2014-05-04 - The Rock Cafe St. Pauli, Hamburg

May 04th, 2014

Information Eric Martin at The Rock Cafe St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany 2014

Eric Martin is doin' an acoustic solo world tour together with the guitarist Jimmy James. In their shows they play classics of Mr. Big but also some solo stuff. A standard setlist contains songs like: 'Wild World', 'Wonderland', 'Shine', 'Take Cover', 'Just Take My Heart', 'The Whole World Is Gonna Know', 'Lost In America', 'To Be With You', 'Addicted To That Rush', 'Spectacular', 'Stranger In My Life', 'Wind Me Up' and many more.

Michael Kiske who lives in Hamburg, went to the show to see his 'Avantafriend' and he came up to the stage to make some jamming of Elvis Presley stuff. They played some tracks like: 'See See Rider', 'Love Me Tender', 'Hound Dog' and 'Suspicious Mind'.

This guest/jamming was a nice coincidence because one year ago I wrote a blog titled: "Longing For A Kiske Acoustic Tour" where I talked about Eric Martin acoustic solo tour as an example. Will we see a Michael Kiske acoustic tour in the next years? I hope, and Eric would be a great partner.

Eric Martin tweet about the show


Video footage of Michael Kiske with Eric Martin in St. Pauli 2014

Video (closer view) of Michael Kiske singing with Eric Martin and Jimmy 'Love Me Tender':

Video footage of Eric Martin in St. Pauli 2014

Eric Martin speech and playing 'To Be With You':

Eric Martin playing 'Stranger In My Life':