2012-11-04 - Docks, Hamburg

November 04th, 2012


Unisonic Docks HamburgUnisonic was the "very special guest" of Gotthard in the European tour. According Kai Hansen in this leg of the tour, they will play during 65-70 minutes, probably the headliners will play 90.

About who is the headliner in that tour and why... Kai Hansen said: "Gotthard is bigger in Europe and in South America perhaps we are, like old members of Helloween we have more name but both will be great tours."


Docks, Hamburg has capacity for 1250 people.


Promotional tour video


01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. King For A Day
05. I've Tried
06. My Sanctuary
07. No One Ever Sees Me
08. Star Rider (Kai Hansen on vocals cause Kiske got flu and lost his voice)
09. We Rise (Kai Hansen on vocals with Kiske singing some parts)
10. Never Change Me (Kai Hansen on vocals)
11. Future World (Kai Hansen on vocals)
12. I Want Out (Kiske returns on stage)




Kiske commented about this show:

When I lost my voice in Hamburg, I wasn’t in a good mood before the show already, because I knew I was getting very sick. I just knew it was not just a little cold. While I was warming up the voice before the show with some Elvis tunes, I realized: it’s not going to work this time, because the voice died on me already then… On Stage I took it pretty good, because: What can you do? A caught a real infection, there is really nothing you can do, so I tried to make the best out the situation. When the voice died in the third song, I left the stage and joined the crowd to make photos with them and signed autographs, while Kai was doing some singing. The next days I had 40 fever and even NOW, after 6 weeks, I’m still having it a bit in my bronchium. Sucks especially when this happens in your hometown, but sometimes live is just a bitch … It’s a situation I had to re-learn to live with too …

Basti, the Kiske official contact commented a few things about the show via facebook during the show, he said: "Michi is really ill and with a cold tonight, he has difficulties with his voice and sings lower as usual. But still very good. Hope that his voice stands until the end of the show. Michi asked the crowd to help him." A bit later he said: "Michi's voice is gone, Kai singing Star Rider now. Kai singing the rest of the show, he is doing his best." And a bit later... "Kiske is back for I want out. Great guy!" For ending: "That was Hamburg, interesting show. Let's hope that Michi can recover until next show on Friday in Langen. Wish him all the best!"

Jutta, the Kiske promoter published: "A really special show. The vocalist lost the voice completely after a few songs, and he went to the first row to sign autographs meanwhile the guitarist sings (Kai did it well). Get well Kiske!"

The band Gotthard make a tour diary, this is what they wrote about the show in Hamburg:

It was not a great night for singers as to start with Michael from Unisonic was so sick he had to stop singing after 3 songs! Poor guy... this is just a singer's worst nightmare... get well soon buddy!! Then, still struggling with his cold, Nic voice was not 100% and he was really starting to feel it ... and this all in Hamburg where we always loved to play and where we wanted to give only the best. But unfortunately it’s not Christmas every day!


02. 'Unisonic':

09. 'We Rise':

10. Kai Hansen singing 'Never Change Me':

Kai Hansen singing 11. 'Future World':

...And Kiske came back to stage to sing 12. 'I Want Out':

Press stuff

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