2012-11-03 - Ruhrcongress, Bochum

November 03rd, 2012


Unisonic was the "very special guest" of Gotthard in the European tour. According Kai Hansen in this leg of the tour, they will play during 65-70 minutes, probably the headliners will play 90.

About who is the headliner in that tour and why... Kai Hansen said: "Gotthard is bigger in Europe and in South America perhaps we are, like old members of Helloween we have more name but both will be great tours."

Huxleys, Berlin has capacity for 2500 - 3000 people.

Promotional tour video


The setlist:

01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. King For A Day
05. I've Tried
06. My Sanctuary
07. No One Ever Sees Me
08. Star Rider
09. We Rise
10. Never Change Me
11. Future World
12. I Want Out

Unisonic Bochum Ruhrcongress


Review by Brigitte

The concert hall was very crowded and I guess it should have been around 2000 or 2500 people and many just bought their tickets just at that evening. Since I entered the venue later, I could only manage to be around 10th row.

Unisonic started around 20:00 with the known Intro followed by Unisonic. Michi Kiske had a little accident with Mandy when he entered the stage. Michi Kiske later told the audience that the whole band is ill, also the Gotthard singer and that he tries his best. I really could not detect any problems and he did again a great performance. The highlights for me were Unisonic, King for a Day, Never change me and No one ever sees me. This was the first time I could hear this song in a concert and it was a great performance of Michi Kiske. There were also a few little mistakes like probably forgetting to switch on the microfone in the beginning of Star Rider, but the audience enjoyed the concert very much. I also heard that this was the best concert so far in the German tour with the best reactions from audience.

They did no encore because of time limits and only played the 2 old Kai Hansen songs; 'Future World' and 'I Want Out' with great responses from the audiences. During the 'Future World' singalong part, Michi Kiske invited also Gotthard fans to sing together with Unisonic fans. And they did it. J It was again a fantastic evening I really hope the band will recover from their illness soon.



Unisonic soundcheck with 'Star Rider':

02. 'Unisonic' (also with the intro):

07. 'No One Ever Sees Me':

10. 'Never Change Me':

The end of 11. 'Future World' and 'I Want Out':

12. 'I Want Out':

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