2014-05-27 - MariskalRock Radio Studios, Madrid

May 27th, 2014

Information Unisonic at MariskalRock Radio Studios, Madrid 2014

Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward Mariskalrock 2014Unisonic did some acoustic/interviews organized by Top Artist Promotion, on May 26th and 27th. In their visit, they shared with the Spanish national press everything about For The Kingdom EP and the new album Light Of Dawn.

The acoustic show/interview with Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward. Dennis took the place of Kai Hansen who did in 2012.

Interview done by the journalist Mariano Muniesa was broadcasted live at Mariskalrock.com at 17:00, audio and also via webcam.


Setlist Unisonic at Rock Star radio program 2014

- Interview
- 'For The Kingdom' - acoustic
- Interview
- 'Your Time Has Come' - acoustic
- Interview

Listen the interview Michael Kiske Dennis Ward at Mariskalrock

Videos Michael Kiske & Dennis Ward at Mariskalrock 2014

The new song 'Your Time Has Come' in acoustic:

'For The Kingdom' video:

Comments about the interview and show

Unisonic album was going to be titled "Light Of The Dawn" but it was to long so... "Light Of Dawn". Dennis & Michael say Unisonic are in discussions to make a tour in Japan in early 2015 with Edguy, but as double-headliners and not as a support band.. and probably they will make another tour at the begining of 2015. Kiske didn't let translate the question to English about Helloween Reunion... he answered fast... "It will not be Helloween reunion" in a funny way.