2014-05-26 - San Sebastian De Los Reyes, Madrid, Radio Utopia

May 26th, 2014

Information Unisonic at San Sebastian De Los Reyes, Madrid, Radio Utopia 107.3

Michael Kiske Dennis Ward Radio Utopia 2014Unisonic did some acoustic/interviews organized by Top Artist Promotion, on May 26th and 27th. In their visit, they shared with the Spanish national press everything about For The Kingdom EP and the new album Light Of Dawn.

Interview done at Radio Utopía 107.3 Studios with the journalist David Calderon. The acoustic show/interview with Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward. Dennis took the place of Kai Hansen who did in 2012. Interview was also broadcasted on TNT Radio Rock.

Setlist Unisonic on Radio Utopia 107.3

- Interview
- 'Your Time Has Come' - acoustic version
- Interview
- 'For The Kingdom' - acoustic version
- Interview

Listen Unisonic interview/shot Radio Utopia 107.3

Comments about the interview & acoustic performance

They broadcast some tracks from the new EP For The Kingdom: 'Never Too Late', 'For The Kingdom'.

In the interview Michael Kiske about taking more part into the songwriting on the new album:"I have 2 songs, right? I won't tell you which ones. (Dennis interrupting: you have 3 including the bonus track)"

Asked about the meaning of the artwork Martin Häusler did for the new album: Dennis Ward: "It's a good cover. It's really good art. We had the idea of somehow getting the 'U' of Unisonic into something epic. Then came the idea of ufo in the direction of Boston or Journey. Then came the idea of Steampunk. Now we have the ufo held in outer space with an ballon and running on old technology.Then Martin Häusler really went hardcore with the most amazing ufo and steampunk ufo we could ever imagine. It turned out better than my imagination. Now we have our own ufo.for an 'U'. We are pretty happy about that." Michael Kiske: "It's just reality happens and you have an idea, then the designer makes the cover and you say, that's it."