It's a Bird.. It's a Plane.. No it's SupaRed

Supared KiskeOn this day, 10 years ago, SupaRed CD was released, so I want to comment a few things about this album. With many differences this is the Kiske album which is really underestimated and it's unfair because is not a bad album at all. On this blog I will give my arguments to defend this album.

Why a lot of people don't like and sometimes even hate this album? Because the label Noise Records promoted the album like the return of Kiske to the Heavy Metal which was ridiculous and of course the musicians had nothing to do with that kind of promotion. Kiske explained very well in an interview: "When I signed with Noise I explained to the woman who was in charge of the promotion that the album would not sell and would not be accepted if they would promote as heavy metal, the woman agreed but one month before the release date the label changed her and gave the job to a guy who did that crappy promotion. Perhaps it was the Karma for being signed with Noise." A lot of people were angry with that promotion because at the end, the label was lying to the fans and press. When the album was labeled as Heavy Metal by Noise people expected a record in the announced style. Check this quote of the review done by "Just a tip. Do not take the Heavy fans for idiots when advertising an album." That helped to destroy the interest in the album for a lot of people, it was critized even without listening it.

Now is turn to speak about music. I don't like to rate albums because music usually depends on your mood, the valoration could change too often. Anyway I use a method which is to classify the songs in comparison with classics. In this album there are songs which could join easy in a top-20 of best tracks singed by Kiske but it also has other very good songs. This could be my classification:


Tops 'Ride On', 'Hey', 'Hackneyed', 'Turn It' and 'Let's Be Heroes'.
Very good 'Freak-Away', 'Boiling Points Of No Reburn', 'That's Why', 'Dancer's Bug' and 'Overrated'.


Supared kiske 2003It's not easy to find an album (of any band) with so many "very good" songs (at least). I always thought 'Ride On' is one of the three best songs that Michael wrote and is one of these songs that is almost imposible to sing live if you are not Kiske, like Alle of Trick Or Treat told me in an interview about 'We Got The Right'. 'Freak-Away' is the perfect upgrade to a modern song of 'Ban'em' (RTS). I have to admit that in 2003 I had some problems with 'That's Why' mainly with the keyboards but after those years it became one of my favourites. And I know I'm not the only guy who love this track, there is a Swedish Power Metal vocalist who even recorded a cover in his own studio. I also have to say that 'Can I Know Now?' and 'Reconsider' are good songs. I left out this classification two songs that I could never really enjoyed so much. I'm talking about: 'A Bit Of Her' and 'He Pretends'. (I'm not sure if I remember well but I think the last one is about an "old-friend").

So, where is placed the album comparing with other Kiske albums? It's true Instant Clarity has 'Do I Remember A Life?', 'Always', the two metal-ish tracks, etc... and RTS has 'Ban'em', 'Philistine City', 'Shadowfights', etc... but SupaRed album have ten very good songs. An release with 12 good songs of 14 I think its an excelent rate. Does IC and RTS have ten very good songs? and Pink Bubbles Go Ape for example? A question that speaks for itself.

The band received some offers of promoters who where very interested in to sign them for a few dates but Michael had serious problems in that moment with his stomach which a few months later had to be operated on. I always questioned myself what would happened if SupaRed would been made some tour dates in 2003? it's imposible to know, but if Kiske would have had the chance of feel the feedback of the audience, I guess the "healing process" had happened several years before. 

So if you want to enjoy with a good album of rock/hard rock with Michael on vocals my advice is... forget the band name, the logo, forget you've seen the awful cover and the promotion of Noise, we're in 2013 and 10 years ago it was released a good album of rock/hard rock.