2014-05-27 - Cadillac Solitario Studios, Madrid

May 27th, 2014

Unisonic at Cadillac Solitario Studios, Madrid 2014

Michael Kiske Dennis Ward Unisonic Cadillac Solitario LH MagazinePerhaps I should not include this event as tourdate because is a promotional show, is not part of first leg of World tour, or second... but at the end is a "little" live performance, so here is.

Unisonic did an acoustic/interview organized by Top Artist Promotion, on May 26th. In their visit, they shared with the Spanish national press everything about For The Kingdom EP.

This event is an interview and acoustic show done at Cadillac Solitario radio program (LH Magazine) with Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward, promoting Unisonic latest releases Light Of Dawn and For The Kingdom EP.

Setlist Michael Kiske & Dennis Ward at Cadillac Solitario 2014

- Interview
- 'Your Time Has Come' - acoustic version
- Finishing the interview and Bye bye

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Comments about Unisonic interview at Cadillac Solitario LH Magazine 2014

This is not an usual interview, for the first time Michael and Dennis talks about the new videoclip, and also about politic, how it would look the Europe they like.

About if all songs from EP & album are new or old tracks, Dennis Ward comments: "All are new songs, except 1 riff is there that I had from the first session. And then there is the song from the EP ‘You Come Undone’ that was actually written in the first session, but forgotten or lost or whatever."

About the recording process Dennis says: "We did both rehearsal sessions and the drum recordings in the Hofa Studios, that’s close to my house…..Mandy’s guitars and my bass guitars we did in my studio. I have a small studio where I do all the mixing. The lead vocals were done in Michael’s private studio. Kai did his guitars in his private studio. We just send data around. I fix it at my place. At the moment Jürgen Liski from Hofa studio is mastering…"

Kiske about composing fast songs:”It just happens when you have a good melody….Like 'Blood' for instance, it used to be faster, not like ‘You Come Undone’, but it didn’t really kick. Then we paced it down more like a ballad and then it worked. The song kind of asked for it, for the speed.

Journalist comments he could listen 8 tracks from the new album and he could not choose 2 tracks to release an EP because the songs are great. And ask to them if they realize the album is killer.  Kiske says: "Kosta was the first one who say how happy was about the material was there.... As soon as I've heard the raw version of the songs I was happy... 90% was written by him (Dennis)... the melodies are there.. all you need for a song is a verse, bridge and chorus if that works the rest is just a little work..." Dennis: "... the rehearsal room is crucial..."

Journalist about the track 'Not Gonna Take Anymore' comments its a mid-tempo, its one of his favourites songs in the album. And ask if its easier to make a fast song than a mid-tempo... and Kiske comments he still remember that Weikath wrote 'How Many Tears' as a ballad, that also happened with 'For The Kingdom', Kosta suggested to play the track faster.

Journalist says the track 'Exceptional' remember to him Judas Priest in Turbo Lover. And he asks to them if Judas is an influence in Unisonic. Kiske: "Yes... the sound melody is not going like that but has this groove... well I love Priest..."

Michael talks about the song 'Blood', he wrote it... 'Blood': The song I’m responsible for music and lyric wise is ‘Blood’. That one is about love is not necessarily connected to the blood anymore. You have a lot of family falling apart, I don’t know if it’s the same here in Spain, the blood bond is probably more tight here like in Italy. In the northern areas love has to have a kind of spiritual base to work . The blood gets weaker, you can see that. You really need to see the soul of that person, there is a kind of new brotherhood coming up. It is completely independent from races or blood. You can understand every human being when you have a certain spiritual level. You have mothers that don’t even love their children anymore. It’s not easy, we need to build a spiritual bond among each other. You need a fundament for love, blood is not enough anymore. That’s what the song is about.

Journalist ask about European elections why people don't are motivated to vote and how it would be an ideal Europe for them... Kiske says: "It's because you don't trust politicians anymore. I grew up as part of this generation where every week there is a scandal... corrupt the thing going on there... you can't stop believing that we saw is a big show for us that we believe we live in democracy or whatever but its just certain individuals that control everything... and I think a lot of people feel that then they don't care because they don't believe they can really change anything. I think we can change something but just by changing our thinking, trying to become intelligent, being more strong and caring by each other, thats how we can change the world and then you may change politicians, you may be able to get politicians that they don't just talk what you like to hear but at this moment people don't believe in politicians anymore and I understand why."

About the new videoclip of Unisonic... Michael said: "Yes, we will do it. It will be done the next days. It will be for ‘Exceptional’ when it has not changed…it is the perfect song for the video. We will do something like a recording situation; we will film in the studio like Metallica did for a DVD production. That will be a special video with a kind of concept and it will be filmed in the studio. The guys probably have some good ideas, but it will be surrounding as we will recording in the studio."