2012-05-18 - HSBC Brasil, Sao Paulo

May 18th, 2012


HSBC brasil sao paulo unisonic 2012Unisonic will make their first tour in South America to promote the new album. It will be a short tour and the chosen city in Brazil was Sao Paulo. The venue is HSBC Brasil. It's a place with capacity for 4.500 people. Unisonic will play there on May 18th. The show is part of their own tour, shared with the band Gotthard, it's not a festival.

Open doors at 20:00. Gotthard: 21:30 and Unisonic: 23:00.

At least in the beginning my spies told me the promoter company in South America (T4F: Time For Fun) could book another date in the same place if there is a sold-out. But the second date would have to set before 18th or after the other dates in South America because the venue was already taken for the following days; on 19th they will play Concrete Blonde & Gene Loves Jezebel and on 20th All Time Low, so ¿perhaps on 17th? But a few weeks ago it seems there will be only one show in Brazil. They organized two shows in Chile because the venues are smaller than Brazilian.

Ricardo Dallal, the show producer published the following statement about the first date of Unisonic in Brazil: "Free Pass Entretenimento already confirmed the show of Unisonic, band formed with Michael Kiske (vocalist, ex-Helloween), Kai Hansen (guitar, Gamma Ray, ex-Helloween), Mandy Meyer (guitar, ex-Gotthard and Krokus), Dennis Ward (bass, Pink Cream 69) and Kosta Zafiriou (drums, Pink Cream 69) in Brazil.

The band will start soon the promotion of their EP Ignition, and they will have a special guest, the swiss band Gotthard. They will do the first show with the new vocalist, Nic Maeder, the replacement of Steve Lee who died in a tragical accident in October 2010. The show will be on May 18th at HSBC Brasil in Sao Paulo."


Here are the information about the different tickets available, with the prizes and which lot where sold-out. In this show it was around 3.500 people.

Preços e Setores
Inteira - R$ 320,00
Meia- entreda - R$ 160,00
Inteira - R$ 180,00
Meia-entrada - R$ 90,00
Inteira - R$ 300,00
Meia-entrada - R$ 150,00
Inteira - R$ 240,00
Meia-entrada - R$ 120,00
Inteira - R$ 140,00
Meia-entrada - R$ 70,00
Inteira - R$ 160,00
Meia-entrada - R$ 80,00
PISTA 3º Lote
Inteira - R$ 170,00
Meia-entrada - R$ 85,00
PISTA 4º Lote
Inteira - R$ 180,00
Meia-entrada - R$ 90,00

("Meia entrada"/Half ticket is for students).

Promotional video

Promotional events before the show

Unisonic release party Blackmore Rock Bar BrazilUnisonic made at least two promotional events before the show, the first one was the day before (2012/05/17) at Blackmore Rock Bar in Sao Paulo (Alameda dos Maracatins, 1317, Moema). This event is a release party (same format than German release parties) to promote Unisonic debut album release in Brazil. The information said the whole new album will be played there. The ticket costed 15 € (Brazilian money) and the party started at 21 hours. This event was promoted by the Brazilian label Hellion Records and also for the venue, the rock bar.

Our friend Brigitte was there and commented about the event: "Brazilians fans came with lots of stuff to sign. They did a lot of party and in that location. There were local musicians who played stuff of Judas Priest, Anthrax, Rainbow, Metallica, even 'Dr. Stein' of Helloween (played twice). There were not merchandising to buy but the band was not there."

The second event was through meet & greet passes. On May 18th, same day of the show but a few hours before, at 17:00. The promoter of this event is the Brazilian label Hellion Records, they did a contest and the winners will take the change of meet with the guys.

Set list

Here is the setlist:

01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King For A Day
06. I've Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. March Of Time
09. Over The Rainbow ('Follow The Sign' as Intro)
10. Star Rider (Guitar solos)
11. Souls Alive
12. We Rise ('Just Pretend' of Elvis at the beginning)
13. Never Change Me
__________________________________ Encore

14. Future World
15. I Want Out

unisonic hsbc brasil brazil kiske kai hansen mandy meyer kosta dennis ward gotthard sao paulo may 18

Fans comments

Brigitte commented about the show:

Gotthard finsihed at around 22:30 and after a break of 30 minutes Unisonic started. The crowd went wild immediately with the first song Unisonic and everyone sang the lyrics. This was a great experience and the sound was also very good at this location. Kiske’s vocals were also in great shape and you could easily see that he got more confident in the stage acting.

He also did some nice small speeches to the audience and letting them know that getting autographs and taking pictures with the fans will never be anything that they would refuse to do so. They like to share personal contact with the fans.

Renato Tribuzy, the Brazilian musician who had Kiske as guest on his first solo album Tribuzy said on his Twitter account:

I had the honor to be at the concert of Unisonic w master Kiske on the vocals,amazing, is the most perfect voice I have ever seen live!


01. 'Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries' & 02. 'Unisonic', two different versions (the video on the left side also includes the song 'Never Too Late'):

03. 'Never Too Late', two different versions:

Here is Kiske talking to Brazilian audience before playing 'Renegade':

04. 'Renegade', two different versions:

05. 'King For A Day', two different versions:

06. 'I've Tried', two different versions (the video on the left side also includes 'My Sanctuary'):

07. 'My Sanctuary', two different versions:

08. 'March Of Time', two different versions:

09. 'Over The Rainbow', two different versions (the video on the left side is a 2cam mix by antere):

10. 'Star Rider', two different versions:

Guitar solos of Mandy Meyer and Kai Hansen, two different versions:

11. 'Souls Alive', two different versions (the video on the right side also includes a little part of 'Star Rider' and the Guitar solos Kai-Mandy):

12. 'We Rise', two different versions (the first video includes 'Just Pretend' of Elvis Presley):

13. 'Never Change Me', two different versions:

14. 'Future World' (singing with Elvis Presley "mode on", includes 'All Shook Up' and 'Is Now or Never') and also 15. 'I Want Out', two different versions:

15. 'I Want Out', two different versions:

15. 'I Want Out' recorded from the backstage, it has an awful sound, so volume down... but is a nice stuff:

Unisonic saying good bye:

Pictures and press stuff

There are a lot of places with photo albums, pictures and reviews of this show. One is in musicterra.com, you can read a review with some pictures here! A Brazilian photographer, Renan Facciolo uploaded pictures on his facebook profile, check here, and also on his flickr profile here. Here is the photo album of Brigitte on her facebook profile, check it here. And here is another photo album by Juliana, check here. Another photo-album of Andreia on her facebook profile, here. Another photo album by Paulo Rafael here. Here is a review of Unisonic show in Brazil, check it here. Another photo album in facebook by Wikimetal, check it here. Review by Universo do Rock with some pictures, click here. The Brazilian webzine Whiplash also have a photo album, here! The webzine Territorio da Musica did a review here. A Ilha do Metal did a review and also a photo album here. Another review by X-Press on here. Here is another review by Metaltalk.net with some pictures, here. Review by rockexpress.net.br with some pictures, here. Also the webzine arenaheavy.com did a review with pictures, here. Another review with pictures by Radio Rock Cube, here.

And here is a great review done by Henry, a roadie in this show, he helped to make the setup of the bands, take a look here.