2012-09-23 - ГЛАВCLUB, St. Petersburg

Russian Federation
September 23rd, 2012


Unisonic Russia ГЛАВCLUBUnisonic was the "very special guest" of Gotthard in the European tour. Unisonic plays about 70 minutes and Gotthard 80 more or less.

About who is the headliner in that tour... My guess is, they probably they arranged something like... Gotthard special guest in South America and Unisonic in Europe. (And yep, European lost ha!)

ГЛАВCLUB has capacity for about 1,450 people.

The show started at 20:00.

Show organized by Spika Concert Agency.



The setlist:

01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. King For A Day
05. My Sanctuary
06. March Of Time
07. No One Ever Sees Me
08. Star Rider (Guitar special part)
09. We Rise
10. Never Change Me
______________________________________ Encore

11. Future World
12. I Want Out

Unisonic Russia St Petersburg


Review/comments of Fans

Oep commented: "Unisonic show finished! it was good, now is the turn of Gotthard." Ana Romanova said: "I enjoyed a lot with Unisonic, they sounded compact and funny, I hope they will come back in the future with more stuff." Pavel Pechorin commented: "I just got back home from Gotthard and Unisonic show in St. Petersburg. Best Show in my life!"


02. 'Unisonic'' (the video on the right side also includes 'Never too Late'):

03. 'Never Too Late':

04. 'King For A Day'':

05. 'My Sanctuary':

06. 'March Of Time'':

07. 'No One Ever Sees Me'' (the video on the right side also includes 'Star Rider'):

08. 'Star Rider':

09. 'We Rise' (you can hear how Kiske explains he is sick: "I've got the flu, I'm a little bit sick, it's still working but it's a little rough sometimes...":

10. 'Never Change Me':

11. 'Future World':

Here are two video sources of 12. 'I Want Out'':

Video of fans with the band Unisonic, (I guess before the show perhaps after...)

Press stuff

Spblife.info published nice pictures and also some videos 'Star Rider', 'We Rise', 'Never Change Me', 'Future World' and also the sing along part, check here. Romashova did a review and you can read it here. Totalrock.ru photo album here.