2012-05-16 - Teatro Caupolican, Santiago de Chile

May 16th, 2012


unisonic teatro teleton santiago de chile kiske kai hansen ignition mandy meyer dennis ward zafiriouUnisonic will make their first tour in South America to promote the new album. It will be a short tour and the chosen cities in Chile were Antofagasta and Santiago de Chile. On May 16th Unisonic will play in Santiago de Chile at Teatro Caupolicán.

The show is part of their own tour, shared with the "very special guest" band Gotthard. In Santiago will play Steelrage and Fireland too.

The Teatro Caupolican has capacity for 4.500 - 5.000 people.

Open doors at 19:00 hr. 30 min for Chilean bands, 1 hour Gotthard and then Unisonic.

Tickets on sale available here Ticketmaster!


unisonic santiago de chile 2012 kiske hansen meyer ward zafiriou

The Chilean webzine Powermetal.cl announced two more shows in the new tour. Two shows in Chile. Here is the statement: "What it seems a dream, a few years ago, finally is a reality. The legendary vocalist of Helloween, Michael Kiske will come for the first time to Chile and he will play live with his new band Unisonic, accompanied for his friend Kai Hansen, leader of Gamma Ray, who shared with him the glory days in Helloween.

Unisonic will get the classic duet of Keeper Of The Seven Keys albums, and they will play on May 16th at Teatro Teletón and on May 14th at Statix Rock & Soccer in Antofagasta. They will not only play stuff of this debut album Unisonic (out in March), they will also play some tracks recorded in their Helloween years!

But Unisonic will not come alone, because they come with the hardrock swiss stars Gotthard as "very special guests". Now with the new vocalist Nic Maeder after the passing of Steve Lee.

We will inform about the ticket prizes which will be sold via Ticketmaster and without charge in RockMusic (Eurocentro and Portal Lyon), Giros Rock (Eurocentro), The Goat (Portal Lyon), Voz Propia (Portal Lyon), Equinoxio (Antofagasta) and Black Box (Viña del Mar)."

Here is a videoclip of Michael Kiske saying Hi to Chilean fans and requesting their presence in the shows (filmed on 2012/05/14):

Venue changed

Powermetal.cl made the following statement about the change: "After the commotion for the visit of Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen to Chile the organization want to make public: Unisonic and Gotthard as special guest will play finally in Teatro Caupolicán and not in Teatro Teletón as we said before. Now we'll have a bigger venue with much more capacity for all the fans who want to share that historical moment and nobody will stay without watching Kiske. Nobody out of that party!"

The tickets will be cheaper. If you're not sure if you want to go or you don't have enough money to pay a ticket for that kind of shows, the tickets will be cheaper for Unisonic and Gotthard in Santiago will cost $12.000. The prizes according the location are:

Galería (tribuna alta): $12.000
Tribuna (tribuna baja): $16.000
Cancha: $20.000

The only way to offer better prizes is sectorizing the venue of Treatro Caupolicán. Also the presale will be available until March 15th. After that date the gallery will cost $14.000, tribuna $18.000 y cancha $22.000.

Signing event

After the show in Chile at Teatro Caupolicán (2012/05/16) Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen of Unisonic will sign autographs there. The signing event will be at Teatro Caupolicán cafe bar.



Unisonic (and also Gotthard) arrived at Chile on Monday 14th, and the guys of Powermetal.cl filmed a clip at the airport which includes a few words of Michael, here is the video:


01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King For A Day
06. I've Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. March Of Time
09. Over The Rainbow ('Follow The Sign' as intro)
10. Star Rider (Guitar solos)
11. Souls Alive
12. We Rise
13. Never Change Me
______________________________ Encore

14. Future World
15. I Want Out

Fans comments

There are a lot of comments of fans via Twitter and Facebook about the show of Unisonic, for example Jaime Contreras the vocalist of SteelRage (they played in this show as guests) said: "Amazing sound and light effects of Unisonic". Juan José Rodriguez ask himself: "What the hell would do Kiske to keep that voice?". Rodrigo Valenzuela commented: "The song 'March of Time sung by the original vocalist sounded excelent and the audience singing along. Kiske voice sounds like 25 years ago." José Manuel Arcos said: "Amazing show of Kiske and Unisonic, spectacular." Manuel Canto commented: "Excelent show! I was surprised by Gotthard power and Unisonic unbelieve! Kiske sings like in 80ties", etc...


01. Intro: 'The Ride of the Valkyries' and 02. 'Unisonic', two different versions:

03. 'Never Too Late' (also includes 'Unisonic' and Wagner Intro), two different versions:

04. 'Renegade' and 05. 'King For A Day':

06. 'I've Tried', two different versions:

07. 'My Sanctuary', two different versions:

08. 'March Of Time', two different versions (the video on the left side it was filmed from a place with better mix to hear Kiske's micro than others):

09. 'Over The Rainbow' (includes 'Follow The Sign' jam), two different versions (you can hear Kiske dedicating the song to Ronnie James Dio (his passing by anniversary):

09. 'Over The Rainbow', two different versions (the video on the left side is a multicam mix by MetalZigolo, the video on the right side is funny because you can see Kiske joking with his microphone's cable, also have a good audio quality but is incomplete):

10. 'Star Rider', two different versions (the video on the right also includes 'March Of Time', 'Over The Rainbow', the guitar solos after 'Star Rider' and the following track 'Souls Alive'):

11. 'Souls Alive', two different versions (the video on the left side includes the guitar solo Kai - Mandy which they always play before 'Souls Alive'):

12. 'We Rise', two different versions (the video on the left side is incomplete, the video on the right side has an awful sound but you can see Kiske with the audience down the stage) :

14. 'Future World', two different versions (the first video includes 15. 'I Want Out'):

15. 'I Want Out', two different versions:

Pictures & Press stuff

There are a few places with good pictures and also reviews for example Powermetal.cl, check their review with pictures here, and also the photo album here. There is another review with some nice pictures, Rockaxis.com, take a look here! Another live review here, with pictures by RockNvivo.com. And finally Ciudad Metal has another photo album, here!. Collapse.cl did a review which includes a photo album, check it here! Here is a review and also a photo album, click here. Another review with a lot of pictures was done by Hellcast.com, check here. The webzine Aggresion.net did a review and here is the photo album.