2003 - Masterplan

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Release date: 
January 20th, 2003
Line up
Michael Kiske
Jorn Lande
Roland Grapow
Roland Grapow
Juergen Attig
Uli Kusch
Janne Wirman
Ferdy Doernberg
Track list

Information Masterplan album

Michael Kiske sings on track "Heroes".

    Janne Wirman - (Keyboards on All Tracks)
    Ferdy Doernberg - (Keyboards on Track 08)
    Juergen Attig - (Bass on B-Sides)

    Recording Studio: Crazy Cat Studio in Hamburg
    Mixing Studio: Finnvox Studio in Helsinki
    Mastering Studio: Finnvox Studio in Helsinki
    Arranging: Masterplan
    Recording: Andy Sneap
    Mixing: Mikko Karmila
    Mastering: Mika Jussila
    Band Photos: Dirk Schelpmeier
    Artwork: Rainer Laws
    Booklet Design: Rainer Laws
    Cover: Thomas Ewerhard
    Band Logo: Thomas Ewerhard



Kiske: "The day after Roland Grapow was kicked out of Helloween he called me up, asking if I wanted to sing in his band. At first he asked me carefully through his producer, then he asked me on the phone. But I refused the offer. I know that I've made the right choice, because I can't front a band that I don't stand fully behind. If I wanted to make heavy metal I could be joined Gamma Ray ages ago; Kai asked me to join Gamma Ray in '93 when I left Helloween. I have no problem with appearing on Masterplan album as a guest, because Roland is a very old friend of mine. But I wouldn't want to be a permanent singer. Roland recently asked me again to join the band even though they have Jorn Lande right now, but I'm sticking to my decision. They called my by phone, send me emails and they even came to my studio to play me their songs but I really believe that it's better like this."


Catalog numbers
CD editionPL CD007-9AFM Records
Japanese editionMICP-10346Avalon
Russian editionCDM02031301CD-Maximum
Cd Interactive editionAFM 061-2AFM