2002 - The Metal Opera Part II

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Release date: 
August 26th, 2002
Line up
Michael Kiske
Tobias Sammet
David DeFeis
Ralf Zdiarstek
Sharon Den Adel
Rob Rock
Oliver Hartmann
Andre Matos
Kai Hansen
Timo Tolkki
Bob Catley
Henjo Richter
Jens Ludwig
Norman Meiritz
Timo Tolkki
Alex Holzwarth
Eric Singer
Tobias Sammet
Frank Tischer
Track list

Information Avantasia The Metal Opera II

- Album produced by Tobias Sammet and co-produced by Norman Meiritz.
- All music composed and lyrics written by Tobias Sammet.
- Story written by Tobias Sammet and René Fandrey.
- Recorded at Rhoen-Studio, Germany by Norman Meiritz.
- Additional recordings by: Angelo Janotti, Ed Warrin, Dirk Schlächter, Sascha Paeth, Oscar Hollemann, Frank Tischer & Gilby Clarke.
- Mixed at Finnvox-Studios, Finland by Mikko Karmila.
- Mastered at Finnvox-Studios, Finland by Mikko Karmila.
- Cover artwork by J.P. Fournier.
- Booklet & Inlay design by Nils Wasko.
- Photos by Stefan Malzkorn.

- Michael Kiske sings on: 'The Seven Angels' and 'No Return'.

Different editions Avantasia The Metal Opera Part II

01. Standard edition: 10 tracks by AFM.
02. Japanese edition: 10 tracks + 2 bonus tracks.
03. Press promo edition: 10 tracks.
04. Cassette Indonesia: 10 tracks.
05. LP edition: 10 tracks, it was released in 2011 by AFM Records.

Musicians in The Metal Opera II

Guests Musicians

        Jens Ludwig (Edguy) (lead on tracks 5 and 9)
        Norman Meiritz (rhythm on track 10)
        Timo Tolkki (Symfonia, ex-Revolution Renaissance, ex-Stratovarius) (lead on tracks 1 and 10)
    Bass guitar
        Tobias Sammet (Edguy) (on track 10)
        Eric Singer (KISS, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper) (on track 10)
        Frank Tischer (Piano on tracks 1, 4 and 7)

Guest Singers

    Gabriel Laymann - Tobias Sammet (Edguy) - tracks 1-10
    Lugaid Vandroiy - Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween) - tracks 1 and 2
    Brother Jakob - David DeFeis (Virgin Steele) - tracks 1 and 5
    Bailiff Falk von Kronberg - Ralf Zdiarstek - track 9
    Anna Held - Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) - track 10
    Bishop Johann von Bicken - Rob Rock (ex Axel Rudi Pell, ex Warrior, Driver, Impellitteri) - tracks 1 and 6
    Pope Clement VIII - Oliver Hartmann (ex-At Vance) - track 1
    Elderane the Elf - Andre Matos (Symfonia, ex-Shaaman, ex-Angra, ex-Viper) - tracks 1, 2 and 8
    Regrin the Dwarf - Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) - tracks 1 and 8
    Mysterious Voice of the Tower - Timo Tolkki (Symfonia, ex-Revolution Renaissance, ex-Stratovarius) - track 1
    Tree of Knowledge - Bob Catley (Magnum) - tracks 3 and 4

Tobias Sammet 'bout Avantasians in TMO II

Michael Kiske: "We could not use the real name before the release of his album, people could say he would return to the hard sounds. The album is not out yet but in agreement with the label of Michael, we decided it was better to use his real name. Also because the joke was not successful the first time ... everybody knew it was him! That's why even in the Timo Tolkki solo album, Michael will also use his real name."

Sharon Den Adel:  "I didn’t know Sharon (from Within Temptation), but she was recommended to me from my record label AFM, since she did guest vocals for another AFM-band called ‘Paralysis’. After a shot phone call, she agreed to participate. Well, I love the voice of Sharon but I have to say that this time she did not sing more than a few seconds. Sharon is and a great singer, unfortunately, the story does not provide that Anna Held interact with the other characters. Initially there was no planned a character for a female vocalist in the cast of Avantasia then, by chance, I met Sharon and it did this collaboration. The role of Anna is fundamental in the story but she is an object around which turns the other characters, without interacting with them."

Bob Catley: ”It was more or less necessary really difficult to reach Bob Catley. This had nothing to do that he stopped his career; it was more a problem that he was difficult to contact due to his own solo career. I wanted him on this record, since I’m a big Magnum fan. Luckily I succeeded in the end.

Kai Hansen: "An old friend. He has the perfect voice for Regin the gnome (laughs) I hope he will not read this. Fortunately he doesn't speak Portuguese."

Tobias Sammet 'bout Metal Opera II songs

'The Seven Angels': "The openning track 'The Seven Angels' represents the album. You can find on it all styles there are in the whole album."

Rumours about The Metal Opera Part II

- It could be a tour to promote the "final" album of Avantasia.

Tobias Sammet (2001-07) to RockBrigade: "No, it will never happen. It would be a big lie to consider Avantasia as a band, because all musicians were invited and they have their own bands. Maybe someday people would join all musicians together to make a big celebration show or something like that. But not a whole tour."

- It could be a third album of Avantasia in the future.

Tobias Sammet (2002-10) to RockBrigade: "I will not make more albums of Avantasia that is guaranteed. This is the last one! I can’t say never, because I don't know what I will be doing in 20 years, but the project is finished. The history is finished. I'm not George Lucas, I'm not going to do the "Episode 1" or "Episode 2" thinking what Gabriel was doing' when he was a baby. So this history is done and I only want people see the album like a great release."


Catalog numbers
European editionAFM 060-2AFM Records
Japanese editionVICP61983Victor Entertaiment
Russian editionCDM 0702-933CD-Maximum
European edition Bonus Tracks8052-2Century Media