2013-07-13 - Rockharz Festival 2013, Ballenstedt

July 13th, 2013

Information Avantasia at Rockharz Festival 2013, Ballenstedt

Avantasia Rockharz Festival 2013Here is another date in the new tour of Avantasia.

Avantasia lineup changed for this show because Ronnie Atkins is not available, this is the statement that Avantasia published about it: "Just been informed that my pal Ronnie Atkins fell & hurt himself last night & can't perform with us tonight! Shit! Get well soon, Ronnie!!!" Ronnie Atkins explained his accident and why he could not sing with the band: "Hi guys, I had a bad fall yesterday and a couple of my ribs were bent. I have spent the night at the hospital, and I'm still in a great deal of pain. I am truly sorry that I cannot honor my commitment towards Avantasia tonight, and I hope for your understanding. Canceling a show is not something that is easy for me, and I hope that I will be able to take the stage again real soon."

Rockharz Festival 2013 organization announced the first bands will play in the new edition of this big festival:

Accept, Ensiferum, Iced Earth, Kreator, Soulfly, Uneaarth, Delain, Soilwork, Vader, Van Canto, Alestorm, DragonForce, Moonspell, The Bones, Mustach, JBO, Mono Inc and many more.

Here is the official statement about Avantasia:

With a great ensemble of many famous musicians in the metal scene and a two-hour, special open-air show, Tobias Sammet's Avantasia Metal Opera will give glory. Occurred so far at a German festival in Wacken only occupied AVANTASIA the next ROCK DAYS post-headliner of our anniversary celebration. AVANTASIA will be in 2013 at selected festivals and we are honored to be mentioned with such events as BLOODSTOCK, HELLFEST and MASTERS OF ROCK in the same breath to be!

The festival is scheduled to be in July between11th and 13rd 2013!

Rockharz Festival 2013 official page here!

Running order at Rockstage

Tankard: 17:55 - 18:40
JBO: 19:35 - 20:35
Avantasia: 22:00 - 0:00
Fiddler's Green: 1:00 - 1:45

Setlist Avantasia Rockharz Festival 2013 Ballenstedt, Germany

01. Intro 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (A Space Odyssey soundtrack) & Spectres (Sammet)
02. The Watchmaker's Dream (Sammet/Hartmann)
03. Prelude & Reach Out For The Light (Kiske/Sammet)
04. Avantasia (Kiske/Sammet)
05. The Story Ain't Over (Catley/Sammet)
06. The Great Mystery (Sammet/Catley)
07. Dying For An Angel (Sammet/Eric Martin)
08. Promised Land (Eric Martin/Sammet)
09. Farewell (Sammet/Somerville/Kiske)
10. Shelter From The Rain (Kiske/Sammet/Catley)
11. The Wicked Symphony (Catley/Rettke/Somerville/Hartmann)
12. The Scarecrow (Atkins/Sammet)
13. Lost In Space (Sammet)
14. Twisted Mind (Atkins/Martin)
15. Introduction of musicians & The Sign Of The Cross (Everybody)

Comments about the show

Thomas Rettke published on his facebook account: "A short break from the world trip with AVANTASIA...just arrived from Tokyo...and now two nights in my own bed, before we're going on on saturday to play at Rock Harz..." Oliver Hartmann published: "On the way to Rockharz Festival in Ballenstedt right now with 5 times switching the train - still looking forward to tonight."

Oliver Hartmann commented after the show: "We had a great show with AVANTASIA yesterday at Rockharz Festival/Germany. Unfortunately Ronnie Atkins wasn't able to join us since he had to stay in the hospital due to bent ribs. And it's more than sad that he won't be there today, too. Now we're looking forward to our three hour show tonight here at Masters of Rock/Czech Republic and we all wish Ronnie to get better soon!!!"

Charlie Schmit published about the show: "Avantasia did a really great show, I liked a lot! I hope they will make another tour soon not in four years, thanks for coming." Fedora commented about the show: "Great Avantasia show at Rockharz Festival come back soon!" Sharky said: "Could I have better holidays than Avantasia at Rockharz? No! Thanks!" Mathias R. commented: "Great show of Avantasia at Rockharz, 2 hours only, not like in German solo tour. It was great but I missed some of the best songs 'Stargazers', 'Breaking Away' and 'The Seven Angels' anyway it was great."

Videos Avantasia Rockharz Festival 2013

Interview with Sascha Paeth about Avantasia in the festival by metal4magazin:

01. Spectres (Sammet) Incomplete.

09. Farewell (Sammet/Somerville/Kiske) & 10. Shelter From The Rain (Kiske/Sammet/Catley)

15. Introduction of musicians & The Sign Of The Cross (Everybody)

Press and fan stuff about the show

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