2005 - Execution

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Release date: 
June 22nd, 2005
Line up
Michael Kiske
Renato Tribuzy
Bruce Dickinson
Mat Sinner
Ralf Scheepers
Gustavo Silveira
Frank Schieber
Kiko Loureiro
Roland Grapow
Roy Z
Chris Dale
Dennis Ward
Marcos Barzo
Sidney Sohn
Track list

Michael Kiske sings "Absolution", a song lasting ten minutes, that tells about the effort of a celestial creature (performed by Michael) to save the soul of an infernal creature (performed by Tribuzy) in his dying moment.



Execution album was recorded at AR studios, one of the most respected studios in Brazil (having in the past hosted such stars as STING and SEPULTURA), and was mixed at TrackShack studio in Germany by the renowned musician and producer Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69).

Guests musicians

    Gustavo Silveira - rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar on "The Means"
    Chris Dale - bass on all songs except for "Nature of Evil" and "The Means"
    Dennis Ward - bass on "Nature of Evil"
    Sidney Sohn - keyboards
    Marcos Barzo - drums
    Frank Schieber - acoustic guitar on "The Means"
    Kiko Loureiro - lead guitar on all songs except "Absolution", "Web of Life", and "The Means"
    Bruce Dickinson - vocals on "Beast in the Light"
    Michael Kiske - vocals on "Absolution"
    Mat Sinner - vocals on "Nature of Evil"
    Ralf Scheepers - vocals on "Nature of Evil"
    Roland Grapow - lead guitar on "Absolution" and "Web of Life"
    Roy Z - guitar solo on "Beast in the Light"
    Marcelo Sabóia - audio engineering
    Pablo Vitori - audio engineering
    Fernando Fischgold - vocal audio engineering
    Sidney Sohn - guitar/keyboard audio engineering
    Enio Moisés - bass guitar audio engineering
    Achim Köhler - drum audio engineering
    Dennis Ward - mixing, mastering
    Gustavo Sazes - artwork


Musicians comments

Michael Kiske: "I will take a while to sing the song. It's nothing impossible, but [it calls for] very high-pitched vocals. I have to train for that first. You can compare it to a serious athlete: for a run of only a few seconds you have to train hard for several weeks, that's it! And it has to turn out good, of course!"

Renato Tribuzy: "It wasn't a problem to get Kiske in this project, because we have some mutual friends, so it wasn't hard to get in touch with him.

All musicians played or sang what I composed except Kiske who changed some little details to fix the lyrics. I was excited to hear Kiske singing over a typical Brazilian rhythm like the 'baião' which you can hear at the beginning of the song when the character Kiske does is suffering about everything we're making to the planet. He still is in the paradise preparing to come to the earth to indoctrinate me."


Catalog numbers
CD editionARISE074Arise Records
Japanese editionMICP-10517Avalon
Spanish editionLM213Locomotive Records
Russian editionCD 06-1139Irond Records