2005 - Superheroes EP

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Release date: 
September 05th, 2005
Line up
Michael Kiske
Tobias Sammet
Lead guitar: 
Jens Ludwig
Rhythm guitar: 
Dirk Sauer
Felix Bohnke
Track list


- The album was recorded and mastered at Gate Studios, Wolfsburg, Germany.
- Produced by Sascha Paeth, co-produced by Edguy.
- Mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth & Philip Colodetti. Additional engineerings by Olaf Reitmeirer.

- Michael Kiske sings on 'Judas At The Opera'.


Edguy is formed by: Tobias Sammet (vocalist), Jens Ludwig (guitar), Dirk Sauer (guitar), Tobias 'Eggi' Exxel (bass) and Felix Bohnke (drums).

Keyboards & orchestration by Michael 'Miro' Rodenberg.
Additional vocals by Michael Kiske on 'Judas At The Opera'.
Backing vocals by Amanda Somerville and Thomas 'Fredl' Rettke.

Different editions

Edguy Superheroes Japanese editionEdguy Superheroes Radio PromoEdguy Superheroes DVDEdguy 3cd dvd digipack

1 - Standard edition: 6 tracks.
2 - Dvd edition: This edition has nothing related with Kiske. It contains 4 videoclips; 'Superheroes' videoclip,  'Mysteria' (live in Brazil), 'Under The Moon' (live in Brazil), 'Navigator' (live in Brazil) and a lot of other stuff like exclusive interviews, exclusive tour documentary, backstage material, Making of the video and rare pictures.
3 - Japanese edition: Also 6 tracks nothing new.
4 - Two Originals edition: 3CDS + DVD. Includes Superheroes EP, Superheroes DVD, Rocked Ride CD and Rocked Ride Bonus CD.
5 - Press promo: 6 tracks promo.
6 - Radio promo: 3 tracks, 'Superheroes' in three versions; Radio edit version, Album version and Radio edit cut version.

Charts position

Sweden 10
Germany 25
Switzerland 52

Superheroes DVD entered in Sweden charts at 2nd position.


Promotional stuff


Edguy Superheroes artworkThe photo shoot was done by Alex Kuehr & Felix Scharf. The cover artwork of Superheroes EP/DVD and layout was done by Axel Hermann (www.axelhermann.com)

Tobias Sammet commented about the cover: "Well, it's not a secret that I want to get attention. We liked the controversy that the EP cover caused, for example. It's fun. It's Edguy and it's what our fans love us for. And it's what I love our fans for. We bullshit around and we irritate and confuse our fans sometimes. It's all because we don't hesitate to entertain ourselves and have a good laugh! But when it comes down to the show and the albums we deliver the goods. We can rely on our fans and they can rely on us. That being said, the artwork was a good laugh and fits the 'Superheroes' concept."

"The band wanted to be in the cover but to use a picture it would be risky, it would be needed a real good picture. We didn't want a picture like the Kiss compilations. So we had the idea of using Superheroes disguises like the Kiss Destroyer cover, but we wanted something less serious."


Edguy filmed a videoclip for the main track of this EP: 'Superheroes'. Tobias Sammet commented about the videoclip: "The idea of the video for 'Superheroes' comes from the video director. But it proves that he had studied the Edguy humor pretty well, because it fits our humor so good. (laughs) It’s the funniest to watch, but also because it was the funniest to shoot. (laughs) And everybody knows why!"

The History Behind

At the beginning of 2005 and after being released the album Hellfire Club, Edguy started to work in the new album, they had enough material so they decided to make a special single. They didn't want to make the typical single with a videoclip so they did a kind of Mini album with news songs which it will be released only there. With the single standard album version of 'Superheroes' they also included 3 new songs, a cover of Magnum and a different version of the single song. Tobias commented: "What we tried to do is making a single that really represents us. Most bands release a single just to promote an album. If they don't have the material, they do that, because the management goes like "you guys, you must record a single, otherwise the video won't get much airplay", you know how it goes. Not my cup of tea, but that's just what happens for some bands. In our case, we've had the material and we really wanted to make an EP and release it under the price of a single. We wanted to have great songs, songs that will also be in the album, as well as a cover. In "Superheroes" you will find a cover version plus three brand new songs, which are actually songs for an album. Nothing less. Edguy sound like Edguy. This is our music."

Edguy SuperheroesWith this idea of offer a different kind of single, they started to work - for the first time - with Sascha Paeth (Heaven's Gate, Aina) at his Gate Studios, Wolfsburg, Germany. Tobias said: "We wanted to left the typical sound of Scandinavian metal, the sound of Finnvox studios, a lot of bands sounds in the same way. That's why we wanted Sascha to produced the album and he got an amazing sound. We recorded everything live, we just play and he recorded. We got to take out a lot of energy, much more than playing separated. It came somehow by accident. This time was the first time that we worked with an external producer, Sascha Paeth, and when we were in his studio to record demo versions of the songs, just to show him what the songs are all about and work on the stuff, he recorded the stuff we played live and he just came into the recording room and said, 'Hey, guys, this is sounding awesome!' It had so much more energy than if you do it step by step, and he asked us if we wanted to do the whole recording live."

