2013-07-10 - Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo

July 10th, 2013

Information Avantasia at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo, Japan 2013

Avantasia Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo, Japan 2013The Japanese journalist Masa Ito said in his radio program Rock On that Avantasia will play in Japan on his birthday so July 10th!

The show will be at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo. The venue has capacity for about 1,884 people.

Open doors: 18:00 show starts at 19:00.

Promoter official site: http://t-onkyo.co.jp

Avantasia new tour consisted in three different parts, one it started in April, as headliner indoor tour where they played around a 3-hour set, then they played in some festivals later in South America and Asia for late summer.

Tobias: "I wanna put on the biggest thing you have ever seen, I wanna bring more vocalists, play longer shows, and just make it a giant Rock Opera. Due to embracing all of the different eras and history of AVANTASIA these shows will have an extended playing time, and the whole evening will be dedicated to Avantasia with no support acts. The stage designer has just showed me his stage and light design, and it looks absolutely killer. It will be huge."


Setlist Avantasia at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo, Japan 2013

01. Intro 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (A Space Odyssey soundtrack) & Spectres (Sammet)
02. Invoke The Machine (Atkins/Sammet)
03. Black Orchid (Sammet/Atkins)
04. The Story Ain't Over (Catley/Sammet)
05. The Great Mystery (Sammet/Catley)
06. Prelude & Reach Out For The Light (Kiske/Sammet)
07. Avantasia (Kiske)
08. What's Left On Me (Eric Martin/Sammet)
09. Promised Land (Eric Martin/Sammet)
10. The Scarecrow (Atkins/Sammet)
11. The Wicked Symphony (Catley/Rettke/Somerville/Hartmann)
12. Lost In Space (Sammet)
13. Savior In The Clockwork (Martin/Sammet/Atkins)
14. Twisted Mind (Atkins/Martin)
15. Dying For An Angel (Sammet/Eric Martin)
_________________________________________________ Encore

16. Farewell (Sammet/Somerville/Kiske)
17. The Seven Angels - Full version (Kiske/Sammet/Hartmann)
18. Introduction of musicians & The Sign Of The Cross (Everybody)

Comments about the show

Amanda Somerville published on her facebook/twitter account: "Made it and am exhausted, but so wonderful to be in the land of the rising sun again! Did I ever mention how much I'm in awe of Japan? Well, I am & love it because it's fabulous here!" Eric Martin published: "Back home in Tokyo .. It's been a long time. I'm here with AVANTASIA , sending out BIG love to all my Fan/Friends!"

Amanda commented after the show: "GREAT memories, Tokyo!! Arigato for an amazing show once again!! I had so much fun, I don't want to leave..." Felix Bohnke published: "By the way: Japan was great as well! Show was super, food awesome, beer ok. The radiation didn´t go unnoticed - as you can see below. Apart from Oli´s new hair (?) - or "head-extension" - we´ve had only minor changes....André is an Andrea now, Sascha has some strange things growing in his pants & Manuel can now do lights without needing actual lights.....who says you can´t have fun being atomized every now and then?" Tobias Sammet commented two days after the show: "Back on track! Had been diagnosed with acute influenza in Canada, high fever, suspected pneumonia, got Cortisone etc... Well, I AM BACK! ;) Well, that's no excuse for my bad singing in Japan & Canada, JUST an explanation! But I get a lil better day by day, in 2019 I'll be good..."

Michael Kiske published on Official contact on facebook: "Before the show in Tokyo I received a Burrn award for best singer of the year 2012. This is very nice, because it shows that also the different Me gets accepted in Japan. The show in Tokyo was short for me. Three of the songs I usually sing had been taken out because we needed a shorter set. But it was a nice show. Pretty much everyone was sick on this tour now, including crew-members, so it is really not only me who has this problem (just to mention it)."

Shinami commented about the show: "It was really fun, more than 2 hours. Too sad that ended but a great show." Dorian said: "Other good show of Avantasia! It was great to see the band. amazing, Amanda really nice same that other guys." Yukko commented: "Today was the show of Avantasia in Tokyo. I've seen a lot of great vocalists, the voices were amazing, I spend nice time and I'm satisfied." Yigalca commented: "Avantasia show is over! It was a fun mess. Two and half hour and not enought Tobi I wanted 5 hours. Come back soon!" Aya commented: "It was fun Avantasia! Tobi started feeling good after the flu. Kiske, Eric, Ronnie, Amanda, bob thank you everyone! The audience also impressed! Kiske was amazing!" Satoshi Futahashi published: "Avantasia live, the best! They played 'The Seven Angels' full song, impressed this time! Top form Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville best. I did not want the show over." Fusa commented: "Ouch it was fun Avantasia. I missed lessons todays, I'm sorry teacher." ろくろ首 ‏commented: "Avantasia at Shinagaw Stellar Ball was great. 150 minutes of music, it was also lacking something comparing with the previous shows in other countries but I'm satisfied. Great show." Asako commented: "I returned to see Avantasia at Shinagaw Stellar Ball. My first time watching Michael Kiske live! He was great, and funny Eric Martin singing metal." Ryosuke commented: "Was sooo fun Avantasia, Oliver, Kiske, Eric, Tobias, Sammet, bob. Great satisfaction, gorgeous show, the sound was the best." Yanai commented: "Avantasia at Shinagawa Stellar Ball. The project is fun with Tobias Sammet, Kiske, Atkins, Eric Martin, Bob Catley. The music is catchy, there was not time to be bored. Kiske sang 'Avantasia' alone surprisely. Today it was the best day to hear his voice, it seems good..." Hitoshi Namba commented: "I went to TOBIAS SAMMET'S AVANTASIA Japan Tour! I have enjoyed the best performance of musicians! Please come back soon!" Mesti Zatoyi: "I loved the show of Avantasia in Tokyo, Kiske, Amanda and Eric the best! I hope they will come back soon."

Megumi commented: "They played for about 2:30. We want more!! Kiske sang on only 5 songs, I want Unisonic live now!! His voice is in good condition. In the beginning of 1st song, I felt Tobi's voice was tired because of long journey. But he got better. Eric's performance was greater than I expected!"

Videoclips Avantasia at Tokyo, Japan 2013

There was a lot of repression last night... It was very difficult to take photos or make a video. Here is the only video available yet 'The Story Ain't Over' and its incomplete, it was uploaded on Facebook, check it here.

Press and fan stuff about the show

The fan electricfan1971 did a live report about the show, check it here. Photo album by Mila Tiemy here. A Bit Of Michi live report here. Juka-productions.com did a small live report here. Metalgate Blog did a review, you can read it here.