2012-05-12 - Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires

May 12th, 2012


unisonic theatro flores argentina kiske kai hansen meyer ward zafiriou argentina teatro floresUnisonic will make their first tour in South America to promote the new album. It will be a short tour and the chosen city in Argentina was Buenos Aires (obvious right?). The venue is Teatro Flores, the same where Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen played in 2010 with Avantasia. They will play here on May 12th.

The show is part of their own tour, shared with the "very special guest", the swiss band Gotthard. In this show they will have two guests band: Conjuro (Mexico) and Resist.

The venue Teatro Flores has capacity for 1.874 people.

Open doors at 18:00. Gotthard: 20:00 and Unisonic: 21:30.


The show is sponsored by Icarus Music and they published about the show: "Definitions like all star band or super band usually should be used very carefully, but in the case of Unisonic, the word it couldn't be better for this new band formed by the masters Michael Kiske (on the vocals) and Kai Hansen (on the guitar), Mandy Meyer (on the guitar), Dennis Ward (bass) and Kosta Zafiriou (drums).

They got together in Autumn of 2009 as 4-members without Kai Hansen and they played in a few shows. After that good start and success, Kai Hansen was confirmed as the fifth member in the band.

All members agree things can be made at half, because the world doesn't need another project like Kai said, who together with Meyer is the main responsable of the lyrics in the band: "I will define our style like a variety of flexible hardrock but as unit". The band combine all skills of each musician and his own bands making a own style and original."

Running Order

18:00hs open doors.
18:20hs Conjuro.
19:00hs Resist.
20:00hs Gotthard.
21:30hs Unisonic.


The setlist:

01. Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries
02. Unisonic
03. Never Too Late
04. Renegade
05. King For A Day
06. I've Tried
07. My Sanctuary
08. March Of Time
09. Over The Rainbow
10. Star Rider (Guitar solos)
11. Souls Alive
12. We Rise
13. Never Change Me
______________________________ Encore

14. Future World
15. I Want Out

Unisonic Argentina Teatro Flores 2012 Unisonic Argentina Teatro Flores 2012
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Brigitte review

"After an half hour break, Unisonic entered the stahge at around 21:45. They gave 100% from the beginning and you could see that did a lot of practising. It was the first show with all the new material, but everything seemed tight arranged and very professional. Michael’s voice was better than every and he didn’t need any paper on any song. Maybe a little more interaction with the audience could be done for future shows. You could also see, that most Argentinian people didn’t know most of the Unisonic songs. This is quite understandable, since the album was not yet released there. So when the first Helloween track “March of Time” started, the audience went crazy and jumping up and down."


01 & 02: 'Intro: The Ride of the Valkyries & Unisonic", two different versions:

03: 'Never Too Late', two different versions:

Here is a video of Michael introducing the band members:

04: 'Renegade', two different versions:

05: 'King For A Day', two different versions (video on the right side also contains 'Renegade'):

06: 'I've Tried', two different versions:

07: 'My Sanctuary', two different versions:

08: 'March Of Time', two different versions (the video on the left side is a Multicam version done by MetalZigolo):

09: 'Over The Rainbow', two different versions (the video on the left side is a 2-cam mix done by antere using Brigitte source and Borealis77 source, and the video on the right side includes 'Intro', a piece of 'Unisonic' and also 'Souls Alive'):

10: 'Star Rider', two different versions:

11: 'Souls Alive', two different versions (the video on the right side is funny, the guy who filmed the video was in a bad place and Mandy Meyer guitar sound is higher than other instruments, sure Mandy love this video):

12: 'We Rise', two different versions:

12. 'We Rise', a different version, is really funny because the only thing you can hear is the Mandy Meyer's guitar:

13: 'Never Change Me', two different versions:

14: 'Future World', two different versions:

15: 'I Want Out', two different versions:

Unisonic at backstage after the show:

Press stuff

Here are a few pictures taken by Ariel Terreni. There are more photo albums available, for example by Rock Bottom Press Argentina which also did an interview to Michael, check it here, they also did a review of the show, click here. In this blog (El infierno sagrado) there are more pictures and a live review. You can read a short review here, done by Luis Digiano. And finally this blog have more pictures here. The Argentinian label Icarus Music added a photo album on their facebook account, check it here. The photographer Estanislao Aimar  Flickr account here.

Michael Kiske also had time to make a few promotional stuff, a little interview for the promoters RockBottom and a video promotiona for the Radio show "Tiempos Violentos", here are the videos: