Kiske or Weikath? I prefer both!

Samii Mittelstaedt blog Weikath or KiskeEverybody knows the "fight" between the two Michael's (Kiske and Weikath). And everybody knows there are many fans (of better fan-atics) who condole yourselves by your idols.

And when you are fan of both and you're obligated to read a lot of bullshits even conspiration's theory about the Kiske's replacement?

Well, this is my case.

I'm a huge Michi's fan: I do everything for this man (or better: for me, he's more than a man... he's an angel...) and I'm a Weikath fan also! I think his compositions are fantastics and I like the "new" Helloween.

And when I go to places when people knows about them histories, they ask me: ' How you can be a fan of both if they hate themself?'

I simply ignore their "evil" comments about between them and I focus in them as musicians.

However, after the last declarations of them, I'm very happy to know, in the future could be an approach between them.

But there's a problem: a lot of people (dreamers) will speculate a reunion and come back to "classic" Helloween's line-up and I definitely don't want it.

The Kiske's era in Helloween was magic but it was over and now he has Unisonic and your side projects. I'm pleased and very happy with it. And I hope that it continues... it one on their side but without provocations. I know there are many fans who agree with me.