2012-09-06 - Shibuya-AX, Tokyo

September 06th, 2012


Unisonic Shibuya-AX Tokyo JapanUnisonic made five dates in Japan to promote the debut album. Gotthard opened for them, the same it happens in South American tour.

Shibuya-AX is the only purpose-built concert hall or "live house" in the Tokyo metropolitan area that can accommodate 1,500 people. It is a popular venue for concerts by both Japanese and western artists.

Open doors: 18:00 / Start 19:00

Tickets ¥ 8,500 include 1 Drink specified / 1F Standing · 2F tax included.

The event is sponsored by cooperation: Marquee Ray Incorporated in security mode / Nippon Columbia.

Tickets: Information and tickets for some places here!




The setlist:

01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries (no 2nd part)
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. King For A Day
05. I've Tried
06. My Sanctuary
07. I'm Alive
08. No One Ever Sees Me
09. Star Rider (Guitar special part)
10. Souls Alive
11. We Rise
12. Never Change Me
______________________________________ Encore

13. Future World
14. I Want Out


Unisonic Japan tour 2012

Review/comments of Fans

Unisonic Japan tour 2012 tshirt towelGinxxx commented about the show: "Wow, 'Future World' was amazing! My impression about the 'Unisonic' song is it was better than in the album.". Akiko said: "Thanks a lot for a great show!". T naka commented: "Unisonic and Gotthard was good." MiketheheavyDs said: "About the setlist of Unisonic there was a little surprise. I don't want to make spoiler but I should say it was a good show!". rock_b commented: "Gotthard is one of the best hard rock bands. The shows were super fun, Kiske did it great!". Lastroseforlast said: "I was back in 1987 and some tears falling down when they played 'I'm Alive' It was great to see Kai and Kiske..." Miscradle commented: "Unisonic was the best. I also was able to buy tickets for the show of tomorrow. I didn't see so much strengh in Gotthard." Hanbee1123 said: "I enjoyed a lot (laughs) thanks a lot for a great show today." Rikuso said: "I was in the show of Unisonic and I'm impressed I could shake the hands with some of my lifetime heroes." Seiko Komatsu commented: "There was an accident with Kiske microphone volume that unfortunately does not amplify but I enjoyed."

Takecci07 said: "Kiske was inspired, I wanted to go tomorrow, but I can't, I'm sad, people who will go tomorrow, please have fun!" Meg said: "The show is over now, it was fun!" emoooon18 cmmented: "The shoking hands was funny. Kai didn't hear the voice, they were amazing though. They were well balanced tomorrow. Unisonic was the best." Taro_VellzFire said: "Unisonic was nice. Kiske voice was hard to hear but I went nearer." t_n90125 said: "Nick and Michael Kiske were super vocalist. Unisonic was the best show but Gotthard were good. I'm impressed with the shake hands with Kai Hansen." Sy12345nn commented: "Kiske vocalist is back, easy four octaves, perfect and clean voice after decades..." Moonflower said: "I've been watching Gotthard and Unisonic. I need to say it was great all the way. Unisonic captured a good mood of melodic hard rock more than metal, I liked Unisonic for the quality of the music. I liked most of the tunes, 3 of pumpkin era, it was an inspiring breeze." Megmilch commented: "Unisonic was insanely good live. Kiske voice is good and his voice increased a lot along those years. He did not abuse his throat during 17 years and that was good (laughs)."

Press stuff

Here is an interesting review of a blogger, check it here. Yuko blog did a review, read it here. Creativeman.co.jp photo album here. Metalbewithus blog review here. A lot of pictures of Unisonic by emicom6o6 here! Ameblo.jp blog comments about the show, here.


Here is a short video of 'No One Ever Sees Me' (first time played live):

'I'm Alive':

Complete audio bootleg