1991 - Pink Bubbles Go Ape

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Release date: 
March 11th, 1991
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list

Information Helloween Pink Bubbles Go Ape

Recorded (except track 5 and 9) at PUK Studios in Gjerlev, Denmark.
Track 5 and 9 recorded at Sound Hause Studio in Hamburg, Germany.

Mixed at Battery Studios in London, England.

    Engineer [Additional] – Paul Wright (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11)
    Keyboards – Peter Iversen, Phil Nicholas
    Mixed By – Chris Tsangarides
    Producer, Engineer – Chris Tsangarides (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11)


The Production

Kiske: "The production of Pink Bubbles Go Ape was the worst production of any Helloween CD and it was the most expensive!! This record cost about like 400,000 pounds or something like that?! We sat in the Puk studio in Denmark which cost like 3 and a half thousand a day and we were there like 3 months and did this crap record. There were some great songs on it and 'Kids of The Century' was a great song but everything we did was not produced and every good idea we had was just killed by Chris and we didnt know anything else. We did records with Tommy Hansen before and he was a great person for this band but we never knew anything else and Rod Smallwood came to us and told us we needed the producer we deserved and that we needed a new producer. We didn't know, he might have been right so we thought why not let another producer on our record and well that Chris screwed it completely! Pink Bubbles was the most expensive record we did and its the worst sounding one. It was such a waste of money and expensive. This album was a preproduction in my opinion, even the demos sounded better because they had a better feel!


About the title

Kiske: "Weiki and I did. We had some sort of a conversation and we were just looking for a title for the album and you always have to have a title for a record. Well the time was so difficult and we had this court business and everything was so negative so the best reaction to this was to be ironical. So we fooled around with silly titles and I said it should be like Pink Bubbles!!! I dont know who said what but he was like -and they go nuts or ape or something!- and it was like a team effort between him and I for the title and we were shitting around about it. It was just a small conversation we had one day. it had something to do with the situation that were in some sort of a bubble. I was completely sure 'Keeper 1' would sell big time and it did!! It sold something like 800,000 and then we went on tour and we got a million sold and stuff like that. When things happen that easily then you are in a bubble and people screw you behind your back but you do not realize that you just think everything is great and wonderful and you dont do it for money anyway because you dont care. So around the Pink Bubbles record the bubble burst a bit and we thought Pink Bubbles Go Ape!!"

Videoclip 'Kids Of The Century'

Kiske: "That was Storm Ferguson, he is the guy who did the covers for Led Zeppelin. He was doing all the big covers for Paul McCartney and he did the video and part of the cover for the album. He said the eggs over the eyes was some sort of expression in England that said people are blind to some things. I do not really know this expression but he said this would fit the lyrics. I do not like the video too much because its too dark, its a funny video but the live shots were just too dark. I just do not like the lighting on the video."


Old magazines

RockPower magazine, issue July 1992:

Chris Tsangarides who didn't share the sense of humour with the band, rejected almost all new funny songs in the way of 'Rise And Fall' and 'Dr. Stein' (the exception is 'Heavy Metal Hammsters') and the band feel he didn't give time or freedom to experiment in the studio. Michael Kiske: "Our repertory was big, but Chris only like the songs with a typical sound of heavy metal and only work with them. We don't usually behave rude with a productor but the guy ended with the best songs, the magic was gone." Michael Weikath: "I didn't realize what was happenin', at least until the last second, when we already done the 1/3 of the album, and I realize in that moment we did a mistake. It was too late for change". Michael Kiske: "I was the only one who realize Chris was not workin' well, I told Weiki but he didn't listen me". "It's true" interrumpts Weikath and Kiske continues: "it happened for bad comunication. But also Chris had a bad time".

MetalForces magazine, issue 59 1991:

The band have found time to focus on the more sober side of life, especially during the longest track on the album; 'Mankind' and 'Your Turn'. Michael Kiske: "These two songs are pretty moody, 'Your Turn' is about Kai Hansen in a way, because I saw him a while ago at a Queensryche concert, and we had a long talk about the things that had happened. I told him then that if he'd had stuck with us through all the problems then I think he would have been happier now. The band was good with him so what was the point in changing it? But Kai didn't like all the business pressure, so he left to try and get away from it but really ended up with more than he had before."


Curiosities about Pink Bubbles Go Ape

- How would it sound with Kai Hansen on guitar?

Michael Weikath answered to that question, he said: "If Kai had been persuaded to stay, Pink Bubbles Go Ape would have been very different and of course much better. That's something I'm very confident about. But he chose to leave after the tour due to internal differences and various personal bashings. I couldn't understand it at the time, but he had to try to make music on his own; to get away from another strong personality like myself. Kai never liked to go down the commercial path, he always had more of a punk mentality."

- About the problems with Noise Records

Michael Weikath commented about Noise boss Karl Walterbach:"If he would have been any cool, he would have said, "Okay, we'll do contract renegotiations." No freakin' problem, just act cool, Karl. I actually expected that out of him, but somehow he disappointed me for being so freakin' uncool. He got all the trouble he went through with the lawyers; he's got a pacemaker and stuff, I don't. He still, I think, manages to drive women who are actually interested in him away. Whatever, you just have to consider these things and see how happy is somebody." Journalist: "You made it through that rough period, though, after Pink Bubbles and Chameleon." Weikath: "I would have liked 36 million marks, too." Journalist "Was that the settlement?" Weikath: "No, it wasn't the settlement — it's what he made on the band HELLOWEEN — he made 45 million marks. That's what our ideas and musical concepts were good for at that time."


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