2014-09-04 - Nagoya Bottom Line, Nagoya

September 04th, 2014

Information Unisonic at Nagoya Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan 2014


Unisonic and Edguy play as co-headliners in Japan.

Edguy/Avantasia drummer Felix Bohnke said to KFC about the tour Edguy + Unisonic:

"That would fit perfectly – although I seriously doubt the world would be ready for so much  Party.. :-) "

Michael Kiske commented to Rafabasa.com about Unisonic touring with Edguy:

Michael Kiske: “I guess now in so many countries Edguy are more popular than us, so its fair they will be the headliners. Perhaps in Japan it could be different or at least a double-headliner tour playing the same time... I think touring with Edguy is a good combination..."


Setlist Unisonic at Nagoya Bottom Line, Nagoya 2014

01. Venite 2.0
02. For The Kingdom
03. My Sanctuary
04. Never Too Late
05. Your Time Has Come
06. Star Rider
07. Exceptional
08. How The Web Was Woven (Elvis cover - Kiske's PIDW - 1st time live, performed by Kiske with Kai's guitar)
09. When The Deed Is Done
10. King For A Day - Foreigner ending
11. March Of Time
12. Throne Of The Dawn
13. We Rise
_______________________________ Encore
14. I Want Out - Extended Version
15. Unisonic

Comments about the show Unisonic in Nagoya 2014

Brigitte: "Before 'Exceptional' played 'How The Web Was Woven' because the computer broke because of the heat."

Videos Unisonic at Nagoya Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan 2014

Audio Michael Kiske playing 'How The Web Was Woven' when the computer crashed:

11. March Of Time & I Want Out with backstage footage