2007 - Indigo Dying

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Indigo Dying
Release date: 
December 07th, 2007
Line up
Michael Kiske
Gisa Vatcky
Mark Boals
Fabrizio Grossi
John Macaluso
Jamie Teramo
Jamie Teramo
Track list
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The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Fabrizio Grossi for Sounds of Pisces Music, Inc. at Noize Factor in Canyon Country, California, USA. Drums and additional recording at The Studio in Huntington, New York, USA by Don Chaffin. Mastered by Dennis Ward at the House of Music Studios, Karldorf.

Michael Kiske sings a duet with Gisa Vatchy on 'Breathe In Water'.

Different editions

Indigo Dying standard edition Frontiers RecordsIndigo Dying Japanese editionIndigo Dying Korean editionIndigo Dying Press promo

1 - Standard edition: edited by Frontiers Records, it contains 12 tracks. (Same content in Korean edition)
2 - Japanese edition: 13 tracks, this edition has also a bonus track, a remix version of 'Go'.
3 - CD Press promo: this edition has the standard 12 tracks.


The band was formed by Gisa Vatcky (vocals) of Bandage, Mordechai 'Mordy' Hauser (guitar), Fabrizio Grossi (bass, orchestrations, programming, acoustic guitar) of Glenn Hughes/Steve Vai, John Macaluso (drums) of Yngwie Malmsteen/Riot, Jamie Teramo (Keyboards, piano), Tommy Denander (additional guitars) of Radioactive and Joshua Berkowitz (additional guitars).

Michael Kiske on 'Breathe In Water' and ex-Malmsteen/Ring Of Fire/Royal Hunt vocalist Mark Boals makes an appearance on 'Superman' and 'Fair Enough'.

Promotional stuff

The Italian label Frontiers Records sent the following statement to the press about this project:

"A stunning female Melodic Rock release presenting the talents of Gisa Vatcky. Feature guest duets with Michael Kiske and Mark Boals. Some suitable songs which could encompass a taste for more contemporary hard rock and metal for a female singer as gifted as Gisa Vatcky is."


Indigo Dying artworkThe cover artwork, layout and design was done by the German artist-designer Katja Piolka (official site) who worked with bands like Primal Fear, Rage, Leave's Eyes, Destruction, Rebellion... Gisa Vatcky commented about the front cover: "Actually, I like the cover. I like dragons and magic and such things."

The Indigo Dying logo was done by Giulio Cataldo. He is a musician and designer who works for the label Frontiers Records. Giulio: "I'm a musician, a sound engineer and an artwork designer. I also design and create all advertisement artwork appearing on all major specialized magazines worldwide. I don't have a team of artists here at Frontiers, I personally do all artworks on my own. Sometimes I work in conjunction with external artists."

All Gisa Vatcky promotional photos, includes in press compilation and the booklet were done by the North American photographer Alex Solca (Official site).

The History behind

In October 2006, Kiske agreed to sing a duet with a female vocalist for a new studio project of Serafino Perugino (Frontiers Records) leaded by the L.A.-based producer Fabrizio Grossi (Glenn Hughes, Starbreaker) . The lead vocalist was Gisa Vatcky who previously worked with artist like: Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo, Enrique Iglesias, Melissa Etheridge, Luis Miguel, Perry Farrell and Meat Loaf.

Indigo Dying Gisa VatckyThe main idea for this album came from Serafino Perugino of Frontiers, he contacted with the producer Fabrizio Grossi.  He wanted to do a modern Hard rock project with a female singer. Then it was Fabrizio who contacted with the lead vocalist (with who has been working previously producing her band album Olivia) and started to work in create a sound which could suit perfect with Gisa vocals. This album was the first album of Gisa as lead vocalist after being worked with so many musicians before.

Serafino Perugino compilated songs before starting the project and with the help of Fabrizio they screened the songs. Fabrizio said to me in an interview for Fanclub: "There’s a lot of Christian material we decide to use for the intensity of the words and that are not typical TV Church recruiting material - we are not a Christian band (we have Jews, Catholics and atheists), but lots of these messages are pretty much valuable for everybody with a conscience."

The album was very well received for a bit part of press, mainly at States, I guess because most of the musicians are from there, but it really had nice reviews and also the Kiske collaboration making the duet was very well received. In fact the album received the award of "Best revelation artist" by Metallerium.com.

This project was the precursor of another different and a very important project in Michael's career; Kiske/Somerville which rised up because everybody enjoyed with this collaboration. Kiske liked a lot with this duet because he always was really into female vocals. Kiske commented about that: "I did a duet with a female singer in 'Breathe In Water' for Indigo Dying and it was so nice that Serafino offered me the chance for doin' a whole album with duets with a famous vocalist." So they used Indigo Dying collaboration as base for the new project, but this is another history for another moment.


Comments of musicians

Gisa Vatcky about 'Breathe In Water': "If I would have to choose a song which reflect what Indigo Dying is about it would be 'Breathe  In Water' is the best example what Indigo Dying music can be: dreamy, soft and then exploding with great melodies and hooks. I think Michael is brilliant! He has an amazing talent, his voice really brought the song to a different level."

Fabrizio Grossi about the guests: "Mark Boals and Michael Kiske was a choice both mine and by Serafino and we couldn’t be happier. I use to see Kiske perform when I was still living in Europe with his band Helloween and then I heard several of his other collaborations. Michael and Mark are top notch... they’re performances are just the confirmation of this point... I wish some the younger singers I am dealing with in other productions, were at their level of singing and maturity behind the mic."

Kiske commented in 2010 during Kiske/Somerville promotion: "I did one very short thing with the band Indigo Dying, one song, a very nice tune, they should've used it as a single or something. Nothing really happened with it, they didn't do anything with it, it was a very nice song called 'Breathe In Water'. Anyway I had my experience with it, it sounded pretty nice, a nice chemistry with a female voice so I was up for that."



- It's planned a second album for this project band.

Not idea, but during the promotion of this first album, Gisa said: "I'd love to do more. Let's see what happens with this, if the fans will like it there will be hopefully more. The same about playing live, if the opportunity will come in the new year surely I won't say no. I love performing live and these songs can really rock the crowds! I guess the public will tell, if people like it, maybe. This was a recording project but if it happens that people want to see it live... I would do it!"


Catalog numbers
CD Standard editionFR CD 356Frontiers Records
CD Japanese editionKICP1281King Records
CD Spanish editionLM609Locomotive Records
CD Korean editionNECD-1026Nesen/Loen Ent Music Korea