1998 - The Pumpkin Box

2011-05-07 01:05
Release date: 
October 20th, 1998
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list

Limited edition Japanese release featuring a 70 page bookletand 42 tracks spanning 1985-1993, including rare early recordings, live versions, classics and interviews with members of this legendary force in metal music. Each disc isa beautiful, full color picture CD. Comes packaged as a 6 x 10in digi-book.


Old magazines

MetalForces magazine, issue #8 1988:

The label RCA released and edited, or rather butchered version of 'Halloween' as a single in the States last year. How did you feel about that? Kai Hansen: "Oh, we fuckin' hated it! When we were in America we talked to them about this and they promised not to do this again. They said that in future they will be a little more open as to what the band really wants. But to take a 13 minute song and cut it down to about 4 is like takin' Stephen King's "It" and ripping out 100 pages and putting it back on the bookshelves, I mean, you just can't do that because every page is important to the story, and it's the same with 'Halloween'.


Catalog numbers
Japanese editionVICP-60184-87Victor Entertainment