1989 - Keepers Live

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Release date: 
May 10th, 1989
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list

It was released in Japan as Keepers Live. In the United States, it was released as I Want Out Live without the track "Rise and Fall", and with a shorter edit of the introduction.

The album was recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland and Manchester, England in November, 1988 by Manor Mobile.


Old magazines

Raw magazine, issue #205 1989:

Michael Kiske: "There are some overdubs on Live In Uk, because we had a few technical problems with radio mikes and that sort of thing; and I did some extra vocals because I had a cold for the whole tour thanks to your terrible airconditioning in England! But apart from that we kept it live and raw, because I just can't stand these so called 'live' albums that aren't. Like the Scorpions last one (Worldwide Live) which sounds exactly like the studio record. And Judas Priest's last one (Priest...Live!) is the same. Some bands just throw in a few crowd noises between each track and hope that the fans won't notice... which is a shame, because my favourite live albums would have to be the first Scorpions one (Tokyo Tapes) and the first Judas Priest one (Unleashed In The East)."



Catalog numbers
Japanese CD editionVDP-28059Victor Entertainment
Reissue Japanese CD editionVICP-5197Victor Entertainment