2012-05-20 - Circo Volador, Mexico City

May 20th, 2012

Information Unisonic at Circo Volador, Mexico, City 2012

unisonic 2012 kiske kai hansen meyer dennis ward zafiriou ignition mexico circo voladorUnisonic will make their first tour in America and South America to promote the new album. It will be a short tour and the chosen city in Mexico was Mexico City. The venue is Circo Volador, the same where Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen played in 2010 with Avantasia. They will play here on May 20th.

The show is part of their own tour, shared with the "very special guest", the swiss band Gotthard and the opener will be the Swedish band Pain.

This event was organized by Dilemma.

The venue Circo Volador has capacity for 3.000-3.500 people.

Open doors at 20:00, Unisonic will play at 22:00.


Set list

Here is the setlist:

01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King For A Day
06. I've Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. March Of Time
09. Over The Rainbow ('Follow The Sign' as intro)
10. Star Rider (Guitar solos)
11. Souls Alive
12. We Rise
13. Never Change Me
___________________________________ Encore

14. A Little Time (Victim Of Changes)
15. I Want Out

Unisonic Mexico 2012 Circo Volador

Kiske commented to a fan in the backstage: “We didn’t go to play ‘A Little Time’ on this show, we wanted to play ‘Future World’ but Kai started to play ‘A Little Time’ by himself so we continued.

Fans comments

Here are some comments about the show of fans I could find by internet, twitter, facebook, etc... Carlo Canton said me through his twitter: "Kiske said, they would play 'Future World' but Kai by himself started to played 'A Little Time' instead." Romelia Zúñiga commented: "Today I can die in peace. It was great." Enrique Luna said: "What an amazing show! I still touching the heaven. Kai Hansen the best guitarist and amazing person..." Jovan Acevedo: "Just arrived at home, Gotthard was great, my respects for Pain and the Unisonic show was spectacular." Eligio Hernandez: "Unisonic show with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen was orgasmic, really greatful." Ivette said: "Ah, Unisonic show was great! Kiske is god and Kai a half godl!" etc...


01. 'Intro' & 2. 'Unisonic', two different versions (the video on the right side includes also 'Never Too Late' and 'Renegade'):

03. 'Never Too Late', two different versions (both videos also include 'Unisonic' and the 'Intro'):

05. 'King For A Day', two different versions:

06. 'I've Tried', two different versions (the video on the right side also includes 'My Sanctuary'):

07. 'My Sanctuary', two different versions:

08. 'March Of Time', two different versions:

09. 'Over The Rainbow' (includes 'Follow The Sign' as intro):

11. 'Souls Alive' & Kai-Mandy Guitar solos (the video on the right side has the previous Guitar solos of Mandy and Kai before to play the song):

12. 'We Rise', two different versions:

13. 'Never Change Me', two different versions:

14. 'A Little Time - Victim of Changes', two different versions:

15. 'I Want Out', two different versions:

Unisonic saying bye:

The whole show

Press stuff

Here is the first review of Unisonic show in Mexico by Play-reactor.com, includes pictures, check it here! Another review by Dilemma here. Another review was made by Polvora.com.mx with a photo album included, here. Germán Garcia did a nice photo album here. Wololoblacksmith.com.mx did a review and included more pictures by Germán Garcia, check it here.