The song 'Judas At The Opera' was epic and it reminds some Avantasia tracks so they decided to invite Kiske to sing a duet with Tobias. Sascha Paeth contacted with Michael by phone and offered him to do a collaboration. Michael liked the Queenish part and the lyrics so he accepted.

Controversy with Tobias

When Kiske started to make interviews related with Place Vendôme promotion he said his opinion about the song and it was misinterpreted because he was a little rough. Michael said : "Particularly Edguy does not fit in my life. It is true those guys are not evil, but they are naïve, making the same mistakes Helloween did at the time. The reason why I recorded a recent song for their last cd is because I liked the lyrics, in which Tobi attacks certain journalists who always pigeonhole artists, which is a theme I can relate to. But to be totally honest I did not even like the beginning of the song, not the end. It was the Queenish part that attracted my attention." A bit later he explained a little better: "I don't like the beginning and the end of the song but the main part is great very Queenish. And I love the lyrics because is about a lot of things I'm always talking about the metal scene. That's why I thought it would be great to make it." So it seems Tobias read the first interview and he was a little disappointed with Michael as I could find in another interview done by vibrarock.com the journalist said: "I've talked with Tobias a few weeks ago and he told me he read an interview with you and he was not very happy with your comments that they are naive and you didn't like the song." and Kiske answered: "Bullshit. I've never said that. He should speak with me directly instead to get information through the media. I simply said they are harmless and not evil. And of course I like the song. If not I would never been done. That's ridiculous."


Musicians comments

Tobias Sammet about Kiske collaboration: "When 'Judas At The Opera' was done, I figured out, that the song had something from "Avantasia". A mixture of heavy Queen, Richard Wagner and Avantasia. If we put that song on the EP, we can do what we want. I mean, we do that on the album as well (laughs). But I thought I'd ask him just now if he wants to participate. Then he listened to the song and agreed. For me it was even half as controversial as for many other people who thought, ‘the Great Betrayer’ is now coming and destroying the Edguy record (laughs). To me he was always a nice guy and he never said anything negative about my music. He was always friendly and simply said, he does not want to do for the next 30 years, always the same music and for this he was damned to do something else. Then he'd rather do that, what he wants, even if it is unsuccessful. That is also an opinion which must be respected. He has perhaps sometimes expressed it too harsh, but  I've never really noticed it that much. For me it was no problem at all. He has also proven that he can still handle it and that his voice fits very well for this song. I will be even proud of this song in ten years! To me, music is about goose bumps, and I had a lot when listening to Michi!"

Kiske: "I have lots of friends in the metal world. They accept me as a musician and what I am doing right now. Tobias (Sammet) for example had sent me the song 'Judas At The Opera' and I really loved it! I especially like the middle part. If I hear a good song, why not do the vocals for it?"

"The song I've done with Edguy, I think is a track of traditional rock more than a metal song, probably there are people who can consider it heavy metal, each person can name things whatever they want but this track attrack me because the lyrics. Some critics told I should be sung in higher tone or they say for being a Edguy song it should be more heavy but I'm a musician of the old school, what it matters to me is to feel good singing the track not the high you can sing. I think is in the middle of a traditional rock song and heavy metal."

Song by song

Tobias about 'Judas At The Opera' (darkside.ru):

"The song was inspired by my own feelings – when you’re a band doing things differently, a lot of people who love you in the beginning for doing things differently will turn their backs on you once they don’t want you to do the things you’re doing. Oh, it sounds very complicated now! (everybody laughs) In other words, in the beginning people love you for being in a heavy metal band, for being rebels, for going your own way, for making no compromises. But once you go onstage and do something that people can’t comprehend or don’t want to comprehend, they start to bash you for exactly that attitude they loved you for. They say, “Oh, you’re a Judas, you’re not wearing heavy metal pants onstage! You are not a heavy metal band, because you’re wearing strange clothes, and you’re saying wrong things!” As soon as you get successful, some people turn their backs on you and start to bash you, and that’s what 'Judas At The Opera' is about."


- They recorded more songs for this EP but it didn't finish on it.

They were doin' a Slade cover of 'Come On Feel The Noise' before workin' on Magnum 'The Spirit'. Tobias Sammet commented: "We have also recorded a cover version of ' Come On Feel The Noise' which is similar to the Quiet Riot version. But that version is still on hold, we didn't continue working on it."

- Tobias did himself the Tshirt "I Eat Pussy" he wears in some promo pictures.

True, Tobias said about it: "That was one of my ideas, and it was made for me. I designed it myself and I got it made by a T-shirt company. A lot of clothes I wear are custom-made, because usually you can’t find them. Everybody’s wearing these doggy pants that people are wearing in these disgusting hip hop videos. (laughs) What else can you do than just have your clothes tailored for you? That’s what I do most of the time. But probably we’re gonna take the “I eat pussy” T-shirt as an Edguy item in our merchandise collection."


Catalog numbers
CD27361 15042Nuclear Blast
Japanese editionMICP10537Avalon
Russian editionCD 05-1060Irond Records