kiskelized logoAfter my work in Where Wishes Fly Fanclub I wanted to recover the first and original idea of doin' a website about Michael Kiske with all kinds of information not provided in any other place. The better definition of is the description I added in the site: Michael Kiske's collector guide. It's not necessary to say more. So here you'll find the biggest compilation of information available about all Kiske albums, collaborations, tours, bootlegs, gossips, whatever.

I wanted to clarify something, some people wrote me asking why I don't add news more often? No news added in the home does not mean that there are no updates, this site works differently from the old Where Wishes Fly fanclub and is not necessary to add news often, it runs through customed files. I also want to say that I'm not interested in trading, buying, selling (never in selling) stuff, I don't have time for doin' and I'm not interested anymore, if you want to share something, do it! as I do.

Do you have any questions, comments, whatever and do you want to email me? Nice! but please, when you email to this site you are not emailing Michael Kiske, Unisonic or any of the members of the band. Sorry to say that but I've been running a Kiske web since 1998 and you have no idea how many times I get emails saying "I love you Kiske", "Thanks for your voice", etc... I'm not Kiske or any other musician who worked with him. And that's nice, I find that like a compliment for the quality of the site, ok? but my name is Dani and this is a fan site. If you still want to send me an email, fill out the form bellow.

Staff / Team

Dani (Manager and administrator) | NIB (Administrator, Server provider, Websitecreation founder) | Heather (Copy editor & Consultant) | Stephanie Thompson (Copy editor & Souls Alive Fanclub administrator) | Brigitte (Collaborator, Souls Alive Unisonic Official Fanclub founder) | Nidia (Collaborator) | Diana (Soulmate founder of 'Where Wishes Fly') | Gabrielle (Collector consultant) | Gabi (German translator) | Marc (Gossip consultant & Collaborator) |


Credits and Thanks started two years ago, in December 2010 and is the reincarnation of 'Where Wishes Fly' original site which was opened in October 1998. So I've had a ton of help over the years (apart friends of the Staff). I guess it will be impossible to remember to thank everyone, so I'll thank some people I had in my head now:

  • The site visitors. I wouldn't be doin' this site if people didn’t visit it and continue to give it a reason to exist!
  • Edith for doin' a lot of great Kiske's drawings and even some personal requests.
  • Micha, a german friend, for helping me with Official fanclub and being the direct contact with Kiske for years.
  • A lot of people who help me with the old sites, like Deborah of Italy (carrying Myspace site), Ping of Honk Kong, Renato of Peru, Meg of Japan and Majka of Slovakia.
  • To my old pals I knew trading bootlegs in the past: Park, Jose, Majesty, Gabrielle, Ainhoa and Carlos.
  • Carl André Beckston, for doin' exclusive designs, banners and send it to me some artwork before being published, also for his advice in some compositions and logo/font creations.
  • Tobias Sammet, for being always so nice, no matter if I would manage an official site or not, he is always approachable, friendly and not a fucking rock star.
  • Raico Ebel of Ill Prophecy. Thanks for the great interview about the band, it was very helpful because there was not information about that era. And thanks for the effort of doing it in English.
  • Timo Tolkki for the funny way to contact with me (after read the gossip section in the old forum for ask me about removing a rumour), for the interviews and emails, I wish you the best.
  • Alessandro Conti - and the guys of Trick or Treat -  for give me Cds and Tshirts to make a draw between fanclub members, also for the interviews, questions and the logo font.
  • Kosta Zafiriou for being a constant news supplier at first during Place Vendôme and later with Unisonic.
  • Sandro Giampietro, we sent emails back and with one the old site - for the first time -  ended in all webzines over internet and magazines with that "Supared does not exist anymore". We did two nice interviews, thanks.
  • Michael Kiske, for being very patient answering thousand of questions during the last years, doin' interviews, for signing hundred of pictures to the fanclub members and of course for his music.
  • Frontiers Records, mainly to Serafino Perugino for deal with me always so well, but also Elio for sending me promotional stuff during PIDW album and Kiske/Somerville project.
  • Thanks to a ton of band members I've had some sort of contact over the years. That list is: Roland Grapow, Ciriaco Taraxes, Amanda Somerville, Mat Sinner, Dennis Ward, Fontaine Burnett, Jürgen Spiegel, Trond Nicolaisen, Renato Tribuzy, Magnus Karlsson, Luca Cabri, Torsti Spoof, Ronny Milianowicz, Robert Sall, Rodrigo Vinhas and Gisa Vatchy. Also another musicians not related with Kiske projects who were influenced by him like Alfred Romero, Gustaf Stander, Isidro Drackma, John Cavaliere, Mirka Rantanen, Andy Menario, Ola Halen, Marcel Ianuck, Stella Tormanoff, Thierry Lebourg, Lars-Göran Persson, David DeFeis, George Tsalakis, Christina Gajny, Matias Palm, Rino Fredh and Tom Hess.

I'm pretty sure there are others I can't remember now while I'm writting this. If you're one of those, take into consideration I've been running the site for almost 14 years as I write this page on January 20th, 2012, there's bound to be some I leave off. Also understand many years can pass us by, and we don't even show it... it was not done intentionally.



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