, I'm pretty sure it is still available on iTunes or somewhere. But the other version I have, is still on my computer. I should save it somewhere, before it dies. It is a pre-production version. That song is faster and higher. I send the vocals to Sascha and he said, great vocals, but it is the wrong key, the wrong pitch. It is now on 44 and it was on 48, kilohertz or whatever. That was funny."

Kiske: "Tobi gets better and better as a songwriter and also a little braver to break down barriers. All music-scenes need that more than anything! Especially 'Lost In Space' is really good and my type of material. Unfortunately my version never ended up on the album."


Song by Song by Tobias Sammet

‘Lay all your love on me’: "It was already planned with Edguy and we already had everything together regarding the legal issues. Then Helloween released this cover version and we skipped the idea. It would have been stupid to do the same cover version, since we were always blamed to sound like Helloween.


Catalog numbers
CDNB 2177-2Nuclear Blast