1989 - Live In The Uk

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Release date: 
May 06th, 1989
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list

Information Helloween Live In The UK

- The album was recorded during the Pumpkins Fly Free Tour by Manor Mobile in Edinburg, Scotland in November 1988 except 'I Want Out' which was recorded in Manchester, England in November 1988.
- Produced by Tommy Hansen.
- Mixed by Tommy Hansen and Helloween.

- The album was released in Japan as Keepers Live and in the USA as I Want Out Live without the track 'Rise And Fall' and a shorter introduction.

Different editions

Helloween Live In The UK Japanese Cd editionHelloween Live In The UK LP limited editionHelloween Live In The UK LP picture discHelloween Live In The UK cassette edition

1. LP Edition: 7 tracks.
2. Picture LP edition: 7 tracks with a little different cover.
3. Limited LP edition (3000 copies): 7 tracks with a live picture as cover.
4. CD edition: 7 tracks.
5. Japanese CD remastered edition: 7 tracks remastered and released on 1994-10-21.
6. Cassette edition: 7 tracks.
-. Keepers live edition Japan: 7 tracks.
-. I Want Out live edition USA: 6 tracks, without 'Rise And Fall' and shorter intro.

Chart position

Country Position
USA (Billboard 200) 123


Promotional stuff

Cover artwork

The cover artwork was done by Frederick Moulaert, and the layout (booklet included) by Malbuch, Berlin. The live pictures included in the booklet and the promotional images were done by Uschi Bream-Freund.

The History behind Live In The UK

In 1989, after the tour of Helloween promoting the Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II album and after Kai Hansen departure the band decided to release a live album for helping in the promotion of the new tour in USA, the MTV Headbanger's Ball Tour and the Japanese tour. They recorded three shows: Edinburg, Manchester and Birmingham of the Pumpking Fly Free Tour, the last ones with Kai Hansen as guitarist. But for this live album they used the recordings of Edinburg, Scotland on November 6th but they had to use also some parts of Manchester's show (November 7th) because the had some problems with the microphones.

The first idea was to release it only in USA since this release was done to promote the new tour but fans requested a worldwide release and that's what they did. Kiske commented: "We thought it would be good to bring something new out to regenerate some interest in the group and also to give the people a taste of our live performance. Initially, it was just going to be a US-only release, but it turned out that the Europeans strongly demanded it be released overseas as well, so we went all-out by releasing it worldwide." Also the drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg said: "It was originally just supposed to have a few songs on it, but it's now turned out to be a 42-minute record. We like it a lot but it's not the live album that we want to put out one day - that'll be a double record covering a lot of more ground than this EP."

Michael Kiske about Live In The UK

Raw magazine, issue #205 1989:

Michael Kiske: "There are some overdubs on Live In Uk, because we had a few technical problems with radio mikes and that sort of thing; and I did some extra vocals because I had a cold for the whole tour thanks to your terrible airconditioning in England! But apart from that we kept it live and raw, because I just can't stand these so called 'live' albums that aren't. Like the Scorpions last one (Worldwide Live) which sounds exactly like the studio record. And Judas Priest's last one (Priest...Live!) is the same. Some bands just throw in a few crowd noises between each track and hope that the fans won't notice... which is a shame, because my favourite live albums would have to be the first Scorpions one (Tokyo Tapes) and the first Judas Priest one (Unleashed In The East)."



- Did you know the album was going to be titled "Live in Edinburgh"?

But at the end, during the mixing at Horus Studios of Hannover,  they used two tracks of another show (Manchester), so they decided to call it "Live In Uk", well, at least the European release.


Rumours about Helloween Live In The UK

- What about a re-release with the whole show?

Helloween Live in the UK whole show 2cdAs you know the Live In UK was not only recorded in Edinburg, Scotland, during the mixing at Horus Studios of Hannover,  they used two tracks of another show (Manchester) because they had problems with some microphones, but fortunately they've been recorded three shows, so they had enough stuff.

Kai Hansen talked about that in a few interviews, and he said: "Back then we recorded 3 live concerts in UK. It was very good stuff with a lot of quality. We recorded the complete gig. I have this cassettes and we want to released a double cd. Finally we become disappointed when it was released with only 7 songs. It was a shame!! So I said to Sanctuary that this is the perfect time to edit the full show as they are now re-releasing albums. I don't know the specifics of the record deal but I would like to see this stuff released."


Catalog numbers
CD editionCDP 564-7 92371 2Electrola
USA CD edition9709-2-RRCA
CD Japanese remasterVICP-5458Victor Entertainment
Vinyl edition1C 064-7 923711EMI
Limited 3000 Vinyl editionP 518 905Noise Records
USA Vinyl edition9709-1-RRCA
Cassette editionTCEMC 3558Electrola