2013-12-14 - Kristianstad Arena, Kristianstad

December 14th, 2013

Information Christmas Metal Symphony at Kristianstad Arena, Sweden 2013

Christmas Metal Symphony Tour 2013 SwedenThis is the second show of Christmas Metal Symphony tour live project. Vocalists for 2013 edition will be: Michael Kiske, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Chuck Billy (Testament), Joacim Cans (Hammerfall), Udo Dirkscheider (ex-Accept) and Floor Jansen (Nightwish). But unfortunately Joacim Cans was not available for making the 2 shows in Sweden.

Christmas Metal Symphony band is formed by: Magnum Opus Rockestra, musical director by Joost Van Den Broek (ex-After Forever), Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged): Guitarist, Abel Cañizales (Labirintho): Guitarist, Johan Van Stratum (Stream Of Passion): Bass, Jeffrey Revet (Stream Of Passion): Keyboardist, Koen Herfst (Epica): Drums.

Here is the official statement about the live project:

The management site of this project published: "If you are bored of all the Christmas celebrations with your family; we hereby present you the best alternative to escape that reality!  Get your agenda’s out for your personal Christmas Party metalstyle; we are proud to present you CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY…a metalized Christmas tale."

Christmas Metal Symphony official site.

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Setlist Christmas Metal Symphony at Kristianstad Arena, Kristianstad, Sweden 2013

01. Overture Classic In Rock - Anthem 702 - Magnus Opus Rockestra

02. More Than Meets The Eyes (Testament) - Chuck Billy
03. Souls Of Black (Testament) - Chuck Billy

04. March Of Time (Helloween) - Michael Kiske
05. Longing (Helloween/PIDW) - Michael Kiske
06. I Want Out (Helloween) - Michael Kiske

07. They Want War (UDO) - UDO
08. I'm A Rebel (Accept) - UDO
09. Metal Heart (Accept) - UDO

10. Intermission - The Odyssey (Symphony X) - Magnus Opus Rockestra

11. Practice What You Preach (Testament) - Chuck Billy

12. My Pledge Of Allegiance (After Forever) - Floor Jansen
13. Alone (Heart)  - Floor Jansen
14. Nemo (Nightwish) - Floor Jansen

15. Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath) - Joey Belladona
16. Anti-Social (Anthrax) - Joey Belladona
17. Madhouse (Anthrax) - Joey Belladona
18. Here I Go Again (Whitesnake) - Joey Belladona
19. Highway To Hell (AC/DC) - Joey Belladona

20. Phantom Of The Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber) - Floor Jansen

21. Silent Night - Kiske & Udo & Floor & Chuck

Comments about the show

Brigitte of Kiske Fanclub: "Today was the second show and it seems that this concert hall was a little bit too big for this event. The audiences was a little calmer than yesterday and the sound had the same problems like yesterday. It was often too loud and the orchestra was hardly hearable.

It also had some improvements and Kiske seemed to be in a little better shape than yesterday and I could not detect any little mistake. He also interacted a little more with the audience. After the end of the Kiske songs, the audience started with Kiske, Kiske callings and it seemed he was the one that most of guys had been waiting for.

There was also a minor change in the set-list and Joey sang alone ‘Highway to Hell’ as his 4th song. The finishing track of ‘Silent Night’ also seemed to work quite a little bit better today."

Videoclips Christmas Metal Symphony at Kristianstad, Sweden 2013

04. March Of Time (Helloween) - Michael Kiske

05. Longing (Helloween/PIDW) - Michael Kiske

06. I Want Out (Helloween) - Michael Kiske & Kiske introducing UDO

20. Silent Night - Kiske & Udo & Floor & Chuck

Other videos (without Kiske)

09. Metal Heart (Accept) - UDO

13. Alone (Heart)  - Floor Jansen

14. Nemo (Nightwish) - Floor Jansen

16. Anti-Social (Anthrax) - Joey Belladona

18. Highway To Hell (AC/DC) - Joey Belladona

19. Phantom Of The Opera (Nightwish) - Floor Jansen

Press and fans stuff about the show

Photo album by Kiske fanclub here. Live report by Festivalphoto.net here, and their photo album here. Kristianstad Arena flirck account added a great photo album, check it here. Metalkaoz.com live report here.