2014-08-09 - Leyendas del Rock '14, Villena, Alicante

August 09th, 2014

Information Unisonic at Leyendas del Rock 2014, Polideportivo Municipal de Villena, Alicante

Unisonic played on 9th and the festival took place on 7, 8 and 9 August, 2014.

Other bands: WASP, Arch Enemy, Annihilator, Stryper, In Extremo, Behemoth, Hammerfall, Volbeat, Michael Schenker, Banzai, Easy Rider, Wild, Moonspell, Ravenblood, Asfáltika, Esclavitud, El Reno Renardo, Burning Kingdom, Saurom, Hell, Possessed, Ars Amandi, Battle Beast, Beethoven R, Sherpa, Leprous, Mojinos Escozios, Lujuria, Delain, Alberto Rionda's Alquimia, Crisix, Cattle Decapitation, Infamia, Heaven Shall Burn, Rotting Christ, Centinela, Panzer, Renacer, Patricia Tapia Khy, Visions of Atlantis, Vita Imana, Mambo Kurt and more....

Here is the official statement of promoters:

Unisonic, the band formed by Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen joined the extensive list of artists who will join the lineup of the ninth edition of Legends of Rock.

Life proposes inscrutable ways and 25 years later, most of the creators of Keeper of the Seven Keys Part. I, rejoined this musical talent, this special magic and friendship. With that album Helloween conquered the hearts of the metalheads of half the world, at a time that shaped the emerging European power metal. The compositional ability of Kai Hansen, the positive energy and freshness, coupled with the spectacular and phenomenal voice of Michael Kiske, impacted on the world stage, both who came to open the 1988 edition of the beloved Monsters of Rock at Donington. And this brings us back, with intact strength and with that touch of class that only those have chosen. Who would have thought that we would hear again live the megaclassics Future World or I Want Out  with their original voices. In Villena, in Legends of Rock, yes.

Leyendas del Rock Festival 2014 official site. You can buy the tickets in special offer until December 31st!

Promotional videoclip Leyendas del Rock 2014 Festival

Leyendas del Rock 2014 Festival bands order

Saturday 9th:

Warcry Oficial
Heaven Shall Burn
Leo Jiménez

Unisonic setlist at Leyendas del Rock Festival 2014

01. Venite 2.0
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. For The Kingdom
05. Star Rider
06. My Sanctuary
07. Exceptional
08. King For A Day
09. Throne Of The Dawn
10. March Of Time
11. We Rise
12. I Want Out

Comments about the show Unisonic at Leyendas del Rock

Michael Kiske commented to Rafabasa.com about the festival and about the band Stryper: "Yes, we will play in a good position at Leyendas Del Rock Festival and I hope the next time we will even have a better position (laughs). I really want to play together with Stryper in the same festival, I didn't see since 80ties and its a band I really like it. I've heard they are in a great shape so I want to see their show if they play when we will be there that day. I know there were separated but now they came back and it will be a pleasure to watch them if we can."

Zombie War management published during the show: "Unisonic blowing up Leyendas del Rock!" DG Studios commented: "Unisonic let the audience of Leyendas del Rock Festival with the open mouth."  Jesus Angel published: "Michael Kiske is making love with all the audience which are watching Unisonic show at Leyendas del rock." Ivan Gradoli: "Unisonic with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen awesome at Leyendas del Rock." Alejandro commented: "The most epic thing at Leyendas del Rock was Unisonic playing 'I Want Out'." Andres Brotons published: "Kiske sang great... on the first rows was hard to listen you have to go back to the final rows. Awesome 'I Want Out' and 'March Of Time', they also have some great original tracks." Amanda commented: "It was a great show but the sound was bad, hard to hear Michael on the first tracks. Very enjoable show, thanks!"

Videos Unisonic at Leyendas del Rock 2014

01. Venite 2.0 & 02. Unisonic & 03. Never Too Late

04. For The Kingdom

06. My Sanctuary

08. King For A Day

09. Throne Of The Dawn & 10. March Of Time

10. March Of Time

12. I Want Out

Video report Leyendas del Rock 2014

Press and fan stuff about the show

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