2013-12-13 - Alvhogsborg, Trollhattan

December 13th, 2013

Information Christmas Metal Symphony at Älvhögsborg, Trollhättan, Sweden 2013

Christmas Metal Symphony Tour 2013This is the first show of Christmas Metal Symphony tour live project. Vocalists for 2013 edition are: Michael Kiske, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Chuck Billy (Testament), Joacim Cans (Hammerfall), Udo Dirkscheider (ex-Accept) and Floor Jansen (Nightwish). But unfortunately Joacim Cans was not available for making the 2 shows in Sweden.

Christmas Metal Symphony band is formed by: Magnum Opus Rockestra, musical director by Joost Van Den Broek (ex-After Forever), Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged): Guitarist, Abel Cañizales (Labirintho): Guitarist, Johan Van Stratum (Stream Of Passion): Bass, Jeffrey Revet (Stream Of Passion): Keyboardist, Koen Herfst (Epica): Drums.

Here is the official statement about the live project:

The management site of this project published: "If you are bored of all the Christmas celebrations with your family; we hereby present you the best alternative to escape that reality!  Get your agenda’s out for your personal Christmas Party metalstyle; we are proud to present you CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY…a metalized Christmas tale."

Christmas Metal Symphony official site.

Before play this first show, on 2013/12/11, the live project did a rehearsal in Eindhoven/Netherlands with the whole band, orchestra and all vocalists. CMS published on their facebook account: "Today - rehearsals with all cast & crew from CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY  Eindhoven/The Netherlands. We all are looking forward to see you on tour... " Also the vocalist Floor Jansen published: "Christmas Metal Symphony rehearsal today, with all the singers, the band and the orchestra! After this exiting moment we will jump into some nightliners and drive to Sweden for our first two shows. Who is there? And who can we welcome next week for our German show or our almost sold out show in Prague?"


Setlist Christmas Metal Symphony at Älvögsborg, Trollhättan, Sweden 2013

01. Overture Classic In Rock - Anthem 702 - Magnus Opus Rockestra

02. More Than Meets The Eyes (Testament) - Chuck Billy
03. Souls Of Black (Testament) - Chuck Billy

04. March Of Time (Helloween) - Michael Kiske
05. Longing (Helloween/PIDW) - Michael Kiske
06. I Want Out (Helloween) - Michael Kiske

07. They Want War (UDO) - UDO
08. I'm A Rebel (Accept) - UDO
09. Metal Heart (Accept) - UDO

10. Intermission - The Odyssey (Symphony X) - Magnus Opus Rockestra

11. Practice What You Preach (Testament) - Chuck Billy

12. My Pledge Of Allegiance (After Forever) - Floor Jansen
13. Alone (Heart) - Floor Jansen
14. Nemo (Nightwish) - Floor Jansen

15. Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath) - Joey Belladona
16. Anti-Social (Anthrax) - Joey Belladona
17. Madhouse (Anthrax) - Joey Belladona
18. Here I Go Again (Whitesnake) - Joey Belladona

19. Phantom Of The Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber) - Floor Jansen

20. Silent Night (Christmas Carol) - Kiske & Udo & Floor & Chuck

Kiske interview & Comments about the show

Previous to the show Michael Kiske had a talking with the journalist Lisa Appelqvist (kristianstadsbladet.se) and he comment some interesting things about the CMS setlist, his songs and his partners.

Michael Kiske about the setlist: "I really do not know how the old Helloween songs will sound with the orchestra yet! I had a little jox with my in-ears when I scratched. But I heard the others. And was quite surprised when Joey Belladonna suddenly drove Black Sabbath 's 'Heaven and Hell' and 'Here we go again' by Whitesnake! Had I known it, I had asked to run something with Elvis . Now it will be exclusively Helloween classics, but not just the most obvious. A song that means a little extra for the singer gets its live premiere, after 20 years, with Christmas Metal Symphony. 'Longing' from my last album with Helloween is no song that you immediately associate with the band's classics. But the arranger and the orchestra chose it and it's very "me" To drive and experience the song in this way, as in the original most only have acoustic guitars, I'm looking forward to. 'Longing' it is the tune to my soul."

Kiske about his partners: "Joey and I was there in the 80s. And Udo, I have met him a few times before over the years. You know, it’s always nice to just sit down and talk, sharing stories. Chuck Billy, I’ve never met him before. He is great! A large, very tall, and super nice guy."

Udo and I talked about the facts that the other day. He has been achieved a similar status with Accept. But you know, when we started, we wanted to just follow our own idols, influenced and do what they did, but in our own way. We never thought we would create something new. And then, when a bunch of other bands began to be influenced by us – it’s when you suddenly be portrayed as a pioneer. It will always be a big surprise."

Kiske about playing Christmas songs in CMS: "We joked about it a little bit at the rehearsals, we'd be silly us a little bit and so. But it will not be a single Christmas song as far as you can hear. My 'Longing' is actually the closest you will get the Christmas spirit, precisely because it is so witty."

Michael also commented about a possible recording of CMS to Metalinjection.net: "I have not a clue, but I'm pretty sure they plan something like that. Because it costs much money to put so many people on stage, so I'm pretty sure they record something. Maybe on the last shows or whatever. I don't know."

Brigitte of Kiske fanclub commented about the show:  "Kiske started quite early with his part and was introduce by Chuck as former Helloween singer and now Unisonic singer. Kiske started wih 'March of Time', which really sounded great with orchestra. His voice was perfect as always.Then Kiske introduce 'Longing' as a track of his last Helloween album and he hopes that people like it and the he was happy that CMS accepted his suggestion. The audience reacted great to this song. Then Kiske said that he sings also 'I Want Out', because it was requested by CMS. The finale was a little different than expected and a classic Christmas song with almost all singers, also Kiske. But they quite messed up the lyrics."

"The sound was too loud. Several people protected their ears from time to time. I would have also preferred if the performances would have been always one song and then changing the singer. The performance of Floor was really good despite I missed a male singer in 'Phantom Of The Opera'. Also Joey's Songs like the Dio tribute was really good."

Floor Jansen published about this show: "Yesterday I played my first show with Christmas Metal Symphony in Sweden. It was so beautiful! I sing very 4 completely different songs, in 2 difference outfits with this great live band and orchestra behind me. A privilege to do! Next to that I am sharing the stage with great metal heroes such as Udo, ChuckBilly from Testament, JoeyBelladonna from Anthrax, MichaelKiske from Helloween and Unisonic and soon also Joacim Cans from Hammerfall! Such an honor! I hope to welcome you to one of the 5 remaining concerts! ps: on the pic I wear a 'special occasion dress'...you won't see me dress like this often...:-)

Videoclips Christmas Metal Symphony at Trollhättan, Sweden 2013

04. March Of Time (Helloween) - Michael Kiske

05. Longing (Helloween/PIDW) - Michael Kiske

06. I Want Out (Helloween) - Michael Kiske

20. Silent Night (Christmas Carol) - Kiske & Udo & Floor & Chuck

Videos of other vocalists

09. Metal Heart (Accept) - UDO

14. Nemo (Nightwish) - Floor Jansen

16. Anti-Social (Anthrax) - Joey Belladona

19. Phantom Of The Opera (Nightwish) - Floor Jansen

Press and fans stuff from the show

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