Journeys to Arcadia

Hello, I'm a big fan of Michael Kiske and I follow his carrer since 1988. I first got to know about Helloween and Michael Kiske via the German teenie magazine "Bravo", in which they were featured very often. At that time I was not into metal music at all and preferred pop music like Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, Modern Talking, Pat Banater and Paul Young. I found a story about Helloween and they were somehow similar dressed like Modern Talking, so I got curious. When I entered a record store some days later, I found the Helloween "Keeper 2" record, but was still not 100% sure to buy it. I had the chance to listen to the CD at the store and after a few seconds I was 100% sure to buy the CD. This was the style of singing that I immediately felt in love with and which brought me into metal.

I bought the record and later also 'keeper part 1' and 'Walls of Jericho'. Since I was not so familiar with Helloween at that time and after playing the 'Walls of jericho' record I thought: "Oh, how much did this singer improve from 'Walls' to the 'Keeper' records". A little later I checked, that it was Kai singing on the "Walls of Jericho" record, ups...Later I discovered other great bands like Iron Maiden and Queensryche. I was a very big fan of Helloween in the years 1988-1993 and collected as much as possible. I also recorded several (if not the most) of the TV specials which are still circulating in the net in these days. Sadly I could never see Helloween live, because of serious personal issues at that time.

In this blog I will write about my travelling experiences to Kiske shows with Unisonic, Avantasia and whatever may lay ahead. These travelling reports start in the year 2010, since it was the turning point for me, in which I got a little more time for these kind of activities. It was just a coincidence that it was also the year, in which Michael Kiske returned to live stages. These reports include countries like Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Czech Republic, Germany and many more. I will also tell you about signing events, special meetings, release parties and so on.

Until now I was in these of Unisonic at Mörlenbach 2010, Bruchsal 2010, Masters of Rock 2010, Loud Park 2011, Buenos Aires 2012, Sao Paulo 2012, Rock Hard 2012, Masters of Rock 2012, Bochum 2012, Bamberg 2012 and Munich 2012. For Avantasia I was in the shows of Kaufbeuren 2010, Fulda 2012 and Wacken 2011. I also visited the guest appearance of Michael Kiske with Gamma Ray in the shows in Bochum 2011 and Winter Masters of Rock 2011.

I did an video interview with the whole band at the Masters of Rock festival in Czech Republic and went to the meet&greet with Michael and Kai in Hamburg when the release parties of Unisonic were cancelled. I guess most of you will now know who I am. :lol:


see you soon