1995 - Land Of The Free

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Gamma Ray
Release date: 
May 29th, 1995
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Hansi Kürsch
Kai Hansen
Dirk Schlächter
Jan Rubach
Thomas Nack
Sascha Paeth
Track list

Information Gamma Ray Land Of The Free

- This album was recorded at Hansen Studio Hamburg and the drums at  R.A.S.H. Studio Gelsenkirchen.
- Produced, mixed, engineered and discussed by: Charlie Bauerfeind, Hansen, Schlächter.
- Mastered by: Ralf Lindner.

- Michael Kiske sings on 'Time To Break Free' and the high chorus on 'Land Of The Free'.

- Re-release bonus tracks was released on March 18, 2003 with this bonus:

  • 'Heavy Metal Mania' also appears on the REBELLION IN DREAMLAND EP.
  • 'As Time Goes By' (pre-Production version)" also appears on the REBELLION IN DREAMLAND EP.
  • 'The Silence '95' also appears on the Silent Miracles EP.

Different editions Land Of The Free

Gamma Ray Land Of The Free Japanese Box editionGamma Ray Land Of The Free & Insanity and Genius 2CDGamma Ray Land Of The Free re-released 2003Gamma Ray Land Of The Free cassette edition

01. Standard CD/LP edition: by Noise records with 13 tracks.
02. Japanese CD edition: 13 tracks in standard case. There is also an edition in box format.
03. Japanese CD Box edition: 13 tracks in a box case.
04. Press CD promo: 13 tracks.
05. Cassette edition: 13 tracks edited in Poland, Russia, Austria and South Korea.
06. USA 1998 edition: 13 tracks + 3 bonus by FAD Records in standard case.
07. LOTF and I&G 2CD edition: 2CD edition LOTF album and Insanity & Genius included.
08. Re-released 2003 edition: With different artwork, 3 bonus tracks and slipcase.


Gamma Ray was formed by Kai Hansen (vocals & guitars), Dirk Schlächter (guitars), Jan Rubach (bass) and Thomas Nach (drums & choirs).

Guests were: Michael Kiske on 'Time To Break Free' and backing vocals on 'Land Of The Free'. Hansi Kürsch did additional lead vocals on 'Farewell', backing vocals on 'Land Of The Free' and 'Abyss Of The Void'. And Sascha Paeth on keyboards and digidesign programming. Hacky Hackmann did choirs on all tracks. Catharina Boutari choirs on track 1, 2, 4 and 11). Axel Naschke choirs on track 2, 4, 6, 8 and 11).

Promotional stuff


The coverartwork was done by Eike Gall. The cover idea was by: Kai Hansen. The booklet layout and typographie by Thomas Bucher. The band photos by the photographer Uschi Bream-Freund, some singleshots by Martin Romeis.

'Rebellion In Dreamland' Videoclip

The History behind Land Of The Free

Michael Kiske Kai Hansen 1995 Land Of The FreeAfter Insanity And Genius tour Gamma Ray started composing a new album. They wanted to do a killer album and to make that they need a vocalist who were in all rehearsals to fix the songs, but the current vocalist Ralf Scheepers was living 700 km away from Hamburg that's why he only came up for a while for rehearsal or for recordings they tried to moved him to Hamburg before but he had a job going on. They wanted that Ralf would be more involved in the vocal lines, melodies and lyrics. Kai Hansen was signing on the demos so everything was fixed with/for his voice. Also there was the Judas Priest thing going on. It was Kai who told Ralf he should try when Judas Priest were searching for a singer. And they felt that it was the moment to split their ways because it doesn't make sense to go on like that.

Already without Ralf, he band were thinking about what to do. They thought on a vocalist but there was nobody they could think of that they'd like and there was no names mentioned. None in the band had any idea of who could be the one. So the others asked to Kai "Would you dare to do it?" and he said "yes I would." During the recordings of Land Of The Free Michael and Kai had a conversation about if he would like to join in the band, Kiske said it was something like that: "One day Kai said to me: 'If I asked you to join the band you would probably laugh in my face, right?' I said: 'YES!' so Kai didn't ask me. I also have the feeling that he really enjoys singing and if they once again have a song where they have the feeling that I should sing it, and then I don’t have a problem with this."

The fourth studio album of Gamma Ray was released in 1995 and finally it was the most sucessful album of the band. The press and fans in general consider the album as the best album of the band and one of the best in the style. Twelve years later the band released the Land Of The Free Part II.

Kiske comments

"My collaboration with Gamma Ray in Land Of The Free album was simply actually, Kai called me up and said he had a song just perfect for me and he wrote the lyrics for me and my situation and when I heard it I liked it! So I did the vocals in my bedroom!"


Gamma Ray's Land Of The Free Press ratings

Webzine - Radio - Magazine Rating 0/10
Sputnikmusic.com 10
Metal-observer.com 9,5
Themetalcircus.com 9,8
Powermetal.de 9
Ultimate-guitar.com 8,7
Metalcrypt.com 8,7
Elportaldelmetal.com 8

Gamma Ray's Land Of The Free curiosities

- The song 'Afterlife' was written as tribute to the Helloween's drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg who left the band in 1993 together with Michael Kiske.


Catalog numbers
CD editionN 0227-2Noise Records
Japanese editionVICP-5537Victor Entertainment
Japanese digipack editionVICP-8145Victor Entertainment
Vinyl editionN 0227-1Noise Records
Re-release editionN03572Noise Records/Sanctuary
Japanese Re-release edition61806Victor Entertainment
USA edition 1998N 0227-2uxFAD records