2014-05-26 - Casa de la Radio, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid

May 26th, 2014

Information Unisonic at El Vuelo Del Fenix, RNE3 2014

Perhaps I should not include this event as tourdate because is a promotional show, is not part of first leg of World tour, or second... but at the end is a "little" live performance, so here is.

Michael Kiske Dennis Ward at El Vuelo Del Fenix 2014Unisonic did an acoustic/interview organized by Top Artist Promotion, on May 26th. In their visit, they shared with the Spanish national press everything about For The Kingdom EP.

Information to be there: Do you want to be there? write an email to: concursosradio3@rtve.es with your Name, DNI and email subject: "ENTREVISTA UNISONIC". The interview will be recorded at 17.45 hrs at Prado del Rey, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Casa de la Radio, Studios of RNE in Madrid. (30-double invitations available)

The acoustic show/interview with Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward. Dennis took the place of Kai Hansen who did in 2012. In this interview they had the presence of some members of Mago de Oz (also Santelmo and Tako) who came to say hi to Michael.

The interview + show was broadcasted on May 29th, Thursday! at 23:00.

Setlist Unisonic at El Vuelo del Fenix 2014

01 - 'Suspicious Minds' of Elvis Presley (short version)
02 - 'Your Time Has Come' - Acoustic (some laughs at the beginning...)
03 - 'For The Kingdom' - Acoustic (Kiske plays before a few seconds of Elvis Presley 'There Goes My Everything')
04 - 'Souls Alive' - Acoustic (Kiske plays again a few seconds of Elvis Presley 'The Thrill Of Your Love')
05 - 'My Sanctuary' - Acoustic
06 - 'Your Time Has Come' - Acoustic
07 - Interview

Listen the Broadcast Unisonic at El Vuelo del Fenix 2014

Videoclips Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward Unisonic at El Vuelo del Fenix 2014

Audience footage Michael Kiske & Dennis Ward at RNE 3

The whole show which includes the new song 'Your Time Has Come' played twice and Michael playing the album version by his iphone:

And here are 2 of our videos on Kiskelized Youtuve channel, 'Your Time Has Come' acoustic & Iphone version, and 'For The Kingdom':

Comments about the show & Interview

Kiske about the new album style: "More heavy, more melodic and more compact." Kiske about the never-ending rumour about the Reunion with Helloween: "I don't need that and I'm happy in Unisonic." He also commented that the "2 mill € for make the Reunion" he said to DeadRethoric webzine was a joke, a way to say he was not interested.

Kiske about being in Avantasia: "It was like payed holidays and it was a lot of fun with them." Journalist asked who wrote the songs and they told that all lyrics and songs are from Unisonic... but before they played 'For The Kingdom' in acoustic Kiske said that song was written by Dennis Ward.

Kiske would ask Elvis (if he will be alive)... "why do you sing so good?"

After they played the new song 'Your Time Has Come', Kiske put his iphone close to the microphone and played the album version to the audience to let them listen how it really sounds. And it sounds fast and metal. Dennis commented he was inspired by a documental for the track 'Night Of The Long Knives' about the historic moment. According Kiske the song 'Dare' (previously titled 'Demon') sounds a bit like Green Day, according the journalist is happy metal.

One of the most funny moments was when the program played a recording from the last visit of Michael to the show in 2012 where Kiske said that he was having physical problems to sing live again after so many years, it was hard for him and he pretend to go out running everyday with Kai Hansen at 7:00 morning. Well, after listening to the recording Michael said he didnt make it, and everybody started laughing...

Another funny moment was when Michael commented that now his favourite videogames are played on PC because Play 3 is obsolete and he didn't like Play 4.

About that "new song", everybody was very surprised with it... and a lot of fans commented that is the best Unisonic song.